MadMoa RhinoStomp Rippling Shockwave
Stomps the ground with incredible force, generating a shockwave that ripples outward and knocks down any enemy caught in it.
Strength:Low (Damage)
Range:5 / 10 Meters
Users:Anti MOA
Scavenger Drone
Shockwave MOA

  • The stomp creates a shockwave with a 5 meter radius which will expand and peak at 10 meters. Those who got caught in the ripple will be knocked down and suffer mild damage.
    • Damage does not scale with level.
  • In Anti MOA's case, it fires an energy shot the bounces off surfaces a few times, then creates a bright-blue shockwave with the same knockdown effect and low damage. It will expand up to 5-meter in diameter before dissipating.
  • In Scavenger Drone's case, it will cast a bright-yellow shockwave with the same knockdown effect upon successfully confiscating any loot. It will expand up to 10-meter in diameter before dissipating.
  • Shockwave MOAs have a 10 second cooldown before it can use this ability again. The Jackal can use this ability in quick succession.
  • Knocking down a Shockwave MOA will not stop the ability being executed if casting animation has progressed to where its leg is dropping to strike the ground.

Tips & Tricks
  • Knockdown radius are dependent on the surface ripples, you can jump in front of a Jackal when it stomped the ground to avoid knockdown.
  • This ability can be interrupted on the Jackal by shooting down one of its legs.
  • Relatively easy to dodge, compared to Seismic Shockwave.
  • Rippling Shockwave can be avoided simply by moving behind thick cover relative to the position of the caster; the Ripple animation will still penetrate cover, but will not have the knockdown effect.

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