Rifle Scavenger is an aura mod that increases the amount of rifle ammo recovered per drop.


Rank Effect Cost *
0 +25% -2
1 +50% -3
2 +75% -4
3 +100% -5
4 +125% -6
5 +150% -7

* Aura mods increase the amount of Mod Capacity


  • This mod can make high rate of fire, low damage per shot weapons more effective and is a viable alternative to an ammo mutation mod in some cases.
  • This can be stacked with other teammates' to increase the amount of rifle ammo gained by 600%.
  • A single Rifle Scavenger will increase Rifle Ammo pickups to 50 ammo per pack compared to the 20 ammo without the mod.


  • Although SarynIcon272 Saryn is the Warframe in the image, the polarity of her Aura slot (Vazarin Pol) doesn't match that of Rifle Scavenger's.


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