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*The [[Thrak Rhino Helmet]] offers 25 health, not 25%. (not sure if intended or not)

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Thrak is an alternative Helmet Item for Rhino

It increases health maximum at the expense of sprint speed.

  • Health Max +25
  • Sprint Speed -5%


The Thrak Helmet can be purchased for Template:Platinum 75. Its blueprint can be acquired from Alert missions.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Template:Salvage 500
Template:Alloy Plate 350
Template:Orokin Cell 1
Template:Neurodes 2
Template:Credits Text 20,000
Build Time 12 hours
Rush Build Template:Platinum 25


To equip your newly bought or crafted Helmet, go into the 'Arsenal' page, then click on 'Customize Colors'. The Helmet will be under 'Select Skin'.


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