Resonating Quake is an Warframe Augment Mod for Banshee that replaces Sound Quake's channeling feature for a single, large shockwave that deals bonus damage at the epicenter, but decreases damage as the shockwave spreads.


Rank Damage Cost
0 x10 6
1 x12 7
2 x15 8
3 x20 9


  • This mod can be acquired by attaining the rank of Genius under Cephalon Suda, or the rank of Partner under The Perrin Sequence, and spending ReputationBlackx6425,000 to purchase.


  • This mod changes Sound Quake's initial energy cost to 100 energy, affected by Ability Efficiency.
  • Damage multiplier is not affected by Ability Strength.
  • Adds 15 meters to the ability's base range.
    • Adding Stretch for example results in a range of
      (Base Range + 15) × (1 + Range Mods) = (20 + 15) × (1 + 0.45) = 50.75 metres.
  • The quake only hits enemies once per cast and pushes enemies back.
  • As a single cast instead of a channeled ability, Ability Duration has no effect on this augment.
  • Damage dealt is reduced the further enemies are from Banshee. Initial damage fall-off is very steep, but enemies at the very edge of the shockwave only take ~33% reduced damage compared to enemies at the half-way point.
  • The quake expands out at a set speed of ~17.5 meters per second, unaffected by mods.


  • The augment allows players to spam Sound Quake, giving players a longer-ranged omnidirectional crowd control alternative to Sonic Boom.
  • Natural Talent lets players cast the ability faster, so increasing casting speed can increase burst DPS by allowing players to recast the ability faster.
  • When using Banshee as a damage source in smaller maps such as Berehynia, Resonating Quake can cover the entire map. Take note as this may completely prevent Trinity from supplying energy using Energy Vampire due to the lack of targets.
  • Since damage decreases with distance, increasing Ability Range will increase the area at which the x20 damage is dealt.


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NOTE: Italic refers to the base ability of this augment


Pre-Update 22.12Edit

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 23.0
  • Updated the LOC for Banshee’s Sound Quake Augment to “Forgoes channeling to create a shockwave that deals 20x damage at the epicenter, gradually weakening as it expands out".

Hotfix 22.20.7

  • Updated "Resonating Quake" Augment description to better describe its function:
    • Forgoes channeling to create a shockwave that deals X damage at the epicenter, gradually weakening as it expands out.

Hotfix 22.20.4

  • Fixed Banshee’s Resonating Quake Augment showing 25 Energy cost on Abilities page instead of the intended 100 Energy.

Update 22.20

  • Fixed Banshee’s Resoquake only consuming 25 Energy when it is supposed to use 100 (on Clients, it would require having at least 100 Energy, but wouldn't use it).

Update 22.16

  • Fixed enemies sometimes not getting back up after being hit by Banshee’s Resonating Quake.

Update 22.12

  • Augment rework.

Update 18.11

  • Introduced
Last updated: Hotfix 23.0.1
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