Requiem Mods are a special subset of Parazon Mods, each one an enigmatic phrase fragment of a complete Requiem Sequence, thus the only way to permanently sever a Kuva Lich's Continuity.

They do not possess any polarity, drain, or rank, but they do hold up to 3 charges per mod. Each time a mod is successfully used in a Requiem sequence to lethally defeat a Kuva Lich (in other words, a successful vanquish or convert), the mods will be drained of one of their charges, becoming powerless once all 3 are used up, making them a unique type of mod in that they need to be restocked like resources.

4 Requiem Mods can be Transmuted into a new, random, fully charged, Requiem Mod. When all charges are used, the Mod becomes Defiled and can be broken down into Endo, sold for Credits, or transmuted.

These are tradable between players with a trade tax of Credits642,500.

Drop LocationsEdit

Image Name Location
FassRequiemIcon Fass Requiem III Uncommon
JahuRequiemIcon Jahu Requiem II Uncommon
KhraRequiemIcon Khra Requiem IV Uncommon
LohkRequiemIcon Lohk Requiem I Uncommon
NetraRequiemIcon Netra Requiem IV Uncommon
RisRequiemIcon Ris Requiem III Uncommon
VomeRequiemIcon Vome Requiem II Uncommon
XataRequiemIcon Xata Requiem I Uncommon

Selling And DissolvingEdit

Credits64Credit and Endo64Endo values of Requiem Mods vary with their remaining charges, and are as follow:

Credit Value Endo Value
3 Credits6450,000 Endo641,000
2 Credits6441,666 Endo64833
1 Credits6433,333 Endo64667
0 (Defiled) Credits6425,000 Endo64500



  • The descriptions of all 8 mods form a poem when read in the sequence in which they appear in Requiem Relics: Lohk, Xata, Jahu, Vome, Ris, Fass, Netra, and Khra.

From brooding gulfs are we beheld
By that which bears no name
Its heralds are the stars it fells
The sky and Earth aflame

Corporeal laws are unwrit
As suns and love retreat
To cosmic madness laws submit
Though stalwart minds entreat

In luminous space blackened stars
They gaze, accuse, deny
Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours
In madness lost shall die

Carrion hordes trill their profane
Accord with eldritch plans
To cosmic forms from tangent planes
We end as we began

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 27.5.6
  • Fixed Defiled Mods counting towards your total Mods owned via Chat link or the End of Mission reward screen.

Hotfix 26.0.7

  • 4 Defiled Requiem Mods can now be Transmuted into a random, fully charged, Requiem Mod.

Update 26.0

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 26.0.7

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