Requiem Mods are a special subset of Parazon Mods, each one an enigmatic phrase fragment of a complete Requiem Sequence, thus the only way to permanently sever a Kuva Lich's Continuity.

They do not possess any polarity, drain, or rank, but they do hold up to 3 charges per mod. Each time a mod is successfully used in a Requiem sequence to lethally defeat a Kuva Lich (in other words, a successful vanquish or convert), the mods will be drained of one of their charges, becoming powerless once all 3 are used up, making them a unique type of mod in that they need to be restocked like resources. When all charges are used, the Mod becomes Defiled and can be broken down into Endo, sold for Credits, or transmuted.

4 Requiem Mods can be Transmuted into a new, random, fully charged, Requiem Mod. This includes Defiled mods, which allows an alternate way of getting more Requiem Mods beyond Kuva missions.

These are tradable between players with a trade tax of Credits64.png2,500.

Drop Locations[edit | edit source]

Image Name Location Poem Order
FassRequiemIcon.png Fass (Chaos) Requiem III Uncommon 6
JahuRequiemIcon.png Jahu (Form) Requiem II Uncommon 3
KhraRequiemIcon.png Khra (Time) Requiem IV Uncommon 8
LohkRequiemIcon.png Lohk (Void) Requiem I Uncommon 1
NetraRequiemIcon.png Netra (Decay) Requiem IV Uncommon 7
RisRequiemIcon.png Ris (Light) Requiem III Uncommon 5
VomeRequiemIcon.png Vome (Order) Requiem II Uncommon 4
XataRequiemIcon.png Xata (Truth) Requiem I Uncommon 2

Selling And Dissolving[edit | edit source]

Credits64.pngCredit and Endo64.pngEndo values of Requiem Mods vary with their remaining charges, and are as follow:

Credit Value Endo Value
3 Credits64.png50,000 Endo64.png1,000
2 Credits64.png41,666 Endo64.png833
1 Credits64.png33,333 Endo64.png667
0 (Defiled) Credits64.png25,000 Endo64.png500

Images[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The descriptions of all 8 mods form a poem when read in the sequence in which they appear in Requiem Relics: Lohk, Xata, Jahu, Vome, Ris, Fass, Netra, and Khra.

From brooding gulfs are we beheld
By that which bears no name
Its heralds are the stars it fells
The sky and Earth aflame

Corporeal laws are unwrit
As suns and love retreat
To cosmic madness laws submit
Though stalwart minds entreat

In luminous space blackened stars
They gaze, accuse, deny
Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours
In madness lost shall die

Carrion hordes trill their profane
Accord with eldritch plans
To cosmic forms from tangent planes
We end as we began

  • Platforms around the Cosmic Clock, which can be unlocked by acquiring ranks with Entrati and Necraloid, give access to recordings of Albrecht Entrati, each of which begin with a definition of one of the eight known Requiem words:
Xata (Truth)
  • "Xata. (Truth). It began long before us, we who now live our perfect and dull, endless lives. It began long before these moon-palaces and body-markets hurling around our golden sun. It began long before our light-coil thinkers, our radiation wars, our oil, smoke. It began with us. The continuity and its twin, wanderlust. The need for unseen shores deep in our marrow. No judge, jester, queen, or king can escape this old blood. We are nomads, eternal. And when no ocean, mountain, or sky could contain us... our gaze hungered star-ward. Afar, they mocked us with their brittle light. Winking and jeering like dangling Ayatans, forever out of reach, illuminating the truth: immortal as we are - we die with the sun. That's where I come in."
Jahu (Form)
  • "Jahu. (Form). My departure was a day less than any other. When I stepped inside the Bell, I saw no crowd through its seriglass. No skeptical onlookers. No regal sendoff. They all had given up on me and my paradoxical formulations. The wasted years had shown the Void to be just that. Nothing. No energy. No entanglement. No form. To space-faring ambitions, a dead end. On the day, my laboratory was mostly vacant of witnesses, most of all, of expectation. Only my sluggish attendants, my sagacious Kavat, Kalymos, and of course, my daughter. I had raised her alone but with inconsistent vigor. In those eyes, her mother's, I did see a terrible reflection. Of a man that did not exist. A brave and principled man about to make history. In truth, he was a Void himself. A outcast, a joke, a nothing. Driven by my humiliation. Failure had made me bitter and reckless. I would dive into the depths myself to prove them all wrong. I gave the signal. My daughter grasped the lever. Kalymos, then, belted out a desperate, rasping growl. But it was too late."
Vome (Order)
  • "Vome. (Order). The calipers yawed open the wall between worlds, stretching there a black, trapezoidal gap. A door. A mouth. It yawned in the light of the room, splintering it to mesmerizing, unearthly hues. And I, inside the Bell, dropping obliquely towards it from my gallows. Mass and time rippled as a sudden vortex jawed before me. My head was vapor, my feet, lodestone. The Bell around me, flexed like a rat paralyzed in a winding, gulping snake. I faltered in the awe of it, stumbling against the seriglass and, with that, shifted the Bell's path through the wall. It grazed the caliper membrane, the edge of the door. No worldly edge was as thin, as sharp as could split even light. As the bell faintly grazed it, the seriglass was all at once rendered like strips of flesh by Dax blade. My enclosure was beheaded in an instant, but still, I fell... sideways... Into the void."
Fass (Chaos)
  • "Fass. (Chaos). Death was on me; I was certain. I was face-down, eyes clenched. My heart pulsing the last of its seconds, and my lungs burning the last of its air. A sudden nostalgia gripped me. I grasped desperately, for memory, of a storm, just passed, the fumbling pitch of a child's song... yet all these thoughts seemed to steal away from my mind like smoke through a vent. I would die empty. I then became aware of another sensation. Physical. A web of pain, needles itching into my arm. At once I realized: I was alive! Laying in the Bell's shattered seriglass! I groped the ground. Warm stone. The floor of my laboratory. So: I had never left... and so: I had failed. Again. I heard a crunch alongside me. Someone stepping through the shattered glass. With great shame, I gasped and rose my head to face my daughter above me. But as I opened my eyes, it wasn't her. It was me."
Ris (Light)
  • "Ris. (Light). The senselessness of it, the paradoxic, the vague untime form. I was alone, but not. For I stood there confronted by myself. A twin, but no brother. A reflection but with dimension. Behind him, no horizon, but a vast broiling sea of caustic light pierced at random by black-pin stars. And closer, around me, a gale of flowing vapor. Profane in color, billowing relentlessly into the nascent lack, seeking all directions. I was standing on a precipice of familiar stone, jagged and unanchored, as though cleaved directly from the very floor of my laboratory. I wondered at the vapor's path, smoking outward more, leaving behind now, the walls, the filigree gold, the rare cuts of marble from my home. I knew at once the vapor's source. I turned away, back toward the wall, the trapezoid I had yawed into it. Vapor erupted inward at the gap, but not just from there. For as I rolled my eyes back, I saw the same... A great-steam of scintillation, smoking from my skull. Dumb in awe, I faced toward my chimerical twin. He spoke."
Khra (Time)
  • "Khra. (Time). An old name, unspoken in the centuries since my mother reared me. A soft hiss, soothing as a viper's gaze. Little Bengel. The other reached out, offering his hand, gliding toward me without moving, as though the distance between us was now collapsing. A confusion, most euphoric, filled my mind. With the shred of wit that remained, I decided that I should run for my life. At once, crazed and frantic, I fled. But I made no forward progress. Instead, the word compressed evermore around me, as though I were an anchor pulling the shore to reach. When I arrived at the door, or rather, the door arrived at me, I howled, hurling myself inside. Out. And then and there, I was. Lost and unlost. Howling on the floor in harmony with my wretched Kalymos. Lacerated in flesh and heart. Scattered as the bell glass. Spilling blood and stomach on the cold, stone floor. But I sensed the other there, at the wall's breach behind me, reaching still. I screamed, but my voice was gone. Forever. I looked, but my eyes would never see again. I swept my fist across the floor, snatching broken shards. And in gripping tightly, I filled my hands with ink. Close it! I wrote."
Netra (Decay)
  • "Netra. (Decay). Time, to us, is all but conquered. Our sacred Kuva moves us on to new skin. We numb to our daily, yearly, trifles... and remedy those memories that bring lasting misery. With all our misdeeds, our excess, our indignity... we are haunted by nothing. But not for me. For each passing day, there grew a tumorous idea. It was minute in those early days: The pale reaching digits severed on the floor... studied with reverence, with greed. And it swelled in the latter days: the regal domes, the Rail dedications, the unholy Zariman parade. I had put the stars to reach, but at what cost? I never spoke of him, that man, trapped in the wall. And while there have been countless souls who have followed me through, with their light-skippers, and field-wave skins and vari-eyed instruments... not a single one ever saw him. Me. And so it is that I will not take the Kuva now. Or ever again. This is the last skin I'm in. Because of this idea: That I cannot be sure. That in all that smoked commotion, in all that panic and fear, in that bending light and blinding dark... was it I who escaped? Or the other?"
Lohk (Void)
  • "Lohk. (Void). From brooding gulfs are we beheld by that which bears no name.
    Its heralds are the stars it fells, the sky and earth aflame.
    Corporeal laws are unwrit, as suns and love retreat.
    To cosmic madness, laws submit, though stalwart minds entreat.
    In luminous space, blackened stars, they gaze, accuse, deny.
    Roiling, moaning this realm of ours in madness, lost shall die.
    Carrion hordes trill their profane accord with eldritch plans.
    To cosmic forms from tangent planes, we end as we began."
  • The Aztec-style glyphs that are drawn on the mods were also used by the Entrati for security measures inside the Isolation Vaults. These images appear to be inspired by the infested landscape of Deimos, where the Entrati's base of operation is located.
  • Xaku's first three abilities are all somehow related to the requiem words:
    • Xata's Whisper is named after Xata.
    • Grasp of Lohk is named after Lohk.
    • The Lost are mentioned in the second line of Fass' description, while the names of its three sub-abilities (Gaze, Accuse, Deny) appear in that of Ris'.
  • Vome and Fass share their name with two of the mods which, according to Albrecht Entrati's recordings mean "Order" and "Chaos" accordingly. This means the wyrms were probably named after these two opposite ideas, however there's no in-game proof of that and it could be that the requiem words were named after the wyrms.
  • The initial placeholder text for Netra (before receiving original verses) was an excerpt from the second stanza of H.P. Lovecraft's "Nemesis", as seen in Devstream 132.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 27.5.6

  • Fixed Defiled Mods counting towards your total Mods owned via Chat link or the End of Mission reward screen.

Hotfix 26.0.7

  • 4 Defiled Requiem Mods can now be Transmuted into a random, fully charged, Requiem Mod.

Update 26.0

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 26.0.7

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