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Repair Dispensary is a Warframe Augment Mod/Exilus Mod for ProteaIcon272.png Protea that allows her to create a special Dispensary130xDark.png Dispensary by holding down the ability key which revives Robotic companions.


Rank Revive Radius Cooldown Cost
0 5m 150s 6
1 8m 120s 7
2 11m 90s 8
3 14m 60s 9



  • Protea deploys a Repair Dispensary that lasts for the modded duration of the ability, on cast immediately triggering the cooldown countdown timer displayed beside her shield and health indicators on the HUD. When a player with a dead companion enters the revive radius, their companion respawns beside them at full hitpoints.
    • Repair Dispensary does not produce Pickups.
    • Cannot be deployed while on cooldown. Regular Dispensary can still be cast.
    • Only 1 Dispensary regardless of version may be active at once per player.
  • Revive radius is affected by Ability Range.
  • Cooldown is not affected by mods, and will not disappear upon player death.
  • Cooldown is not affected by effects that negate or remove Status Effects, even though it appears on the player's HUD next to other status effects.
  • Revives one companion per cast. If the ability is modified to last longer than the Cooldown, the repair charge does not refresh.
  • Repair Dispensary uses the regular model, except it projects a holographic Dethcube above itself when ready to revive a companion, then replaces it with an X cross after a companion has been revived.

Patch History[]

Update 30.2 (2021-05-12)

  • Introduced.