A short-lived remote camera that overrides the player's Warframe optics.

—In-Game Description

Remote Observers are Gear items that when deployed shifts the player's perspective from the traditional third-person view to the remote camera's first person view. Deploying a Remote Observer will make it stick to the first object within the player's aim, which will then shift the game's viewpoint to the camera's perspective. The camera will follow the player as they move, and players can continue to perform maneuvers, attack, and use special abilities or items while the camera is active. Each camera lasts for 20 seconds, and will relinquish their viewpoint back to the player once it expires.

While the player will be able to move their character like normal, they will always be forced to aim in the direction the camera is facing when firing or attacking with weapons. Pressing ESC or using transference will allow the player to reset their camera viewpoint to their Warframe, therefore bypassing the 20 second limit.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Remote Observers can be purchased from the Market under EquipmentGear for Credits64.png10 each.
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