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For the character, see Rell.

Rell is the second installment of the Warframe Fragments series released on June 26, 2017. Nine pages long, this webcomic is a tie-in prequel of Chains of Harrow quest, telling a short tale of Rell's origin.

Rell can be found and read at the official website.

Plot SummaryEdit

At one point in the Zariman Ten Zero accident, Rell was attacked by a hunting of the adult crew and had to use his newfound Void abilities to protect himself. One of the adults who attempted to harm him was the now-maddened Kay, his mother. Rell stopped her with a Void Beam, possibly killing her, and simply stated that Kay was no longer his mother, that she was something else now - although what that was he hadn't figured out yet.

After Kay's attack, a Tenno girl attempted to bring Rell to one of the children's safe-points only for a larger boy to physically force him out again, deeming Rell's "weirdness" to be a risk to the rest of the group.

Rell decided the group would have too much noise anyway; he would need his focus as he "had something to do, someone to figure out."


  • Although Rell's condition is never specified in-game, Community Manager Rebecca Ford has suggested that Rell has Autism[1], whereas Creative Director Steve Sinclair has stated that Rell has Asperger's syndrome; both conditions are part of the Autism spectrum and include poor emotion recognition and sensory overload as some of their characteristics.
  • The opening dialogue in page 2 and 3 is a reference to the Elder Queen's quote about the Zariman Ten-Zero accident in The War Within.


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