Reinforced Glass is an Object commonly found in the Corpus Ship and the Corpus Outpost tilesets. However, only the cracked glass (which is also only found in Corpus Ship) can be destroyed. Destroying the glass will trigger the Environmental Hazard Decompression which will apply a brief stagger, gradually drain all units' health, and put the ship into lockdown (meaning no doors can be opened). This can be stopped by hacking a nearby console, which reverts the lockdown and seals all broken windows with shutters.


  • The low health of the cracked reinforced glass makes them extremely susceptible to being broken from any area of effect damage sources.
  • Since it does not belong to a particular enemy faction, it is possible for cracked glass to be broken by nearby enemy units.
  • In the event decompression is triggered, the nearest console to your position will be marked with an MiniMapObjectiveObjective symbol.
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