Recruit Ninjas - Earn RewardsEdit

Use your unique Referral link to increase Tenno forces. A friend is considered a recruit once they have successfully completed 10 missions. The more Ninjas you recruit, the higher the reward. Go forth good Tenno — recruit and be rewarded! Recruit Ninjas and earn major rewards! Using your unique referral link, encourage your friends to play WARFRAME. For every five users you refer that complete 10 Warframe missions, you'll earn a new reward!

Step One
Refer your friends with your unique link.
Link with Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
Step Two
Earn a reward for every 5 players you recruit.
Step Three
Repeat and keep earning more rewards!

Remember! Each friend must complete 10 missions of any type to be considered referred.

Reward ProgressEdit

Track your reward progress in the chart on the page!
  • 5 Recruits earns you two Weapon Slots
  • 10 Recruits earns you a Warframe Slot
  • 15 Recruits earns you the Rare Mod - Mod TT 20pxFirestorm
  • 20 Recruits earns you the Rare Mod - Mod TT 20pxSelf Destruct
  • 25 Recruits earns you the Rare Mod - Mod TT 20pxUndying Will
  • 25+ Recruits the Rare Mods repeat and stack with every 5 recruits


Affinity Booster
When your referred friends play Warframe for the first time, they will receive a seven-day Affinity Booster to help them amplify their Tenno weapons and gear faster.
Platinum Bonus
As an added bonus, if your friends buy Platinum, you benefit! Every time a friend uses your unique referral link AND makes their first Platinum purchase, you'll receive 10% of the Platinum they purchased automatically added to your account! Note: Any irregularities in Platinum purchasing will be reviewed and disciplinary action taken at our discretion.


  • DE reserves the right to ban those who misuse the system and create alternate accounts for rewards, instead of referring others. [1]
  • This option is currently not available on PS4 or Xbox One.


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