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Not to be confused with Accuracy which describes the spread between shots.

Recoil is described as the physical kick of a weapon when firing, represented by the target reticle and screen moving up a certain distance and/or shaking slightly. It is relevant to note that while gun Accuracy will not improve through modding for recoil reduction, the decreased recoil can make it easier to land shots onto enemies.

As a clear way to distinguish the two, accuracy is about how far from the reticle the weapon shoots its projectile, while recoil is the amount that the reticle moves after the weapon is shot.

Sources of Recoil Reduction[]

Firing a SecuraDualCestra.png Secura Dual Cestra normally.

Firing a SecuraDualCestra.png Secura Dual Cestra with Mod TT 20px.png Steady Hands.

Recoil can be relieved with various mods. Fire rate also increases recoil in some weapons, such as the Grakata.png Grakata, which require burst firing in order to counter heavy recoil without modding.

In addition, there are some FactionSigilConclave.png Conclave-exclusive mods which affect recoil:

Weapons with High Recoil[]

These weapons are considered to have harder to manage recoil, and are prime candidates for recoil-reduction mods if available.

Internal Representation[]

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Internally, a weapon's recoil is stored in /Lotus/Types/Game/WeaponProperties/Recoil/Weapon/ with additional details defined in their LotusWeaponProjectileFireBehavior. For Attica.png Attica, some relevant details on its recoil include:

"fire:LotusWeaponProjectileFireBehavior": {
    "AIMED_CAMERA_RECOIL": "/Lotus/Types/Game/WeaponProperties/Recoil/Weapon/TnoPrmryXbowWeaponAimRecoilInfo",
    "AimProperties": {
        "AttenuateRecoilByChargeAmount": 0,
        "AttenuateRecoilBySpinUpAmount": 0,
        "CameraRecoilCurve": "ET_LINEAR",
        "CameraRecoilStrength": [0, 1],
        "EyeBasedAimSource": 1,
        "LocalPos": [0, 0, 0],
        "LocalRot": [0, 0, 0, 1],
        "NpcEyeBasedAimSource": 0,
        "OverrideLaunchBone": 0,
        "OverrideLaunchDir": 0,
        "ScopedPlayerUsesCameraPos": 0,
        "UsePrevResults": 0,
        "UseWeaponAttachment": 0
    "HIP_CAMERA_RECOIL": "/Lotus/Types/Game/WeaponProperties/Recoil/Weapon/TnoPrmryXbowWeaponHipRecoilInfo",
    "aimMode": "AIM_MODE_IRON_SIGHTS",


  • Recoil decreasing mods have no effect on weapons with little to no recoil.
  • Having at least -100% recoil bonus will negate all recoil. This can be achieved by:
  • Reducing fire rate with Mod TT 20px.png Critical Delay, Mod TT 20px.png Creeping Bullseye or Mod TT 20px.png Vile Precision can lessen the effect of recoil without needing to use a mod for recoil reduction.
  • Even if a weapon's accuracy is good, with rapid-firing weapons such as the DualCestra.png Dual Cestra, the recoil will cause shots to deviate largely from the point of aim as the reticle shakes around.
  • Most sniper rifles have heavy recoil, but their firerate allows the reticle to move back into position about the time when you can fire another shot, making recoil mods less important on these weapons.
  • The Boar.png Boar shotguns have a high recoil, but is only noticed when increasing the fire rate.
  • The Seer.png Seer has the largest recoil of any pistol, and benefits greatly with Mod TT 20px.png Steady Hands.
  • Reducing recoil on the Brakk.png Brakk or Bronco.png Bronco pistols is not necessary, as they shoot a spray of pellets so accuracy is not a primary issue.


  • Mod TT 20px.png Heavy Caliber and Mod TT 20px.png Magnum Force used to add recoil to weapons, instead of reducing accuracy, which made recoil-less weapons gain a pure damage boost. This change however made less sense than recoil as a higher damage bullet would create a larger kick and not necessarily have a negative effect on accuracy.


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