Reawaken is a mod that allows Djinn to automatically revive itself after a short period when killed.


Rank Delay Cost
0 165s 4
1 150s 5
2 135s 6
3 120s 7
4 105s 8
5 90s 9



  • Can be used an infinite number of times by the Djinn, making it more effective for longer missions than Mod TT 20pxRegen (and its Mod TT 20pxprimed variant).
    • Unlike Regen, this mod will not grant any invulnerability period to the Djinn after it is revived and will restore the sentinel to full health and shields regardless of rank.
  • Regen acts before the effects of Reawaken assuming your mod order is such that Regen is placed before Reawaken.
  • Synergizes well with the Mod TT 20pxSacrifice mod as the Djinn will revive its owner and then revive itself after the delay period.


  • When you are invisible and sentinel comes back to life, your sentinel will not be invisible with you. Instead it remains visible. In order to make your sentinel invisible again, you need to let your invisibility run out, then re-apply invisibility. (This was tested with octavia, in a long survival run AS a client)

Patch History

Update 23.1
  • Fixed an issue where Clients would not see Djinn's Reawaken icon.

Hotfix 22.20.8

  • Fixed Djinn’s Reawaken Mod not Reviving your Sentinel while controlling the Operator.

Update 22.20

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 23.1

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