People of the Origin System,

With the blessing of your credits and the power of the Void’s sacred energy, I have built a creature stronger than any other. Yes, my children, the Void has made my new Razorback prototype impervious to evil and I will prove it. I am calling on all Tenno, heathen Corpus and Grineer to come to my lab and try to defeat my Razorback.

And when you fail, the whole System will see the Void works its power through me. And then they will know that the only path to salvation is to Give Unto The Void.

The Void be the word, and the word be Profit.

—Inbox message from Nef Anyo during Divine Will Tactical Alert

The Razorback is a Corpus proxy introduced in the Divine Will Tactical Alert in Hotfix 18.4.10. The latest creation of Nef Anyo, who boastfully claims that it is "impervious to evil", has one weakness: it is not immune to the attacks of Anyo's previous creations, the Bursas.


A Razorback Armada node will appear near a Relay once the construction status in the Invasion menu is completed by supporting the Corpus. Players will receive a Razorback Cipher Blueprint by Inbox message from the Lotus, warning the players that a Relay is about to be attacked by Razorbacks. The Cipher Blueprint is reusable, and requires:

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 1 min
Rush: N/A
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A

Note that the Cryptographic ALU resource required can only be obtained from Archwing missions over Jupiter and Neptune, and can only be found during the course of the event. Players are required to craft and equip the Razorback Cipher in order to access the aforementioned node and to open its boss room door, because the ever-shifting cipher is impossible to solve manually. Upon use, all players in the squad will lose one Razorback Cipher.

The Razorback resembles and behaves much like the Jackal, and is fought in a similar arena. Unlike the Jackal, however, the Razorback is initially immune to any damage the players can throw at it. To damage the Razorback, players must utilize the Bursas stationed on the upper balconies of the arena, which — along with Crewmen and Sniper Crewmen — are providing fire support for the Razorback.

First, players must disable the Laser Barriers that keep the Bursas from falling into the arena. The barriers' related consoles are located above the main entrances of the arena, and will only disable the barriers temporarily. Once the barriers are disabled, the Bursas will stop what they're doing and jump into the arena. From there, players must damage the Bursas to the point where their rear Control Consoles can be hacked, turning the Bursas against the Razorback and attacking it. With enough damage, the Bursas will temporarily incapacitate the Razorback, making it vulnerable to player attacks until it gets back up.

Any hacked Bursas on the arena will die as soon as the Razorback is incapacitated, or 10 seconds after they were spawned, whichever comes first. Thus, players must lure and hack Bursas until the Razorback is down for good.


Upon completion of the mission, all members of the squad will receive one of the following:

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  • During this mission, one of each of the three Bursa types will spawn in the next room if the players are spotted by Security Cameras.
    • No Crewmen will be around the tileset along the way to the boss room (barring the Crewmen and Sniper Crewmen providing fire support in the arena). Instead, players will only encounter MOA variants, Ospreys, and Hyenas, as well as any compatible Eximus variants.
    • The stronger-than-usual enemies that populate this node will wear down your ammo and energy reserves considerably if you choose to fight them. For solo or lower level players, it's recommended to ignore these enemies and dash straight to the boss - although you may want to farm some energy and ammo off the MOAs and Ospreys.
  • Any Sniper Crewmen will repeatedly throw down their Ratel-spawning pads onto the arena floor; to avoid these pests, consider killing any snipers that spawn until only ordinary Crewmen remain.
  • It is possible to disable the Bursas and hack them directly from the balconies they sit on, bypassing the effort of hacking the Laser Barrier consoles that handle them in the arena.
    • Rolling in mid-air through the laser barriers will bypass their knockdown effects, giving direct access to the Bursas. Alternatively, abilities such as Hysteria130xDark Hysteria, IronSkin130xDark Iron Skin and WardingHalo130xDark Warding Halo will nullify the knockdown entirely.
    • Additionally, the Crewman "section" of each upper balcony is directly connected to the respective Bursa section, allowing entry without touching the barriers at all.
    • Mobility-enhancing abilities such as Teleport130xDark Teleport, Razorwing130xDark Razorwing, TailWind130xDark Tail Wind and CloudWalker130xDark Cloud Walker can be used to reach the upper balconies with ease.
    • Lastly, SwitchTeleport130xDark Switch Teleport and Devour130xDark Devour as well as the Mod TT 20pxProlonged Paralysis augment can be used to send Bursas directly to the arena floor, while MindControl130xDark Mind Control and Enthrall130xDark Enthrall circumvent having to damage and hack the Bursas altogether. Be wary of Isolator Bursas and their Nullifier bubbles though.
  • Bursas generated by ShadowsOfTheDead130xDark Shadows Of The Dead do not damage the Razorback.
  • MirageIcon272 Mirage's Eclipse130xDark Eclipse, if she is standing in the outer portions of the arena or at the console platforms, will allow her to take a full missile barrage from the Razorback with very little damage incurred, as these areas are shrouded in darkness. This makes her a very good choice for hacking consoles or Bursas. Eclipse also allows her to greatly increase her damage for the short time the Razorback is vulnerable, by standing in the well lit center of the arena, and can be further compounded with HallOfMirrors130xDark Hall Of Mirrors. This makes her one of the best Warframes for this fight, especially if you want to play solo.
  • IvaraIcon272 Ivara can use Prowl130xDark Prowl and a network of Dashwire Arrows to safely traverse the arena (as Prowl's movement speed penalty is disabled on a zipline), hacking Laser Barriers and attacking the Bursas and the Razorback with little threat to her. Keep in mind that Prowl's cloak will briefly disable itself if you fire a loud weapon, so plan accordingly.
  • LokiIcon272 Loki greatly trivializes the fight, using Invisibility130xDark Invisibility to safely hack the laser barriers, or even SwitchTeleport130xDark Switch Teleport the Bursas out or Decoy130xDark Decoy Switch Teleport Loki himself in or out to bypass the lasers.
  • The Operator's Void Mode can be used to ignore damage while hacking the consoles and the Bursas, or to bypass laser barriers, making the fight extremely easy. Those who have aligned themselves with Zenurik way will find hacking even easier as they have access to an increased operator energy pool, increasing the time the operator can be in Void.


  • "Analysis Complete: (Player name) = UNBELIEVER"
  • "(Player name) Detected: May the Void take mercy upon you"
  • "Configuring Tactics: PRAISE THE VOID"
  • "(Player name) Victory Probability: UNFATHOMABLE"


Razorback Armada
  • The Razorback's Fireball and Rocket Barrage attacks can bypass the effect of the Rift Plane.
  • After hacking, Bursas have a lifespan of 10 seconds or until the Razorback is weakened.
  • Falling into the pit around the arena will deal Electricity b Electricity damage over time instead of putting the player back into the arena.
  • Supply Containers constantly drop from the ceiling of the arena, providing a constant source of energy and ammo.
  • Isolator Bursas can deal the most damage to the Razorback after using their knockdown ability which will lower the regeneration of the Razorback's shields.
  • Auras such as Mod TT 20pxShield Disruption will greatly benefit the group, allowing the other Bursas to deal actual damage to the boss instead of simply hitting its shields until they die.
  • Due to having Alloy Armor and Robotic health, Radiation b Radiation is the best damage type against the Razorback. It does, however, have a reduction to normal corpus shielding, so fighting enemies other than the Razorback may be less effective.
  • Cryptographic ALUs can only be obtained in Archwing missions over Jupiter and Neptune as long as the Razorback Armada node remains available.
  • The legs of the Razorback have non-invulnerable health bars at all times even when not damageable.

Razorback Armada HistoryEdit

The following table keeps track of Razorback Armada alerts:

Event Date PC PS4 XB1 Switch
2017 May 12 Kronia (Saturn) - - -
2017 August 31 Larunda (Mercury) - - -
2017 September 7 - Strata (Earth) - -
2017 September 18 - - Orcus (Pluto) -
2017 November 29 Orcus (Pluto) - - -
2018 January 5 - Kuiper (Eris) Vesper (Venus) -
2018 February 21 Kronia (Saturn) - - -
2018 March 14 - Kronia (Saturn) - -
2018 April 9 - - Vesper (Venus) -
2018 May 7 Orcus (Pluto) - - -
2018 May 25 - Strata (Earth) - -
2018 June 12 - - Leonov (Europa) -
2018 August 6 Kronia (Saturn) - - -
2018 August 7 - Kuiper (Eris) - -
2018 August 14 - - Vesper (Venus) -
2018 October 8 Orcus (Pluto) - - -
2018 October 19 - Larunda (Mercury) Strata (Earth) -
2018 December 28 Larunda (Mercury) - - -
2019 January 1 - - Orcus (Pluto) -
2019 January 7 - Kronia (Saturn) - -
2019 February 1 - - - Kuiper (Eris)
2019 March 7 Strata (Earth) - - -
2019 March 11 - Larunda (Mercury) - -
2019 March 13 - - Strata (Earth) -
2019 April 30 Larunda (Mercury) - - -
2019 May 16 - Kronia (Saturn) - -
2019 May 17 - - Leonov (Europa) -
2019 May 24 - - - Leonov (Europa)
2019 July 23 Strata (Earth) Kuiper (Eris) - -
2019 September 13 - - - Leonov (Europa)
2019 October 6 Kronia (Saturn) - - -
2019 October 8 - Strata (Earth) - -
2019 November 7 - - Orcus (Pluto) -
2019 December 16 - Larunda (Mercury) - -
2019 December 19 - - - Leonov (Europa)
2020 January 8 Orcus (Pluto) - - -
2020 January 30 - - Leonov (Europa) -
2020 February 20 - - - Kuiper (Eris)
2020 February 24 - Kuiper (Eris) - -
2020 May 4 Strata (Earth) - - -
2020 May 19 - - Strata (Earth) -


  • In a certain tile of the new Corpus gas city tileset, Razorback proxies can be seen behind a window being rapidly produced and sent up an elevator. This contradicts to Razorback invasions happening only once every few months as the tile shows Razorbacks being produced possibly every 30 seconds - 1 minute.


  • Razorback during its cinematic
  • Razorback size
  • A Razorback Armada countdown timer to attack the Relay.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 28.0
  • The Corpus Ship tileset remaster brings a new home for Razorback! Fight this Corpus creation in a brand new remastered Arena. Gameplay remains the same!

Hotfix 27.4.2

  • Fixed an issue with Razorback functionality in terms of boss properly navigating rooms.

Hotfix 27.0.10

  • Fixed Jackal and Razorback not correctly turning to face players sometimes when you get behind them.

Hotfix 27.0.9

  • Disabled the new boss Health bar on Razorback because it was causing an issue. Razorback will now have it’s original Health bar.

Hotfix 25.8.1
Hyena Change (Razorback mission only):
An Orokin Cell farming exploit was brought to our attention by not only players, but also our internal flagging system when such a method is tripped for misuse. In short, players were forcing the Hyena’s to spawn infinitely by entering/exiting rooms knowing that their Orokin Cell drop rate is 100%. As a result of this misuse, the Orokin Cell drop rate for the Hyena’s in the Razorback mission will diminish the more you spawn, to still allow for multiple drop attempts but without giving away the entire cake. Please note that players who are trade banned due to triggering this exploit will be manually unbanned after this Hotfix.

Hotfix 25.4.2

  • Removed hack doors from the Razorback boss tileset.

Update 22.14

  • Updated the Razorback Armada Inbox message with a more clarified message of what to do/where to go.

Hotfix 22.2.5

  • Fixed Razorback rockets hitting Warframes in Limbo’s Rift.

Hotfix 21.7.1

  • To reduce "droughts" between Fomorian/Razorback events, Grineer and Corpus now gain fractional progress towards *their construction projects while they are actively invading an opponent's location (i.e. earn progress over the *course of their attack regardless of whether they end up occupying the node at the end).

Update 21.7

  • The Razorback Armada now has a lore entry in the Codex to show you its drops!

Update 21.6

  • Reduced the Razorback Cipher cost from 3500 Polymer Bundle to 1500 Polymer Bundle. Back in May of this year we made numerous fixes towards the Razorback Armada, and with another Armada to appear soon we took a second look at the *Polymer friction involved with this non-useable Blueprint.

Hotfix 20.1.1

  • Fomorians & Razorbacks now use the Tactical Alert format in the World State Window.

Hotfix 18.4.11

  • Increased the Divine Will Razorback's trigger volume in the boss arena to activate when all players enter the room instead of just within the four pillars.

Hotfix 18.4.10

  • Introduced in the Divine Will Tactical Alert.

Last updated: Hotfix 24.2.6

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