The Index marks the debut of the X-series of the Raptor. This version of armoured Osprey doubles as both a mobile accounting system and security detail for the brokers employed by Anyo Corp.

Raptor RX is an enemy encountered in The Index, part of the Trading Group. As its name suggests, it is a variant of The Raptors serving as the boss of Europa, sporting more armor and an arsenal of attacks belonging to certain Ospreys (such as mines).


  • Has an innate 40% damage reduction
  • When stunned by impact procs or knockdown from weapons (like the CrpAirPistolArray Sonicor) it will actually fall to the ground before recuperating.
  • It can be stood upon, although its moving will cause the player to fall off.

Bugs Edit

  • Despite the Codex stating that Raptor Rx has 200 shields, 150 robotic, and 200 alloy armor, it actually has 2500 shield, 1000 robotic, and 50 alloy armor at base.
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