Raknoids are spider-like Corpus robots that incorporate Sentient technology encountered only in the Orb Vallis and certain Corpus ship tilesets. They can be encountered in different sizes once certain conditions have been attained. Orbs are gargantuan Raknoid units enhanced with ship hull armor and other special attributes, making them highly resistant to conventional attacks, and can only be combated during special events. Orbs are also known as Orb Mothers due to their massive size in comparison to their Raknoid "children".

The term Raknoid or Orb can refer to:

  • Exploiter Orb - near Temple of Profit.
  • Profit-Taker Orb - near Enrichment Labs.
  • Unnamed Orb Mother - An unknown Orb inside a body of coolant as part of the map near the Orokin Dig Site. Does not display name, status bar, or level when targeted.
  • Scyto Raknoid - A white medium sized Raknoid.
  • Kyta Raknoid - A yellow medium sized Raknoid with special attacks. Highly durable.
  • Mite Raknoid - A small green Raknoid, usually buried below ground.
  • Thermic Raknoid - A small red Raknoid spawning from thermia fissures, which explode on death.
  • Coolant Raknoid - A medium sized Raknoid found near the Exploiter Orb.
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