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Railjack Skin 4.jpg
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For the gamemode, see Empyrean.

The Railjacks are large interceptor spacecraft used by the Tenno. These formidable spacecraft feature a plethora of weaponry and defensive systems that allow them to face even large capital ships head-on in direct combat. Railjack is scheduled to be released in Fall 2019.

While a Railjack can be controlled by a single Tenno, optimal performance requires the ship to be crewed by a full Squad of four Tenno, each responsible for managing different areas of the ship including the helm, battlestations, security against intruders, repairs, and putting out on-ship fires. Players can fluidly take on any role as needed to keep the Railjack in fighting shape.

Cephalon Cy serves as the Railjack's navigator and executive officer.

Although Railjacks cannot dock directly with enemy vessels, they are equipped with an Archwing Slingshot that allows Tenno to be shot directly at enemy ships to breach the hull and board them. Alternatively, Tenno can also exit into space using their Archwings to fight individually as well as explore areas of interest in space.

It was shown during Devstream 123 that a special room in the Clan Dojo, called the Railjack Drydock, will allow the Tenno to dock and customize their Railjack. Devstream 129 stated that each player will only see their own Railjack in the Drydock, and the Drydock is planned to be released before Railjack for earlier preparation. However, the resources needed to build and customize these Railjacks are currently partially known. 

The Railjack Fuselage requires as of the quest (this is a placeholder description, will be organised better later)*:

Resource Quantity
Cubic Diodes 100
Credits 1 000 000
Plastids 3000
Rubedo 15 000
Neural Sensors 30

*Clan Multipliers may apply

The Railjack's Propulsion Systems requires as of the quest

Resource Quantity
Carbides 60
Credits 1 000 000
Cryotic 1000
Orokin Cell 30
Nano Spores 20000

Other parts TBD


See Also

  • Rising Tide, the quest that guides the player on building their first Railjack.

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