Polished and cut to perfection.

—In-Game Description

Radian Sentirum is a resource used to craft weapon parts, and Operator cosmetics sold by The Quills, carved from Sentirum gems. Each build yields 3 Radian Sentirum.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 1 min
Rush: Platinum64.png 5
MarketIcon.png Market Price: N/A Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price: ReputationBlackx64.png20,000

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The reusable blueprint for Radian Sentirum can be purchased by players with the Ostron rank of Surah for ReputationLargeBlack.png20,000 at Old Man Suumbaat's Gem Store at Cetus on Earth. Crafting yields 3 Radian Sentirum per build.

Complete Radian Sentirum was also made available from Nakak in Cetus during Operation: Plague Star for ReputationLargeBlack.png750 Operational Supply Standing and Credits64.png1,500, with each purchase giving one unit of Radian Sentirum.

Blueprints Requiring Radian Sentirum[edit | edit source]

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Radian Sentirum.
Blueprint Type Quantity
Anspatha Brace Amp 2
GaussIcon272.png Gauss Systems Component 3
Ceno Cuirass Cosmetic 10
Ceno Greaves Cosmetic 10
Ceno Helmet Cosmetic 10
Ceno Pauldrons Cosmetic 10
Exceptional Sentient Core Conversion Syndicate Medallion 1
Total 46

Last updated: Update 24.6

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 24.6


With Fortuna's release, we applied some general economy changes based on takeaways from Cetus. Now that we have returned to Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon with a remaster, we are applying some 'Economy Remaster' changes to go with the changes in an effort to apply our continued learnings. Change is the name of the game - thank you for all feedback on our economies and for being receptive to change!

  • Replaced Arcane Blueprints with Arcanes in Quills Offerings meaning that Arcanes no longer need to be built.
  • Replaced Arcane Blueprints with Arcanes in Hok's Offerings meaning that Arcanes no longer need to be built.
    • Owned Magus, Exodia, and Virtuos Arcane Blueprints have been converted to full-crafted Arcanes.
  • Removed Cetus Wisp costs from Operator Armour Blueprints, and replaced them with Eidolon Gems.
  • Removed Cetus Wisps from Amp Prism Blueprint, and replaced them with Fish Parts or Eidolon Gems.

Hotfix 22.0.7

  • Moved cut gems into the Resources tab of your inventory.

Hotfix 22.0.3

  • Eidolon Gems are now built in batches of 3.

Update 22.0

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 22.20.9

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