Quickening increases the attack speed of melee weapons while channeling at the cost of reduced channeling efficiency.


Rank Attack speed Channeling Efficiency Cost
0 +5% -20% 6
1 +10% -40% 7
2 +15% -60% 8
3 +20% -80% 9


  • You must be actively channeling the weapon for the speed increase (and energy penalty) to apply. 
    • Unlike other channeling mods, Quickening seems to activate as long as you have enough energy to channel, regardless of the channeling cost. Simply having Energy Siphon active on your team is enough to accomplish this.
  • At maximum rank, an 80% decrease in Channeling Efficiency translates to 4 additional energy for a total of 9 Energy per hit while Channeling.
  • Stacks with (Primed) Fury, Gladiator Vice, and 3-stack Berserker for a total of (3.588x) 3.15x attack speed while Channeling.