Quests are a set of interlinked missions that occasionally provide lore for WARFRAME's setting, as well as giving various rewards such as Warframes and Weapons upon completion. Some quests such as Vor's Prize are mandatory as players will automatically be redirected by the quest, while some are optional (like Hidden Messages and Howl of the Kubrow). Several Junctions require quests to be completed in order for the junction to be unlocked. Additionally, a number of junctions award quests on completion.

To activate a quest after it has been unlocked, simply walk to the Codex station in the Orbiter, select the Quests tab, select the desired Quest and click "Begin Quest". However, not all quests are activated this way, with some quests having hidden activation requirements and these do not even appear in the Codex until their completion. The player can only take one quest at a time, although they can change the active quest.

Available Quests

Main Quests

Main quests are the primary questline following the story of the Tenno and their origins. In addition, these quests serve to familiarize the player with the game's various factions and key gear items like the Archwing and the Railjack.

Side Quests

Side quests are optional questlines that often reveal additional lore about the world and the characters of WARFRAME. These quests often unlock access to new Warframes, new Syndicates, or additional game features such as the Incubation Segment for Kubrow breeding.

Quest Progression

The following lists the overall progression of each quest as well as which sidequests they unlock. These branches are ordered as it was shown in the Codex. Quests that are not listed in the following branches do not have any prerequisite quests, and can be started as soon as other prerequisite requirements (such as Mastery Rank) are met, if any.

  1. Awakening
  2. Vor's Prize, unlocks The Duviri Paradox
  3. Saya's Vigil
  4. Vox Solaris, unlocks The Waverider
  5. Once Awake
  6. Heart of Deimos
  7. The Archwing, unlocks Stolen Dreams, which unlocks The New Strange
  8. Natah
  9. The Second Dream, unlocks Octavia's Anthem and The Silver Grove
  10. Rising Tide
  11. The War Within, unlocks The Glast Gambit
  12. Chains of Harrow
  13. Apostasy Prologue
  14. The Sacrifice
  15. Prelude to War
    1. Chimera Prologue
    2. Erra
    3. The Maker
  16. The New War, which unlocks:
    1. Angels of the Zariman
    2. Veilbreaker
    3. Whispers in the Walls
    4. Jade Shadows


Most quests can be replayed to reexperience or Codex Scanner quest-exclusive enemies and Somachord Fragments. To replay a quest, one simply goes to the completed quest's codex entry and selects "replay quest". When replaying a quest, transmissions, cutscenes, missions, and most related inbox messages will reappear normally, but the primary rewards are not given again.

As of Update 36.0 (2024-06-18), the following quests are not replayable:


  • Sometimes, completing a quest objective may not yield the next objective upon returning to the Orbiter (Quest markers in the Operations window, Inbox messages, etc.). Relogging or entering/exiting captura (or another mission) typically resolves this issue.

External Links

Patch History

Hotfix 36.0.4 (2024-06-26)

  • You can now replay the Jade Shadows Quest!
    • We’ve been absolutely loving your reactions to the Quest and wanted you to be able to enjoy it all over again. Go to the Codex > Quests > Select Jade Shadows > Select the “Replay” button.
    • Friendly reminder of the Spoiler Courtesy when sharing anything regarding the Quest. On that note, replaying the Quest will skip the choice scene at the end (the choice made in the first playthrough is maintained).

Hotfix 36.0.3 (2024-06-20)

  • Fixed cases where confirmation prompts to begin Quests were case sensitive.

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)


Struggling to understand the oldest and deepest secret from his past, Stalker finds himself allied with sworn enemies on the troubling road toward uncovering the truth… and averting an incalculable loss.

Quest Prerequisites

You must have completed The New War Quest in order to play the Jade Shadows Quest. The Quest will become available from your Codex once you have done so.

Quest Commitment & Duration

Similar to The New War Quest, once you commit to beginning Jade Shadows you will be unable to do other Warframe activities for the duration of the Quest. You will be able to pause the game, and your progress will be saved between missions. It is roughly a ~30 minute experience, perhaps faster for seasoned Tenno!

Content warning: This quest contains scenes of trauma related to motherhood.

Quest Rewards

  • Jade Warframe Blueprint
  • Access to Operation: Belly Of The Beast
  • Access to the new Ascension Game Mode
  • New Captura Scene from the Quest
  • New Displays from the Quest

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)

Quest Changes

Saya’s Vigil Improvements and Fixes:

  • Added a white highlight around Glass Shards to make them easier to find and scan.
  • Removed the requirement to hack the Trailer Door. Now it will spawn open, allowing for players to start searching for and scanning Shards immediately.
  • Moved one of the Glass Shards to a more visible placement.
  • Amended enemy levels in the Galleon to be on-par with enemy levels on the Landscape.
  • Players must now complete the “Prove Yourself” introductory Bounty from Konzu before being able to start Saya’s Vigil.
    • Previously you would be able to start this Quest if you had been taxi’d into the Plains of Eidolon and completed a different Bounty. Now this introductory Bounty must be completed first!
    • This change also restricts full access to the Plains of Eidolon Bounty board behind this introductory Bounty. Being taxi’d will no longer unlock it for you.
  • Fixed needing to speak to Saya in Cetus twice to start Saya’s Vigil. Now the conversation will continue on seamlessly after her introduction!
  • Fixed an empty box appearing in the Abort Menu instead of saying “Cetus” during Saya’s Vigil Quest.
  • Fixed Liset not properly animating in the Eidolon Extraction cinematic in Saya’s Vigil.

Quest Blueprint Build Times:

  • We reduced the following Quest-related blueprint crafting time to 10 seconds, and updated the Rush Cost to be 0 Platinum:
  • Nightfall Apothic, Twilight Apothic, Sunrise Apothic (The Silver Grove)
  • Scorched Beacon, Chroma Signal, Chroma Mark (The New Strange)
  • Railjack Cephalon (Rising Tide)
  • Ascaris Negator (Vor’s Prize)
  • Limbo Theorem Components (The Limbo Theorem)
  • Mandachord (Octavia’s Anthem)
  • Potent Pherliac Pods (The Jordas Precept)

Other Quest Changes:

  • Added 60 Kuva to The Sacrifice Quest mission rewards so players can more easily build Excalibur Umbra.
  • Added a waypoint to the Orb that players must interact with to start the Apostasy Quest.
  • Reduced the Drone health in the Vox Solaris Quest to make it easier to shoot down before hacking.
  • Added introductory Kuva Lich and Sister of Parvos inbox messages after the completion of their prerequisite Quests (The War Within and Call of the Tempestarii).
  • The riddles from Hidden Messages will now appear in the TennoGuide to help players more easily find them. (or to help those who accidentally deleted the inbox messages -- oops!).
  • Added a “Obtain Kinetic Siphon” objective to the “Paying with Synthesis” stage of The New Strange Quest.
  • Re-ordered the Side Quests suggested by the Tenno Guide to prioritize Quests that introduce players to new systems and those that offer Warframes.
  • Fixed an issue where inbox messages coming from Quests and other places would end up having a timestamp of Jan 1st, 1970 and being impossible to mark as read or delete. Shoutout to the inbox messages that have been holding it down for 54 years.

Update 35.1 (2024-02-20)

  • Fixed the Tenno Guide prioritizing side objectives and quests (Mastery Rank Tests, Junctions, etc.) instead of the main story Quests.

Hotfix 35.0.4 (2023-12-20)

  • Fixes towards new inbox message notification popping up while in Quest Complete screens. You’ll still get those notifications when you leave the screen, now they won’t ruin the moment.

Update 35.0 (2023-12-13)


Deep within the Necralisk, a dormant precept known as The Kalymos Sequence has been activated. You must return to Deimos and investigate Albrecht’s hidden, subterranean Laboratories for any clues he may have left behind.

Whatever he was working on, you will quickly discover that his Laboratories are the source of many unknowns...

The Whispers in the Walls Quest acts as an introduction into Warframe’s next major chapter. As with all research, discoveries often lead to more questions…

Note to Content Creators: Content creators are able to broadcast and/or publish VODs of their Whispers in the Walls Quest experience without DMCA concerns. This does not include edited video content outside of the context of your gameplay stream which includes licensed music from the Quest.

Quest Prerequisites
You must have the following Quests completed to access the Whispers in the Walls Quest:

  • Heart of Deimos
  • The New War

Note: We have removed Mastery Rank requirements from all main story Quests (which includes those listed above) to allow players to enjoy story content without the delays that Mastery Rank gain and tests would cause (more information on that covered below in the New Player Path Improvements section below).

Quest Rewards

  • Blueprint for the New Warframe Qorvex
  • New Secondary Weapon: Grimoire
    • Max Ranked and includes a Weapon Slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.
  • Melee Upgrade Segment
  • Mentor’s Legacy Mod
  • Melee Arcane Adapter
  • Access to the Cavia Syndicate in the new Sanctum Anatomica hub on Deimos
  • Access to new Deimos nodes and mission types

The story that has guided players throughout their journey in Warframe has evolved throughout the years -- to put it lightly. Quests lead players to meet the fantastic cast of characters spread throughout the Origin System, but also introduce them to various mechanics that enhance and deepen their gameplay experience. With that said, we have restructured our Quest Path to ensure that players meet the vital NPCs and are set up for success to take on The New War.

Quests removed from the Main Quest Path

  • Stolen Dreams
  • The New Strange

With these Quests no longer considered Main Quests, applicable Junctions have had their tasks updated to no longer require these Quests -- see the Junction Requirement Changes section for more details.

Quests added to the Main Quest Path

  • Heart of Deimos
  • Rising Tide

Saya’s Vigil was added as a Main Quest with Abyss of Dagath in October 2023, and we intend to give Vox Solaris the same treatment in 2024. Before we do so, we will be revisiting this Quest’s difficulty level to ensure it is new player friendly.

Here is the updated Main Quest Path as of December 2023:

Vor’s Prize
Saya’s Vigil
Once Awake
Heart of Deimos
The Archwing
The Second Dream
Rising Tide
The War Within
Chains of Harrow
Apostasy Prologue
The Sacrifice
Prelude to War
The New War
Whispers in the Walls

With these changes, we have updated our in-game Tenno Guide to prioritize Main Quests when directing players what to do next. Our goal is to reduce player confusion and simplify their progression path -- by de-prioritizing Side Quests, players are less likely to embark on Quests that may be too difficult for their current progression or otherwise serve as a distraction.

Tenno who are interested in completing Side Quests will still have access to those unlocked in their Codex! Once players have completed all Main Quests (at time of writing, up to Whispers in the Walls), the Tenno Guide will recommend any incomplete Side Quests.

  • Fixed Allies and Enemy Highlighting remaining active during Quest cutscenes. They will no longer be visible during cutscenes if enabled.

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

Quest Improvements

Including Waverider, The Glast Gambit, Natah, and Vox Solaris

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)

  • Removed the Duviri Starting Path from the New Player Experience. Now, all new Tenno will start with the Vor's Prize Quest, and the Duviri Paradox will be available to them after its completion.
    • After months of review of player behavior, we are making this change to give all new players an accurate representation of core Warframe gameplay before we introduce them to the magic of Duviri. Offering two Starting Paths for new players was an experiment -- and not one we regret -- but a key part of experimentation is continued iteration after the fact to ensure the best player experience possible. Tenno who already chose the Drifter Path should not be affected!

Update 33.0 (2023-04-26)


If you are new to Warframe, welcome! Your journey starts now on a path of your choosing. Upon opening the game for the first time you will be presented with two options to get started: The Warframe Path or the Paradox Path!

This path may feel natural to you, a warrior of curious origins and frightening power. This way lies a Warframe that you will command at once… with the marauding Grineer Empire closing in around you.

Begin as the Warframe, a weapon possessing supernatural abilities and strength. Explore the Origin System and the many mysteries that lie within it. Your journey begins with your Awakening, where you will choose a starter Warframe and Weapons to take on the many challenges ahead.


A road less traveled. A looping paradox that spirals ‘round the folds of time and reality to begin your story from an end. Here you are a prisoner of a twisted king, powerless, or so it seems.

Begin as the Drifter, a mysterious vagabond from a different timeline. Your journey begins with The Duviri Paradox Quest, where you will explore a place that exists outside of the bounds of the reality we know. From here you will still learn how to master the art of the Warframe, but for a different purpose.

This may seem like a big decision now, but do not fear the commitment. For in time, these paths will eventually converge. Either path will uncover new truths, skills, and more that are beneficial to your overall progress regardless of the choice you make now. In other words, all of Warframe’s content will be accessible to you one way or another in due time!

Before you are presented this decision, you will first be able to customize your game settings via a curated menu immediately upon login. Further customization options will become available as you progress in your chosen Path!


Ever get that feeling you’re stuck? Spinning inside your little wheel, day in and day out. Only to find… you’re right back where you started. The Drifter is trapped in Duviri, suspended in a never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth for the entertainment of the Mad King, Dominus Thrax. When all hope feels lost, an unexpected arrival and the reappearance of friends both old and new may finally spell the answer to escape the Paradox.

The Duviri Paradox Quest is a solo experience and is available immediately upon login for all existing players via the Codex or the new Duviri region in your Navigation.

All players have access to this Quest, provided they are not currently committed to a restricted segment of another Quest (ex: The War Within, The New War, etc.).

Completing the Quest rewards you the following:

  • Your very own Histornam Kaithe mount to use in Duviri
  • The Sun & Moon Melee Weapon for Drifter
  • The Sun & Moon Melee Weapon Blueprint for Warframes
  • The Mountain’s Edge Dual Nikanas Stance Mod for Warframes
  • Access to enter The Duviri Experience, The Lone Story, and The Circuit

Share your feedback and bug reports on The Duviri Paradox Quest here:

Update 32.1 (2022-11-02)

  • Fixed cases where audio transmissions playing in a specific order (Quests, etc.) could get interrupted by other transmissions that are unrelated.
    • Transmissions that are unrelated to the main event ones will now play at the end of the queued sequence. No more rude interruptions!

Update 32.0 (2022-09-07)


Kahl-175 returns! In this solo introductory quest, witness the state of the Origin System following the events of The New War through the perspective of Grineer Lancer Kahl-175. Though Narmer’s leadership was shattered by the Tenno, many have yet to escape the Veil’s influence. With a new devotion to his Grineer brothers, Kahl partners with an unlikely ally to rescue those still imprisoned.

Quest Prerequisite: You must have The New War quest completed in order to unlock the Veilbreaker Quest in your Codex.

Completing the quest will reward you with the Archon Shard Helminth Segment Blueprint to install on your Helminth.

Hotfix 31.7.1 (2022-07-28)

  • Fixed the Tenno Guide prompting you to complete The Waverider Quest before Heart of Deimos.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)


The Zariman Ten Zero cries out into the endless darkness that surrounds it. In a post-New War world, something lingers in the Void-ridden ship once inhabited by the Tenno. Its wailing can be heard from afar. Return to it, find the source of its song, and unearth the memories echoing throughout the vacant corridors.

Quest Prerequisite: You must have The New War quest completed in order to unlock the Angels of the Zariman quest in your Codex.

If you have not completed The New War, check out our helpful guide: https://www.warframe.com/news/preparing-for-angels-of-the-zariman-en

Similar to the Saya’s Vigil, Vox Solaris, and Heart of Deimos quests, this is a solo gameplay-focused experience that will introduce you to key characters and Zariman related content.

Completing the quest will reward you with gifts from the Void in your Inbox!

Once you have completed the Angels of the Zariman quest, the following gameplay options will become available for you to start venturing deeper into the ship:

  • Zariman Bounties
  • 3x New Missions Types
  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes bypass quest requirements by starting a quest and then immediately attempting to start another quest you aren't supposed to start.

Hotfix 31.1.1 (2022-02-09)

  • Fixed script error when attempting to view Quests in the Codex.

Update 31.0 (2021-12-15)


We are seasons, all of us.

Growing in the light, fading in the dark.

At once the same, yet... ever changed.

Prepare yourself, Tenno. The New War is here and no one is safe. Old enemies have returned to the Origin System… will the factions unite against Ballas, Erra, and the advancing Sentients, or will they buckle under the weight of a full-scale invasion?

Players can prepare for The New War quest in the following ways:


  • Have “Prelude to War” complete
    • We have renamed the former “The New War’ Codex section to “Prelude to War”, players must have this complete to participate in The New War Quest.
  • Own a Necramech
    • Necramechs can be earned by playing Deimos content or bought in the Market for Platinum.
  • Own a Railjack
    • A Railjack can be earned by completing the Rising Tide quest or bought in the Market for Platinum.

The New War will take several hours to complete and will prevent normal Warframe activities from taking place for the duration of the quest. Plan accordingly!

Access to your loadouts will be limited. We encourage you to not only prep your Warframe, Necramech, Operator and Railjack Loadouts but also your Fashion Frame. And as always: CRANK THAT AUDIO!!

You may notice your Operator sounds a bit different while playing The New War Quest. We hope you enjoy the updated Operator voices. Pre and Post-New War Operator voices will be the familiar ones you’re accustomed to.

Additionally, a new Accessibility setting has been added titled 'Hold Button for Struggle Action'. This allows you to choose either 'Hold' or 'Tap' when confronted with a struggle context action, where typically mashing of a button would be requested. We recommend that you put this setting to your preference before initiating The New War Quest to ensure you have the best experience. Players can turn this on in the Controls options menu at any time in the quest, just above the Archwing section.

A significant amount of effort has gone into leveraging new graphics technologies for the levels seen in The New War. For PC players we recommend that you set your Graphics Mode to Enhanced for the full experience, if your computer can handle it! (Display tab under Options). The Playstation 5 and XBOX Series X already use this setting.

***You cannot Replay The New War Quest once it has been completed in this Update. It is a potential 2022 addition. Take your time and we hope you enjoy it!

  • We’ve changed the “SKIP CINEMATIC” confirmation when playing Quests to a “HOLD TO CONFIRM” instead of clicking OK. This is aimed to save players (like myself) who accidentally skip cinematics from button mashing, which could heavily hinder the Quest storyline experience.
    • This change does not affect regular gameplay cinematic skipping (mission fly-in / drop-down, etc).
  • The Quest Codex section is now ordered based on their release dates! The Quests you have yet to complete will remain at the top of the list for ease of access.

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

Introducing the ‘TENNO GUIDE”!

Added a new UI notification when inside the Orbiter that is a persistent reminder for Quests, to help guide new Tenno to their next steps. A lot of new players have felt lost once they finish Vor’s Prize, and this persistent reminder will show them what to do next! This can be disabled at any time in the menus under Options > Interface > Show Tenno Guide!

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • Fixed a few Quest prerequisite texts missing the respective location.

Hotfix 30.3.2 (2021-05-27)

  • Fixed inability to see the full selection of Quests in the Codex if your game is set to Turkish.

Update 30.3 (2021-05-25)

  • Added a new dropdown to Quest Codex screen so players can now filter which Quests are displayed (ALL / STORY / SIDE / WARFRAME), ALL is the default option so that players aren't confused as to where all of their Quests went.
  • Fixed Quests no longer being sorted to the top when they aren’t complete.

Update 30.2 (2021-05-12)

  • Fixed a functionality loss when using the controller D-Pad while viewing a completed Quest diorama.

Update 30.1 (2021-04-29)

  • Fixed Quest “MISSIONS TASKS” list in the Codex being scrolled to the beginning as opposed to the most recent when returning to the Orbiter while mid-Quest.

Hotfix 29.6.8 (2021-01-25)

  • Fixed enemy ship sounds playing over Quest cinematics.

Update 29.0 (2020-08-25)


Deimos emerges in Martian orbit, completely overrun by the Infestation... yet among the writhing mass, a distress call comes over a most ancient carrier wave.

A new Quest is available in your Codex, Tenno! The Prerequisite for ‘Heart of Deimos’ is completing the Earth to Mars Junction.

The “Heart of Deimos” Quest will introduce you to the newest Open World. Learn all about the denizens of THE CAMBION DRIFT, and the souls lurking in THE NECRALISK HUB!

If you buy Xaku with Platinum, you will receive a Riven Mod as a quest Reward in addition to the Xaku Blueprint.


Tenno beginning their journey in Warframe will now awake to a new cinematic introduction and revised Tutorial.

Warframe’s new Tutorial continues the story introduced in the cinematic directed by Dan Trachtenberg. Elements that have become central to Warframe’s core gameplay, like bullet jumping, are now part of the tutorial. Traverse the Plains of Eidolon to escape Captain Vor and begin your quest to uncover forgotten memories!

*Tenno who have already played through the Tutorial can play through the refreshed version by visiting the Codex Quest section under a new name ‘Awakening’ (also replayable)!

Hotfix 28.0.5 (2020-06-17)

  • Quests in the Codex will now display the Mastery Rank requirement (if applicable) if you currently don’t meet that requirement.

Update 28.0 (2020-06-11)


We are Desire. Ours is the grasping golden hand. We. Are. Corpus.

Nef Anyo claims to have found an heir to the long-deceased Corpus Founder, Parvos Granum, and has the means to prove it. The Solaris have begun disappearing in droves and Eudico thinks it has something to do with Nef’s power play. Whoever they are, the heir to the Founder would be able to solve the stalemate and stage a total takeover of the Corpus Board. If Nef Anyo has anything to do with it, that spells bad news for the Solaris.

The Deadlock Protocol sheds new light on the industrious origins of the Corpus, introduces the time-bending Warframe, Protea and includes a remastered Corpus fleet full of innovative threats and escalating security measures.

To begin The Deadlock Protocol Quest, make sure you have completed the Vox Solaris Quest. The Deadlock Protocol Quest can only be done Solo and you must be at least Mastery Rank 4; ready yourself!

*Players who purchase the Protea Warframe before playing the Quest will receive a Riven as an additional reward.

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

The New War Chapters:

A Codex Quest chapter entry for The New War has been added for those who have completed the Sacrifice Quest! As you might be aware, The New War has started, and with Scarlet Spear coming soon we want players to be properly informed as The New War develops. If you have yet to complete the Chimera Prologue or the Erra Quest, head to The New War Codex Quest entry to access a shortcut to these Quests.

Update 27.0 (2019-12-13)

  • (Undocumented) Introduced Erra.

Update 26.1 (2019-11-22)

  • Introduced Rising Tide.

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

  • Added the ability to replay the following Quests:
    • Natah
    • Saya’s Vigil
    • The Jordas Precept
    • Patient Zero
    • The Silver Grove
    • The Archwing
    • Howl of the Kubrow

Update 18.5 (2016-03-04)

  • Players will no longer be able to sell Quest-based items, or blueprints that will halt the progress of their Quest.

Update 14.0 (2014-07-18)

Quest System
  • Warframe now has a Quest system! New User Experience 2.0 will boast Vor’s Prize as the debut quest! The technical foundation is now in game for linked missions and quests for us to create.
  • The newest Warframe, Mirage, is obtainable through the Quest System!
  • The Kubrow and Genetic Foundry, used for breeding biological specimens, are obtainable through the Quest System!
  1. Prelude to War is compilation of miniquests and cutscenes leading up to The New War.
  2. While not part of the main story quest, The Duviri Paradox has very interlinked story context to several critical characters in The New War.