The Quellor was standard-issue to Dax Railjack crews of the Old War, dating back to the earliest, pre-Sigma craft. A rapid-fire assault rifle with a hefty magazine-size, the Quellor is an all-round workhorse. Also capable of large, short-range cryo-blasts.

The Quellor is an ancient assault rifle used by Dax Railjack crew during the Old War. Its primary fire shoots fully automatic shots with high Puncture b Puncture damage, while its Alternate Fire charges up a short-ranged Cold b Cold beam.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 35
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 240 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:N/A


This weapon deals primarily Puncture b Puncture damage on its primary fire and Cold b Cold damage on its Alternate Fire.



Weapon LoadoutsEdit


Quellor's main blueprint can be obtained from defeating Blite Captain, Glacik Commander, Lektro Commander, or Pyr Captain in Empyrean missions (at Kasio's Rest on Saturn Proxima, Flexa in Veil Proxima, or sometime Korms Belt in Earth Proxima). The blueprint pickup is shared across the entire squad and can be traded between players.
Drop Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Main Blueprint 5% 20 kills 135 ± 45 kills

Expected refers to total number of attempts a player can expect to need in order to receive at least one of each drop associated with the respective values.

Nearly Guaranteed refers to the total number of attempts a player needs to obtain a 99%, 99.9%, and 99.99% probability to receive at least one of each drop associated with the respective values.

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  • Attempting to Alternate Fire with 49 ammo or less will cause the weapon to pause briefly, then reload.
  • The Quellor might be the Dax equivalent or counterpart to the PrimeSoma Soma Prime: a high capacity rifle meant to mow down swaths of enemies in a single magazine, but made without typical Orokin components to be made readily available to vast crews of Dax soldiers.


  • When modding for this weapon, it may be wise to focus on a hybrid build with more emphasis towards criticals. With a maxed Mod TT 20pxPoint Strike the Quellor will reach 100% Critical chance on its alt fire. Using the primary fire to strip armor or remove shields may help make the alt fire even more deadly.
  • Using Mod TT 20pxTactical Reload in the Exilus slot can help bypass the 4 second reload, and can even make using the alt fire more consistent (albeit at the cost of ammo economy).


  • The Quellor uses a single egg-shaped object as the entire source of ammo for the weapon. When firing the orb is pushed up into position while opening a flap, then knocked back down again by the flap, a process that repeats until the weapon runs out of ammo. Then, the player will eject the orb and replace a new one inside. This implies the weapon does not use conventional ammunition and it's most likely energy based projectiles, possibly supercooled by the weapon and ejected by the energy cell.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 29.0
  • Decreased Alt Fire ammo cost from 75 to 50.
  • Increased lifetime of Alt Fire projectile from 0.095s to 0.12s

Hotfix 27.0.12

  • Fixed the Quellor Alt Fire being silent when it’s meant to be Alarming (as indicated in the Arsenal).

Hotfix 27.0.9

Hotfix 27.0.6

  • Pennant and Quellor Blueprints are now shared pickups; no longer required for all players to manually collect the pickup! Thanks for your patience as we work toward the rest of the on-foot items being picked up.

Update 27.0

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 27.0

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