Crewman equipped with a jetpack.

A variant of the Ranger, the Quanta Ranger wields a CrpShockRifle.pngQuanta beam weapon, allowing it to fire highly accurate lasers against enemies. Just like the Ranger and the Penta Ranger, the Quanta Ranger only spawns in Archwing missions.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • They do not seem to use the Quanta's explosive cubes. They only fire the beam.
  • They seem to be equipped with a jetpack that looks like 4 CrpBFG.pngOpticors attached to each other.
  • While the Codex saying Quanta Rangers can only be found on Phobos, they can also appear during Archwing Alerts on other Corpus tile-sets, since alerts overwrite standard spawn lists.
  • Similarly Eximus units can be found in certain Corpus Archwing Alerts like Defense, they do not appear in the regular Phobos Archwing mission. 
  • A group of 3 Quanta Ranger Eximus can spawn on the third satellite of the Salacia, Neptune Mobile Defense. Patch 24.8.1.
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