The Pyrotechnic Ogris is a weapon used by Grineer Napalms that fires slow moving incendiary grenades. Although slow moving, the explosion AoE of these payloads is quite large, hitting players from 6 meters or more from the impact region, and is not blocked by any object (it can deal damage through most walls and through FrostIcon272 Frost's SnowGlobe130xDark Snow Globe). It has a chance to inflict a burn proc for 6 seconds which will set players on fire dealing large amounts of damage while keeping shields from recharging.

The Pyrotechnic Ogris uses the pre-update 12.6 model of the GrineerGrenadeLauncher Torid, which may be a placeholder until a new weapon or weapon model comes out to replace it.

The Tusk Napalm, who was released in Update 22.0, is equipped with a updated model of the Pyrotechnic Ogris, similar to the normal OgrisNew Ogris. The Kuva-variant of the Napalm, meanwhile, uses the GrnGrenadeLauncher Tonkor grenade launcher instead.


  • Napalm Wielding The Modified Ogris

Patch HistoryEdit

  • Introduced along with the Napalm.

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