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Player vs. Player, colloquially shortened to PvP, refers to the collection of game types where player-controlled Tenno face off against each other in battle.


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Dueling is a game mode added in Update 8 with the introduction of the Clan Dojo. By building a Dueling Room in the Clan Dojo, two players in that Dojo can begin a duel session. During the match, most of the effects and damage dealt by Warframe powers and Weapons remain the same as in missions.


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Conclave is a Syndicate added in Update 16.0 (2015-03-19) that provides large scale PvP missions. First introduced as a game mode in Update 10.0 (2013-09-13). It was restricted to players with similar Conclave Levels instead of their clan affiliations, and features battles on designated arena tiles. The new Conclave introduced in Update 16 creates a new Arsenal for players with a limited number of Warframes and Weapons in order to allow fair play. Available game modes include Annihilation, Team Annihilation, Cephalon Capture and Lunaro. Playing Conclave allows Tenno to earn Standing from Teshin, and unlock unique rewards as a result.


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Conclave only allows certain Warframes and weapons to ensure balance is fair and even. Conclave mods can be obtained from Teshin with Standing and from completing a Conclave match. Some of these mods can also be used in PvE and are dropped by Sentients or bought with Cred in Nightwave. Weapon variants such as Prime and MK-1, are generally permitted.

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  • All weapons have their own unique stats in PvP that can be different from their regular stats, including damage, fire rate, and other stats. See Weapon Comparison/Conclave for a comparison list.
  • Weapons cannot proc, however, some weapons will always proc on certain actions. These include:
    • Warframe abilities that always proc, such as EmberIcon272.png Ember's Fireball130xDark.png Fireball and VoltIcon272.png Volt's Shock130xDark.png Shock.
    • Weapons that have innate elements, such as Detron.png Detron or HeatSword.png Heat Sword and HeatDagger.png Heat Dagger's slam attack.
    • Dread.png Dread, which applies a two-second DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash proc, each tick dealing three to five damage depending on charge level.
  • There are no critical hits. Weapons instead have a headshot multiplier, generally x1.5; shooting an enemy in the head applies this multiplier.
  • Melee slide attacks do only as much damage as regular attacks.
  • All PvE Stance Mods cannot be used in PvP, which uses dedicated Stance mods that can only be used in PvP.


  • Warframes have their own unique health, armor, and shields, and use the default 100 Max Energy.
  • For balance reasons, Warframe abilities may behave differently in PvP:


Main article: Category:PvP Mods

Restrictions on Mod choice is also applied. The Conclave Syndicate also sells a variety of Mods for players with sufficient Standings, some of which are currently PvP exclusives. PvE usable mods can also be obtained from defeating Sentients or bought with Cred offerings in Nightwave. All Conclave mods are also possible rewards after completing a PvP match.