Prowl ProwlIcon
Become invisible and steal loot from unsuspecting enemies or take out prey with deadly headshots.

Minimum Energy Drain: 1 s-1
Maximum Energy Drain: 3 s-1

Strength:10% / 20% / 30% / 40% (headshot bonus)
100% (loot chance)
Duration:4 / 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 s (steal time)
Range:2 / 2 / 3 / 4 m (steal range)

  • Ivara activates her cloak, rendering her invisible to enemies. While active, Ivara gains 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% bonus damage on headshots at the cost of reduced movement speed. Ivara also becomes capable of pickpocketing enemies: if standing beside an enemy with Prowl active, rays of light will shine on an enemy within 2 / 2 / 3 / 4 meters for 4 / 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 seconds before releasing a random item from that enemy's drop table.
    • Headshot bonus is affected by Ability Strength.
    • The damage buff is a multiplicative bonus that is applied to Ivara's total weapon damage on headshots (e.g., with a maxed Mod TT 20pxIntensify and a weapon that inflicts 500 total damage on headshots, a rank-3 Prowl will increase that headshot damage to 500 × (1 + 0.4 × 1.3) = 760).
    • Steal time is affected by Ability Duration.
    • The steal time uses the following expression when accounting for Ability Duration:
      Modified Steal Time = Steal Time ÷ (1 + Ability Duration)
      • With a maxed Mod TT 20pxContinuity, a rank-3 Prowl will have a steal time equal to 2.5 ÷ 1.3 = 1.923 seconds.
    • Steal range is affected by Ability Range.
    • The steal light must shine on the enemy for the duration of the steal time uninterrupted for the pickpocketing to succeed.
    • Pickpocketing can only be done once per enemy. Only a single enemy can be pickpocketed at a time.
    • Has a 100% chance to drop an item from an enemy if the Ability Strength is 100% or above; reducing the Ability Strength reduces the chance for an item to drop equal to that of the Ability Strength (40% Ability Strength has a 40% chance of dropping an item). If the attempt was unsuccessful, it will attempt to try again.
    • Additional loot retrieval stacks with other loot abilities that loot while petrified (AtlasIcon272 Atlas's Mod TT 20pxOre Gaze), loot on death (HydroidIcon272 Hydroid's Mod TT 20pxPilfering Swarm, KhoraIcon272 Khora's Mod TT 20pxPilfering Strangledome, and WukongIcon272 Wukong's Monkey Luck passive), and loot corpse (NekrosIcon272 Nekros's Desecrate130xDark Desecrate and Chesa Kubrow's Mod TT 20pxRetrieve).
  • Prowl drains 1 point of energy per second while stationary and drains 3 energy per second while walking. Additionally, melee attacks consume 2 energy per hit, and taking damage consumes 10 energy per hit. Prowl will end if Ivara runs out of energy, if certain maneuvers are performed that break the cloak, or if deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 3 ).
  • Most maneuvers do not interfere with Prowl. However, Sprinting, Sliding, and Bullet Jumping will break the cloak. Ivara will not re-cloak until the ability is used again.
    • More specifically, the cloak will be exited when the corresponding keys for Sprinting, Sliding and Bullet Jumping are pressed, not when the maneuvers are actually executed.
    • Rolling will increase the energy drain to its maximum value, even if no directional keys are used.
    • Prowl does not suffer movement speed penalties when moving through ziplines, and sprinting or sliding on zip lines will not break Prowl's cloak.
  • Firing a non-silent weapon (i.e., weapons with an "alarming" noise level) will temporarily break the cloak. Ivara will re-cloak shortly after firing the weapon.
    • Changing a weapon's noise level from "alarming" to "silent" with a max ranked Mod TT 20pxHush, Mod TT 20pxSuppress, or Mod TT 20pxSilent Battery will prevent the weapon from breaking cloak when fired. Additionally the GrnFlameSpear Javlok's alt-fire throw attack is regarded as "silent" and will not break the cloak when thrown. Despite being regarded as "alarming", the Nagantaka Nagantaka's alt-fire and the TnoGunblade Redeemer's shotgun will not break the cloak, though they will still alarm enemies.
    • Despite the cloak being disabled, Prowl itself is not, and will continue draining energy and remains capable of pickpocketing enemies.
    • The re-cloak delay is affected by the weapon's Fire Rate.
  • Will not disrupt Shade's Mod TT 20pxGhost or a Huras Kubrow's Mod TT 20pxStalk.
  • Prowl is a one-handed ability and can be used while performing various maneuvers and actions without interruption.

Main article: Infiltrate

Infiltrate is a Warframe Augment Mod for IvaraIcon272 Ivara that allows her to pass through security barriers unharmed, and increases her movement speed while Prowl130xDark Prowl is active. The movement speed bonus scales with ability strength.

Rank Movement Speed Increase Cost
0 10% 6
1 15% 7
2 20% 8
3 25% 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Can be used to safely bypass most enemies.
  • Can be used to maintain your energy levels through the constant theft of energy orbs.
  • Rolling is actually a viable alternative to Sprinting, allowing you to move quickly without breaking your invisibility. Keep in mind, however, that if you press Shift , (or whichever key you have bound to activate Sprinting with), it will immediately deactivate Prowl.
  • Combining Prowl with silenced, high-damage, single-shot weapons, or certain types of appropriately-modded melee weapons, can be an effective play style for higher level missions which require stealth.
    • Some melee weapons well-suited for this method of hunting would be among the following:
      • A Sword with the Mod TT 20pxCrimson Dervish stance (due to the stealth finisher for that stance being a very fast animation).
      • A Hammer weapon with the Mod TT 20pxFinishing Touch mod equipped. Hammers already have the highest damage multiplier for stealth finishers, so this mod makes it even more powerful: the damage-multiplier of hammers used for stealth-finishers goes from 2400% weapon damage to 3840% weapon damage.
      • Any Dagger weapon with the Mod TT 20pxCovert Lethality mod equipped.
  • Firing a non-silent weapon will allow the use of the otherwise not permitted Maneuvers like Bullet Jumping during the brief uncloaked time window without deactivating Prowl.
  • Combining Prowl with a melee weapon equipped with Mod TT 20pxDispatch Overdrive will allow for a large increase in movement speed if you are channeling when performing the stealth finisher.
    • Channeling must be active throughout the entire finisher animation.
  • Repeatedly performing the backspring maneuver is the fastest way to move without breaking Prowl besides dashwire jumping.

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