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Protea is an upcoming female Warframe specializing in high tech deployables.


  • Protea is a genus of South African flowering plants, also known as sugarbushes, which is named after Proteus, the Greek warden of sea beasts.
    • In this sense, Protea could probably mean versatile or ever-changing, reflecting her versatility.
  • Prior to Devstream 137, she had a placeholder name called Odalisk.
    • Odalisk probably comes from an Ottoman Turkish word odalık, historically a chambermaid who served in the household of the Ottoman sultan.
    • Protea's appearance seems to be inspired by historical odalık outfits.

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Placeholder Abilities Edit

  • Passive - casting abilities provides every fourth cast a 100% Ability Strength bonus.
  • Ability One - Protea throws 3 grenades that explode into clouds of shrapnel on impact, proccing a status effect and providing crowd control against enemies coming into contact. Holding down the ability key (default 1 ) instead deploys an energy trench that envelops Protea and her allies in a protective bubble when crossing its path.
  • Ability Two - Protea launches the laser turret attached to her utility belt, deploying it to hover in the air in front of her. The laser turret fires an energy beam in between short intervals before it returns to Protea. Each energy beam deals high area of effect damage that further increases with each enemy hit.
  • Ability Three - Protea deploys a hovering stationary dispensary drone for a duration. Dispensaries periodically generate high-yield Health Orbs, Ammo pickups, and Energy Orbs, depending on which items she and her allies need.
  • Ability Four - Protea snapshots herself with a temporal anchor. At the end of the ability, Protea physically rewinds to her saved position, as her current health, energy, and ammo are restored to the amounts saved at the moment her anchor was made.

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