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Echoing rebirth to blossom anew, the combat gadgeteer Protea devises her stratagems through borrowed time. Flourish and seed the perimeter with lacerating shrapnel, or reinforce shield defenses to weather the onslaught. Assault and skirmish with makeshift cannonfire, rapidly incinerating foes under laser focus. Endure through attrition by dispensing vital supplies, whilst drawing strength from her past to secure the future. Protea is slated to release in the Deadlock Protocol update.


  • Protea is a genus of South African flowering plants, also known as sugarbushes, which is named after Proteus, the Greek warden of sea beasts.
    • In this sense, Protea could probably mean versatile or ever-changing, reflecting her versatility.
  • Prior to Devstream 137, she had a placeholder name called Odalisk.
    • Odalisk probably comes from an Ottoman Turkish word odalık, which can be transliterated into odalisk, which is historically a chambermaid who served in the household of the Ottoman sultan.
    • Protea's appearance seems to be inspired by historical odalık outfits.
  • Protea is the fifth Warframe to receive a custom dodge animation, alongside LimboIcon272 Limbo, HildrynIcon272 Hildryn, WispIcon272 Wisp, and TitaniaPrimeMain Titania Prime. Her dodge animation is also unique since Protea performs a handless cartwheel rather than a dash.
  • Protea was shown to have two alternate helmets in development during Home Devstream 2.
  • Protea is also one of the Warframes whose model would change upon using abilities, such as ChromaIcon272 Chroma, GaraIcon272 Gara, GaussIcon272 Gauss, GrendelIcon272 Grendel, KhoraIcon272 Khora, and NidusIcon272 Nidus.
    • In Protea's case, gadgets on her utility belt will be temporarily removed when deployed.
  • All of Protea's gadgets are affected by her Appearance colors. Shrapnel and shield grenades, the artillery cannon, and dispensary drone each have unique models with compacted and deployed versions.
  • The dispensary drone was originally holstered on Protea's spine when not in use. Later in development, it was moved to the back of the utility belt to make room for Syandanas.

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Placeholder Abilities Edit

  • Passive - After casting three abilities, Protea empowers her next ability cast with a 100% Ability Strength bonus. Each ability she casts builds 1 power bar to charge up the power indicator, displayed on the HUD above her ability icons.
    • Once fully charged with 3 power bars, the leftmost slot on the power indicator glows intensely and the bonus ready message is shown above the indicator.
    • After the bonus is applied, the power indicator empties to reset the cycle.
    • Abilities can be cast in any combination to empower a desired ability with the passive bonus.
    • Passive values are not affected by Mods.
    • The power indicator is affected by Protea's Appearance colors.
  • Grenade Fan - Protea scatters 3 grenades in front of her that emit clouds of shrapnel on impact, lasting for a duration and dealing Slash b Slash damage per second with a chance to proc, while constantly staggering all enemies within range. Holding down the ability key (default 1 ) instead deploys 3 shield drones on the ground, arming them to orbit around Protea and her allies nearby. Each shield drone lasts for a duration, constantly recharges its target's Shield points per second, which can accumulate into Overshield, as well as extending the duration of shield gating invulnerability upon shield depletion.
  • Blaze Artillery - Protea launches the laser cannon attached to her utility belt, deploying it to hover in the air in front of her. The laser cannon lasts for a short duration, during which it locks onto multiple nearby enemies and fires a barrage of energy beams in between short intervals. Each energy beam deals high Heat b Heat damage with a chance to proc within an area of effect around its target; beam and area damage further increases by 50% with each enemy hit.
    • Laser cannon duration is shown on the ability icon, as well as displayed on the rear of the cannon as a holographic circle.
    • The current damage multiplier from enemies hit is shown on the rear of the cannon.
    • Laser cannon will attempt to fire energy beams at different targets throughout the artillery's lifetime.
  • Dispensary - Protea deploys a hovering dispensary drone for a duration. While deployed, the dispensary drone periodically warps in a high-yield Health Orb that restores 100 health, an Ammo pickup, and an Energy Orb that restores 50 energy, with a chance to simultaneously drop a second copy of one of the three items chosen at random. Items are arranged in a triangular formation around the drone, only replaced once picked up.
  • Temporal Anchor - Protea snapshots herself with a temporal anchor that lasts for a duration, saving her position and stats at the time of ability activation. While anchored in the past, Protea is free to perform all actions, which still affects the present; all actions made by Protea are recorded as a trail of silhouettes mimicking her specific actions every second. Simultaneously, all damage dealt by Protea while anchored is recorded beneath the aiming reticle. At the end of the ability or upon manual deactivation (default 4 ), Protea unleashes all recorded damage upon nearby enemies as she physically rewinds to her saved position. Her shields, health, energy, and ammo points are restored to the amounts saved at ability activation.
    • If Protea receives lethal damage while anchored, she automatically rewinds to the starting point with her health points restored to 5% of maximum health capacity, whilst her shield, energy and ammo are restored to the saved amounts.
    • Activation energy cost is permanently consumed and not restored at the end of the ability.
    • Protea is invulnerable to damage and status effects while rewinding.
    • All animations and sounds related to Protea's actions during the ability are played in reverse when she rewinds.

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