Projectile Speed (also known as projectile velocity or flight speed) is an attribute in Non-Hitscan weaponry, that defines how quickly a weapon's ammunition travels to a target after leaving the weapon. Projectile speed can be of huge consequence to player accuracy because shooting at moving targets directly on the reticle might result in the projectile(s) missing them; players must instead "lead" the target, meaning they should aim to shoot where they anticipate the target will be by the time the projectile reaches it.

Hitscan vs Projectile[]

Hitscan weapons simply strike at the aimed point instantly; the player does not need to lead the target at all.

A simple way to tell if a weapon is hitscan or projectile-based, is to fire at a wall as far away as the player can reliably see bullet holes or impact marks. If the bullet hole is generated on the surface instantly upon firing and before any bullet animations, it is very likely to be a hitscan weapon.

  • Any non-hitscan weapon is a projectile-based weapon.
  • The presence of bullet animations, smoke trails, or flashes of light do not necessarily indicate that a weapon is projectile-based; the animations may be for show.

The word hitscan comes from a technical term based on how computers used to determine if targets were struck on the pull of the trigger. It takes more processing power for a computer to simulate the bullet(s) as it flies through the air than it does to immediately determine if a shot will hit or miss based on the straight trajectory of where the weapon is firing, removing the factor of flight speed. This is a justifiable solution since most firearms have projectile speeds quick enough to instantly hit at short to medium ranges.

Projectile in the context of computers describes weaponry that actually simulate shooting out objects which fly through the air. These move at their set projectile speeds from the weapons' barrels, and therefore the player must account for the distance between them and their target. This type of ammo is "tangible", having a physical hitbox—for example, ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr can successfully RipLine130xDark.png Rip Line onto the rocket of an OgrisNew.png Ogris.

Damage Falloff[]

Main article: Damage Falloff

The effectiveness of weapons with listed Damage Falloff values (such as shotguns) are determined by what distance a target is hit at. Hits will deal full damage if the target is closer than the start of the weapon's falloff range, but over the falloff range the weapon's damage will decrease linearly into the weapon's minimum damage percentage. Different weapons have different minimum damage percentages unlisted in the Arsenal. Any hits dealt at distances further than the entire range will continue to deal the weapon's minimum damage percentage.

Damage Falloff distances are also affected by Projectile Speed mods:

  • Mods including Rivens that have positive or negative Projectile speeds will affect a weapon's entire Damage Falloff range accordingly, making them more or less effective at longer ranges.
  • Hitscan weapons that do not list Damage Falloff values in their UI are completely unaffected by Projectile Speed modifications.
  • Damage Falloff does not apply to continuous weapons since they have no Damage Falloff, but instead unique range limits.

Projectile Speed Modifiers[]

For non-hitscan projectile weapons, these mods increase their flight speeds, reduce their travel times, and reduce projectile drop for applicable weapons such as the EuphoraPrime.png Euphona Prime or Sporelacer.

Weapon specific

In addition, there are some Conclave Sigil Black.pngPvP-exclusive mods which affect flight speed:

List of Projectile Weapons[]

Name Class Flight Speed
Arca Plasmor Shotgun 60m/s
Artemis Bow Exalted Weapon 85m/s
Astilla Shotgun 75m/s
Astilla Prime Shotgun 75m/s
Attica Crossbow 90m/s
Basmu Rifle ?m/s
Battacor Rifle 115m/s
Boltor Rifle 85m/s
Boltor Prime Rifle 100m/s
Bubonico Arm Cannon ?m/s
Buzlok Rifle 40m/s
Catchmoon (Primary) Kitgun Rifle N/Am/s
Cernos Bow 90m/s
Cernos Prime Bow 95m/s
Daikyu Bow 140m/s
Dera Rifle 100m/s
Dera Vandal Rifle 100m/s
Drakgoon Shotgun ?m/s
Dread Bow 85m/s
Exergis Shotgun ?m/s
Harpak Rifle 60m/s
Hema Rifle ?m/s
Javlok Speargun ?m/s
Komorex Sniper Rifle ?m/s
Kuva Chakkhurr Rifle 180m/s
Kuva Drakgoon Shotgun 100m/s
Lanka Sniper Rifle 200m/s
MK1-Paris Bow 85m/s
Miter Rifle 60m/s
Mutalist Cernos Bow 70m/s
Mutalist Quanta Rifle 100m/s
Nagantaka Crossbow 100m/s
Panthera Rifle 40m/s
Panthera Prime Rifle 40m/s
Paracyst Rifle ?m/s
Paris Bow 85m/s
Paris Prime Bow 95m/s
Prisma Tetra Rifle 100m/s
Rakta Cernos Bow ?m/s
Scourge Speargun 35m/s
Sporelacer (Primary) Kitgun Shotgun ??m/s
Sporothrix Sniper Rifle ?m/s
Stahlta Rifle 50m/s
Supra Rifle 80m/s
Supra Vandal Rifle 80m/s
Telos Boltor Rifle 65m/s
Tenet Arca Plasmor Shotgun 60m/s
Tetra Rifle 100m/s
Tombfinger (Primary) Kitgun Launcher N/Am/s
Torid Launcher 25m/s
Zarr Launcher ?m/s
Zhuge Crossbow ?m/s
Zhuge Prime Crossbow 30m/s

Name Class Flight Speed
Acrid Pistol 65m/s
Akbolto Dual Pistols 75m/s
Akbolto Prime Dual Pistols 75m/s
Balefire Charger Exalted Weapon 20m/s
Ballistica Crossbow 100m/s
Ballistica Prime Crossbow 100m/s
Bolto Pistol 75m/s
Castanas Thrown 30m/s
Catchmoon (Secondary) Kitgun Pistol N/Am/s
Cestra Pistol 100m/s
Cyanex Pistol ?m/s
Despair Thrown 70m/s
Detron Shotgun Sidearm 150m/s
Dual Cestra Dual Pistols 100m/s
Epitaph Pistol ?m/s
Euphona Prime Shotgun Sidearm 180m/s
Fusilai Thrown ?m/s
Hikou Thrown 70m/s
Hikou Prime Thrown 70m/s
Hystrix Pistol ?m/s
Kulstar Pistol ?m/s
Kunai Thrown 70m/s
Kuva Seer Pistol 200m/s
MK1-Kunai Thrown 70m/s
Mara Detron Shotgun Sidearm ?m/s
Pox Thrown ?m/s
Prisma Twin Gremlins Dual Pistols 65m/s
Rakta Ballistica Crossbow 100m/s
Sancti Castanas Thrown 30m/s
Secura Dual Cestra Dual Pistols 100m/s
Seer Pistol 200m/s
Sepulcrum Pistol ?m/s
Sonicor Pistol 80m/s
Spira Thrown ?m/s
Spira Prime Thrown 70m/s
Sporelacer (Secondary) Kitgun Pistol ??m/s
Talons Thrown 50m/s
Telos Akbolto Dual Pistols 75m/s
Tenet Detron Shotgun Sidearm ?m/s
Tenet Diplos Dual Pistols ?m/s
Tenet Spirex Pistol ?m/s
Tombfinger (Secondary) Kitgun Pistol N/Am/s
Twin Gremlins Dual Pistols 65m/s
Tysis Pistol 75m/s

Name Flight Speed
Cerata 35m/s
Deconstructor ?m/s
Deconstructor Prime ?m/s
Falcor ?m/s
Glaive 20m/s
Glaive Prime 40m/s
Halikar 30m/s
Halikar Wraith 30m/s
Kestrel 30m/s
Orvius ?m/s
Pathocyst ?m/s
Xoris ?m/s

Patch History[]

Update 11.5 (2013-12-19)

  • Changes to weapon projectile logic. The motivation of this change is that we want weapons like grenades that explode to end up in the same spot on host and client (in sync) without having the traditional delay of a replicated projectile (in particular, we have grenades that can be remotely detonated and this requires more or less precise timing on the part of the local client). This should fix some random self-inflicted deaths!

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