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Some Weapons, Abilities, or objects launch projectiles that have a simulated "physical" presence in gameplay unlike Hitscan or Area of Effects. These projectiles usually have an associated Projectile Speed that determines its velocity and travel time from the moment they are launched. Projectiles are affected by spread, Punch Through, and Multishot mechanics.

The term "projectile" can also refer to traditional hitscan weaponry since bullets are projectiles in the broadest sense of the term. However, this article will only focus on projectiles with travel speed.

Projectile Speed[]

Main article: Projectile Speed

Punch Through[]

Main article: Punch Through#Geometry Punch Through

An example of Punch Through projectiles losing velocity. Note how the second volley passing through the pillar have notably less speed.

Projectiles have unique behavior where they will lose velocity on passing through materials.

Max Life[]

Main article: Range#Max Life

Some projectiles have a limited lifetime before they disappear from the world.

Bounces and Ricochet[]

Main article: Ricochet

Some projectiles will continue their trajectory even after colliding with level geometry, enemies, or other objects, though they are limited by the number of times they can do so before disappearing. Projectiles will lose velocity after collisions.

Sticking To Surfaces[]

Some projectiles have the ability to latch onto level geometry, enemies, or other objects. For example,

Arcing Trajectory[]

Main article: Gravity#Gravity and Projectiles

Some projectiles follow an arcing trajectory as if they are affected by Gravity.