Encased in plates refined from pure Prisma crystals, this rare element gives this assault rifle a radiant luster.

The Prisma Grakata is the Prisma variant of the GrineerAssaultRifle.png Grakata assault rifle, featuring enhanced fire rate, reload speed, critical damage, magazine, and ammo reserves.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This weapon deals primarily DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage by a small margin.



  • Third lowest base damage of all fully automatic rifles, after U10DesignCouncilTennoAR.png Soma/PrimeSoma.png Soma Prime, and normal GrineerAssaultRifle.png Grakata; very reliant on its high critical damage potential.
    • Ill-suited against Object-based health as it nullifies any critical hits.
  • High recoil makes it difficult to shoot down enemies beyond medium range.
  • High fire rate and recoil hinders the weapon's high accuracy.
  • Low reload speed.
  • Inefficient ammo economy.


  • Prisma Grakata, compared to Grakata:

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Prisma Grakata is potentially sold by Baro Ki'Teer in the Concourse section of the Tenno Relay for Credits64.png100,000 and PrimeBucks.png610. Note that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and this weapon may not be available on a succeeding appearance.

The weapon can be traded, but only when unranked and without Forma or Orokin Catalyst installed. The trading recipient must also have a Mastery Rank of at least 11.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Due to a high rate of fire and a high critical chance, Mod TT 20px.png Critical Delay can be used with the Prisma Grakata to lower the firerate (effectively making the weapon easier to handle and reduces ammo cost) and increase the critical chance at the cost of slightly lower overall DPS.
  • Compared to other rifles with high rates of fire, the Prisma Grakata has a high chance to cause status effects, which goes well with builds designed to weaken, confuse, or stun enemies.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon appeared in the Codex with Update 16.4, but was later removed from visibility in Hotfix 16.4.3. It reappeared in the Codex in Update 16.7.
  • Like other Prisma guns, the Prisma Grakata has a change to its firing sound when compared to the normal variant.
  • The Prisma Grakata used to have the same reload animation as the GrineerFlameThrower.png Ignis up until Update 18.5.

Media[edit | edit source]

Prisma Grakata Skins Edit

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 23.0.2

  • Fixed icon missing for the Prisma Grakata.

Update 22.12

  • Mastery Rank increased from 9 to 11.
  • Damage increased from 11 to 15.
  • Status chance increased from 20% to 21%.

See Also[edit | edit source]

  • GrineerAssaultRifle.png Grakata, the original counterpart.
  • Prisma, the special items sold by Baro Ki'Teer.
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