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Primed Chamber is a sniper rifle mod that increases the damage from the first shot fired from a fresh magazine.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +25% 4
1 +50% 5
2 +75% 6
3 +100% 7


  • This mod can be purchased unranked from Baro Ki'Teer for PrimeBucks.png 2,995 and Credits64.png 1,000,000. Note however that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and may not have this item available every time.


  • This was originally distributed to the top 100 ranked players in the Informant Event, based on the number of Informer kills.
  • For a short time after Update 10.6 (2013-10-30) it could have been acquired via transmutation[1]. This was due to a bug where all mods (including unreleased ones) became obtainable through transmutation. This has since been fixed, but players who obtained the mod this way were allowed to keep them.
  • During Devstream 17, 18, 43, 49, 59, 94, 107, 112 and 116 one lucky winner was given a Primed Chamber mod through random selection. Two winners were randomly selected during Devstream 121.
  • A single Primed Chamber was given out as the first place reward for the Mirror the Mod Contest.
  • A Primed Chamber was given out upon reaching $4,000.00 during the WarframeFanChannels Extra-Life event in February 2017.
  • The option of being given either a Primed Chamber or a Legendary Core was given by [DE]Sheldon at TennoCon 2017 to five people who caught MTG cards he threw out into the audience. He later signed these cards as proof of the prize.
  • Two Primed Chambers were given out during QuietteShy's Twitch stream via random selection on January 16, 2019.


  • Despite its name, Primed Chamber is not related to Primed Mods, and was in fact added in the game long before the first Primed Mods. As such, it can be equipped simultaneously with Mod TT 20px.png Charged Chamber.
  • Primed Chamber is multiplicative with base-damage mods. For example, a Vectis.png Vectis installed with a max ranked Primed Chamber and Mod TT 20px.png Serration will deal 225 × (1 + 165%) × (1 + 100%) = 1,192.5 damage.
  • Stacks additively with Mod TT 20px.png Charged Chamber for up to 140% bonus damage.
  • If used with Ammo Efficiency bonuses, it will provide bonus damage for the first few shots before a single ammo is consumed. For example, using Energized Munitions (75% ammo efficiency at max rank) will give snipers 4 shots with bonus damage.


  • This mod goes particularly well with the Vectis.png Vectis as it has a one-shot magazine, giving the bonus to all shots fired.


  • [DE]Rebecca has stated the following on the topic of people being upset over Primed Chamber being exclusive:
Ah, we did not say the Primed Chamber mod is Exclusive to the Drone weekend event, it was just the first time it was introduced. Sorry for the confusion there! I imagine it will appear again in future events.
  • Due to the release of Mod TT 20px.png Charged Chamber it seemed unlikely that Primed Chamber will be released as a drop however the possibility of Primed Chamber appearing in another event has been confirmed in Livestream 17. DE said they were going to have it as a Gradivus Dilemma reward, but "didn't get that far" and are looking for the next appropriate event to add it to.

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Patch History[]

Hotfix 27.1.1 (2020-02-11)

  • (Undocumented) Introduced to Baro Ki'Teer's rotation.

Hotfix 19.6.3 (2017-01-17)

  • Fixed Primed Chamber missing from the Codex for players that own it.

Hotfix 19.5.4 (2017-01-03)

  • Fixed incorrect description.

Hotfix 8.3.1 (2013-07-05)

  • Introduced.