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Prime Resurgence is a limited-time Prime unvaulting program from November 16, 2021 2 PM EST to January 25, 2022 2 PM EST.


During Prime Resurgence, vaulted Void Relic drops in bounties and Void mission Drop Tables will be replaced with a new currency called Aya.png Aya which can be traded with Varzia in Maroo's Bazaar for vaulted relics for Primed Warframes and their associated weapons. Regal Aya is a premium currency which can be used to directly purchase Primed Warframes and their associated weapons and cosmetics.

Reward Rotation[]

The vaulted relics that are available to purchase for the week is based on the current reward rotation of Prime Resurgence:

Week # Dates Rotated Primed Items Relics
1 November 16-23
2 November 23-30
3 November 30 to December 7
4 December 7-14
5 December 14-21
6 December 21-28
7 December 28-January 4
8 January 4-11
9 January 11-18
10 January 18-25


Source: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1285421-prime-resurgence-dev-workshop-faq/

How do the Prime Resurgence rotations work?[]

This event runs on a weekly schedule of rotations. You can view the schedule in-game at Varzia at any time to plan your Prime gear goals! The full schedule is also available on our website.

What are the rotation dates and specifics?[]

  • NOV 16: Mag Prime & Nova Prime
    • Dakra Prime
    • Boar Prime
    • Soma Prime
    • Vasto Prime
    • Targis Prime Armor
    • Distilling Extractor Prime & Blueprint
    • Edo Prime Armor
    • Velorum Prime Sigil
  • NOV 23: Limbo Prime & Trinity Prime
    • Pyrana Prime
    • Destreza Prime
    • Dual Kamas Prime
    • Oblivia Prime Syandana
    • Rift Walker Prime Sigil
    • Kavasa Prime Kubrow Set
    • Naviga Prime Sugatra
  • NOV 30: Mesa Prime & Hydroid Prime
    • Nami Skyla Prime
    • Ballistica Prime
    • Akjagara Prime
    • Redeemer Prime
    • Spritsail Prime Armor
    • Sardin Prime Sugatra
    • Mesa Prime Montesa Helmet
    • Operator Prime Accessories
    • Cholla Prime Sugatra
  • DEC 7: Volt Prime & Loki Prime
    • Odonata Prime
    • Bo Prime
    • Wyrm Prime
    • Edo Prime Armor
    • Kazeru Prime Sugatra
    • Summus Prime Sentinel Accessories
    • Daman Prime Sugatra
  • DEC 14: Vauban Prime & Ash Prime
    • Vectis Prime
    • Carrier Prime
    • Akstiletto Prime
    • Fragor Prime
    • Yamako Prime Syandana
    • Unda Prime Sentinel Accessories
    • Citadella Prime Syandana
    • Cateno Prime Sugatra
  • DEC 21: Oberon Prime & Nekros Prime
    • Tigris Prime
    • Galatine Prime
    • Sybaris Prime
    • Silva & Aegis Prime
    • Uru Prime Syandana
    • Acanthus Prime Armor
    • Sukira Prime Syandana
    • Aroka Prime Sugatra
  • DEC 28: Saryn Prime & Valkyr Prime
    • Spira Prime
    • Nikana Prime
    • Cernos Prime
    • Venka Prime
    • Cycuta Prime Syandana
    • Cycuta Prime Sigil
    • Liset Prime Skin
    • Saita Prime Suit
  • JAN 4: Ember Prime & Frost Prime
    • Sicarus Prime
    • Glaive Prime
    • Latron Prime
    • Reaper Prime
    • Pyra Prime Syandana
    • Titan Extractor Prime & Blueprint
    • Misa Prime Syandana
  • JAN 11, 2022: 2-Part Finale begins!
    • Everything above + Nyx Prime & Rhino Prime
      • Scindo Prime
      • Hikou Prime
      • Ankyros Prime
      • Boltor Prime
      • Targis Prime Armor Set
      • Vala Prime Sugatra
      • Noru Prime Syandana
      • Distilling Extractor Prime & Blueprint
  • JAN 25, 2022: Prime Resurgence Ends!

What happens in the Finale Rotation?[]

The final Prime Resurgence rotation ends on January 11th, 2022, but will be followed by a two week finale for a last chance at all of Varzia’s wares. All the Prime offerings will be scheduled into two parts:

Finale Week 1 = Rotations 1 through 4 Finale Week 2 = Rotations 5 through 8 *Both weeks will include Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime

So if you missed out during the regular rotations you have one last chance to grow your Prime collection during the event.

What happens to Varzia’s shop once Prime Resurgence ends?[]

Varzia is quite comfortable hanging out with Maroo in her Bazaar, so she will set up shop permanently and continue to offer evergreen items for purchase.

Will Prime Resurgence return at a later date? Will it replace Prime Vault?[]

Community feedback and overall participation will be monitored throughout Prime Resurgence’s event run to determine if it will ultimately be replacing the Prime Vault program or appear alongside it. This decision will not be made lightly and will require a lot of data before we can make a more permanent commitment. We do anticipate running some Prime Vaults throughout 2022 while this decision is being made, so as to not disrupt player accessibility to Vaulted content.

What is Aya and Regal Aya?[]

These are the currencies that are used to purchase items from Varzia!

Aya is an earned currency that is your free path to gaining Prime items through the in-game Relic system. It is a resource that is exchanged for Void Relics and other non-premium items available in Varzia’s wares. Aya is found in Missions (The Void or Bounties) or has a chance of appearing in Relic Packs available for purchase in the Market for Platinum or Syndicate Offerings for Standing.

Aya will be replacing Vaulted Relics in the Void and Bounties Drop Tables. In other words, where there was once a Vaulted Relic, there will now be 1 Aya instead. And that Aya can be traded in at Varzia to purchase Relics of your choosing during Prime Resurgence.

The public Drop Tables will be updated on November 16th when the event begins to include Aya, so that you have all the information you need to plan your missions to Aya acquiring!

Regal Aya is a premium currency (similar to Platinum, but not tradeable) that gives you instant access to Prime Warframes, Weapons, Accessories, and Bundles available in Varzia’s wares. It can be purchased in the Market or online storefronts.

Will new premium currencies be added in the future?[]

We have no plans to add more premium currencies at this time.

Why can’t I trade Regal Aya?[]

Regal Aya is untradeable to maintain the premium prestige that comes with Prime Accessories. In principle, all Prime Accessories have remained a cash-only transaction, and Regal Aya continues that since it is paid only.

Why Regal Aya and not Platinum?[]

As mentioned in the Workshop above, we needed a way to offset the store-management issues Prime Vault has while maintaining the value of all Prime Accessories.

What happens to Aya/Regal Aya after the event ends?[]

Since Varzia’s shop will remain open afterward the event ends with limited selection, you will be able to use your remaining Aya/Regal Aya if desired.

Similar to other in-game events/operations, with a special event-only reward shop, once the event concludes so do the ways to acquire the event-currency. That said, Aya will no longer be able to be acquired in Void missions or Bounties or in Relic Packs and Regal Aya will no longer be able to be purchased.

Will more things require Regal Aya in the future?[]

Regal Aya will always be exclusively tied to the Primed Resurgence content. In the event that we continue with the program, things within the Prime Vault would be added to Varzia’s offerings and require Regal Aya. There will always be evergreen rewards that will remain in her shop after the event is over.

What requires Aya vs. Regal Aya to purchase? And why?[]

All of Varzia’s wares maintain their previous acquisition methods. If something was purchase-only via Prime Vault, it will appear in her shop as such (Prime Accessories for example) and will require Regal Aya to purchase. While others that have been previously released through a free-path method, will maintain that as well using free-path Aya.

Why are certain vaulted Warframes not available through Varzia?[]

Since we aren’t committing fully to Prime Resurgence returning until we complete this first run, we want to make sure there are Prime Warframes that can continue under the Prime Vault program. The decision making process simply involved seeing which Warframes were recently vaulted or unvaulted, since the gap from being available to Vault isn’t as extreme. The following Warframes fall under these two categories:

  • Recently Vaulted:
    • Equinox Prime - 23/02/2021
    • Wukong Prime - 25/05/2021
  • Recently Unvaulted:
    • Banshee Prime - 15/12/2020
    • Mirage Prime - 15/12/2020
    • Chroma Prime - 27/04/2021
    • Zephyr Prime - 27/04/2021

You may notice that Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime are not included in the ‘Recently Unvaulted’ list, that is because they will be available during the finale. Since Nyx Prime’s Relics are already permanently unvaulted via Corpus Railjack missions, and Rhino shares a pairing with her, we were able to include them as part of Prime Resurgence with little added work involved. Considering these two have already had all of the background setup done prior to the event, it was a quick and easy add.

How does Pack pricing compare to Prime Vault?[]

Regal Aya Pack prices are valued as closely as possible with what you could get before in the Prime Vault Packs (keeping in mind that Bundles will always have the best Regal Aya value vs. individual purchases). That was a major priority when determining the exchange of Regal Aya to premium purchases in Varzia’s shop.

Let’s get into the specifics and price breakdowns (using USD as reference):

Taking the current Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime Vault pricing:

  • The Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime individual packs = 39.99 USD
  • The Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime individual Accessories Pack = 19.99 USD
  • The Dual Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime pack = 59.99 USD

Each individual item has the following Regal Aya values:

  • Prime Warframe = 3 Regal Aya
  • Prime Weapon = 2 Regal Aya
  • Prime Accessories vary based on size and type, with the values potentially being:
    • Prime Accessory = 1 Regal Aya
    • Prime Syandanas* = 2 Regal Aya

Nov. 12th - Update on Prime Accessories Price Adjustments:

Update Nov. 12th

We have made a change to some Regal Aya item prices - our original intentions were to base prices on the best Regal Aya value per dollar but players have correctly pointed out things should match the Prime Vault Accessories as closely as possible within the new event structure when it comes to the Cosmetics involved. That feedback went into the following changes:

Prime Accessories that were previously valued at 3 Regal Aya have been changed to 2 Regal Aya. This includes:

Prime Armor Sets Prime Operator Accessories and the Saita Prime Suit Kavasa Kubrow Prime Set

And for added transparency on specific Regal Aya values per item:

Prime Syandanas = 2 Regal Aya Prime Sugatras = 1 Regal Aya Prime Sigils = 1 Regal Aya Prime Sentinel Accessories = 1 Regal Aya Prime Liset Skin & Decoration = 1 Regal Aya Prime Extractors & Blueprints = 1 Regal Aya

We do want to make a point of saying that not all accessories combinations will equal the exact pricing of a traditional Prime Vault Accessories Pack. Item combination is at player discretion since every Prime Vault item will be available for individual selection. The accompanying Warframes in rotations have varying accessory types and amounts. The Nekros Prime accessories, for example, has the Uru Prime Syandana (2 Regal Aya) and the Acanthus Prime Armor Set (2 Regal Aya) for a total of 4 Regal Aya if purchased together through Prime Resurgence. While others, such as the Nova Prime pack with the Edo Prime Armor Set (2 Regal Aya) and the Verlorum Prime Sigil (1 Regal Aya), maintain the 3 Regal Aya to one Prime Accessories Pack value.

We would be remiss if we were unaware of the reasons for the popularity of Prime Accessories Packs, the biggest being the inclusion of bonus Platinum. To quote from the Workshop; “We simply cannot justify or reason with having players pay for one premium currency to purchase another.” But we understand that Platinum increases the value of the packs for players. While those differences in value vary between Prime Vault Packs and Prime Resurgence rotations, our intent is to establish a happy medium by offering all of the scheduled primed Accessories over several months (with the freedom to purchase individual items). Individual Primed Accessories give players more choice - a new and far more flexible approach to Prime Accessories access. Instead of waiting for a Primed Accessory to become available through a single Prime Vault rotation, you now have the option to hand-pick your favorites from several.

With the decrease of 3 to 2 Regal Aya for a handful of Accessories, that freedom of choice is increased that much more for players to determine that value where they see fit! The full schedule of rotations (and the Prime Accessories for those rotations) is available in the Workshop FAQ above, so that you can plan your future Regal Aya purchases if you choose to do so!

As stated in the Workshop, we will be intently watching for feedback during and after the event has run and will be reviewing data for future decision making (in the event that we choose to continue with Prime Resurgence.)

Thank you, Tenno!

A Single Prime Warframe Bundle in Prime Resurgence is valued at 6 Regal Aya and includes:

  • 1x Prime Warframe (3 Regal Aya)
  • 2x Prime Weapons (4 Regal Aya)
    • So you are getting a 1 Regal Aya discount.
  • 10k Endo (Bonus!)

A Dual Prime Warframe Bundle in Prime Resurgence is valued at 10 Regal Aya and includes:

  • 2x Prime Warframe (6 Regal Aya)
  • 4x Prime Weapons (8 Regal Aya)
    • So you are getting a 4 Regal Aya discount.
  • 50k Endo (Bonus!)

*And each pack includes its own collection of accessories.

There are 3 Regal Aya packs available for purchase:

  • Regal Aya x3 = 19.99 USD
  • Regal Aya x7 = 39.99 USD
    • Getting the value of 6 Regal Aya when purchasing two of the x3 pack, with a bonus Regal Aya.
  • Regal Aya x15 = 79.99 USD
    • Getting the value of 14 Regal Aya when purchasing two of the x7 pack, with a bonus Regal Aya.

Meaning Regal Aya values equals to the same in the current Vault pricing:

  • Purchasing a Prime Accessory Set = 3 Regal Aya or 19.99 USD
    • The same as most individual Accessories Packs.
      • Note that this varies for some Prime Accessory Bundles, require 4 Regal Aya (ex. Nekros Prime Accessories)
  • Purchasing a Prime Warframe individual pack = 6 Regal Aya or 39.99 USD
    • The same as an individual Prime Vault Pack with the added 1 Regal Aya bonus if you purchase the x7 Regal Aya pack.
  • Purchasing a Dual Prime Pack = 10 Regal Aya or 79.99 USD
    • The same as a Dual Prime Vault Pack with the added 5 Regal Aya bonus if you purchase the x15 Regal Aya pack.

Can you buy multiple Regal Aya packs?[]

Yes, like Platinum Packs, you can buy multiple Regal Aya packs! As a currency, you can acquire and hold it in whatever amounts you need for your desired items.

Why did you include Endo in the Packs instead of Platinum like in Prime Vault?[]

Generous amounts of Endo were added to the packs instead of Platinum because we simply cannot justify or reason with having players pay for one premium currency to purchase another. When looking at how this affects pack value, we want to make clear that the decision was made to maintain existing values with how it relates to the Prime items in bundles (and how that relates to their Regal Aya value). Endo and Platinum are both bonuses added to the pack at no additional cost to the player.

Not only that, but Endo is an incredibly important resource needed in powering up your Prime gear with Mods. It’s addition into the packs was made with the intention of giving you the tools you need to get your Arsenal ready for The New War.

Will unused Regal Aya be refundable?[]

No, unused Regal Aya is not refundable. So if you wish to purchase Vaulted items be sure to use your remaining Regal Aya before the event comes to a close on January 25, 2022. Evergreen rewards will be available afterwards to spend whatever is left over if desired.

Are the Prime Weapons and Warframe Mastery Rank locked?[]

They work the exact same way as current Prime Access and Prime Vault, a player can purchase a pack and all its gear regardless of Mastery Rank.

Do the Prime Warframes and Weapons come with Inventory Slots, Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors?[]

Yes! If you purchase a Prime Warframe or Weapon with Regal Aya, it will come with an Inventory slot and either an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst already installed.

How will this affect the Trading of Prime Parts?[]

In terms of how Prime Parts are traded, nothing changes with Prime Resurgence. You will still be able to trade the Prime Parts that you earn from Vault Relics.

This Event will create more supply, but it is time limited, and players can continue to set and engage in value systems that they feel are fair.

Will Prime Noggles be available through Varzia’s shop?[]

Yes, but first, the history of Prime Noggles… In 2018 we started to deliver Prime Noggles to player inboxes as a surprise, unadvertised thank you for purchasing Prime Access/Prime Vault packs. We have continued to do so at the end of every year.

That said, we are making Prime Noggles more widely available (and for the first time, players can get multiples) for the first time through Varzia’s shop during Prime Resurgence. The Prime Noggles that will be up for purchase match the Prime Warframes available during Prime Resurgence.

We will still be continuing to thank our Prime patrons via inbox, with some slight changes. Any of the Prime Noggles that appear in Prime Resurgence will only be available through the event, and any Prime Access packs and non-Prime Resurgence Prime Vault packs that were purchased this year will have the related Prime Noggles sent to them to continue the tradition.

When can I start earning Aya?[]

Aya will be added to the drop tables (The Void or Bounties) on all Platforms on November 16th (start of the event).

Will Regal Aya be available for purchase through Steam?[]

You will be able to purchase Regal Aya from the site using Steam Wallet! Regal Aya Packs will not be available on the Steam Storefront to purchase (due to technical limitations).

What happens to the Vaulted Relics we purchase with Aya after Prime Resurgence?[]

They remain in your inventory permanently! You buy it you keep it.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 30.9.5 (2021-11-18)

  • The Prime Resurgence Regal Aya Pack “on hover” descriptions have been updated to indicate the newly added Bonus Platinum as indicated here.
  • Fixed various localization errors in Prime Resurgence text.

Hotfix 30.9.4 (2021-11-16)

  • Introduced.

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