Precision Strike is an weapon augment mod for GrnGrenadeLauncher Tonkor and KuvaTonkor Kuva Tonkor that increases reload speed upon hitting an enemy directly with the grenade projectile for 5 seconds.


Rank Reload speed bonus Cost
0 37% 4
1 75% 5
2 110% 6
3 150% 7



  • Modded reload time is calculated as Weapon Base Reload Time ÷ (1 + Mod Reload Bonus), so with this mod at rank 3 and no other bonuses to reload speed, the reload time is 0.68s for the GrnGrenadeLauncher Tonkor and 0.6s for the KuvaTonkor Kuva Tonkor.
  • The reload speed is granted even if the projectile explodes as long as it hit an enemy.
  • The buff can be refreshed while active.
  • The reload speed increase works for secondary weapons too. This synergizes well with Mod TT 20pxVigorous Swap as you can't activate the buff while holding a secondary weapon.


  • The buff is only received while you actively hold the Tonkor.
    • NovaIcon272 Nova's NullStar130xDark Null Star projectiles refresh and activate the buff each time they hit an enemy.
    • Direct hits from any thrown VaubanIcon272 Vauban mine/drone (all 4 abilities) will activate or refresh the buff.
    • Casting SoulPunch130xDark Soul Punch to throw an enemy into another enemy will activate or refresh the buff.
      • This also works for other ways of an enemies body to hit other enemies.
    • Casting Smite130xDark Smite will activate or refresh the buff.
  • It is not possible to gain the buff by any means on incapacitated enemies from abilities like Bastille130xDark Bastille(Vortex), DivineSpears130xDark Divine Spears or ragdolled (includes Pull130xDark Pull or RhinoCharge130xDark Rhino Charge and Slam Attacks) enemies before they attempt to stand up again.
  • You can also gain the buff if you fire a projectile secondary weapon and switch to your Tonkor before the porjectiles hit the enemy.
  • Hitting the Cyropod in a Defense mission or your teamates during any mission with the projectile will activate the buff

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 28.0.6

  • Fixed Precision Strike buff granting buffs to explosive Secondary weapons (Kuva Seer, Tombfinger Secondary, etc).

Update 27.5.0

  • Introduced.
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