Most equipment slots accept any type of Mod. However, some slots are “polarized.” Each type of Polarity has a unique symbol. Polarities include:

A mod's polarity type is noted in the top right corner of its card, next to the drain cost. When a mod is placed into a matching polarity slot, the cost of installing the mod will be reduced by 50%, rounding up to the nearest whole number. In contrast, placing a mod in a slot with a different polarity will increase its cost by 25%. Again, this cost is rounded to the closest integer.

For Aura and Stance mods, polarities increase or decrease the amount of bonus mod capacity that the mod instead provides: matching polarities will double it, or increase the bonus mod points by 100%; while non-matching polarities reduce it by 20%.  

A certain polarity layout will make certain mod builds more efficient. Naturally, Warframes and weapons will start with varying polarity layouts (or none at all), that differ from the natural polarity slots of other pieces of equipment. These starting layouts will make it easier to use the weapon and have the most effect the first time the equipment is ranked up. Later, however, polarities may be added or changed by the use of Forma.

Polarization[edit | edit source]

Main article: Polarization

Players may use Forma, a rare item obtainable from Void Fissure missions or the Market, to add or change a polarity on a piece of equipment that has attained rank 30. This increases the weapon or frame's overall strength by increasing the possible mod combinations that may be placed on it. Using Forma to add/change a polarity slot will reset the equipment's rank to zero, requiring the equipment to be leveled up again. Additionally, polarization allows players to rearrange polarity slots as they see fit, including polarities that were built into the equipment to begin with. As of Update 15.1, the aura slot's polarity cannot be swapped with another slot's.

Currently, there appears to be no cap on the number of times a weapon may be 'polarized' or what polarizations are possible (on a weapon with eight blank slots, you could polarize it eight times with the same polarity if you so wish) though good judgment on how you wish to build a weapon undoubtedly means variety will serve most if not all Tenno well.

Innately Polarized Weapons[edit | edit source]

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Primary Weapons Secondary Weapons Melee Weapons
Acceltra Bar Afuris Bar Agkuza D
Arca Plasmor VV Akarius BarBar Amphis Bar
Argonak VBar Akbolto D Anku V
Artemis Bow VVBar Akbolto Prime BarVVV Ankyros Prime VV
Astilla VBar Akbronco V Arca Titron VBar
Attica V Akbronco Prime VV Arum Spinosa BarV
Basmu V Akjagara Bar Bo D
Baza V Akjagara Prime VV Bo Prime DV
Baza Prime VV Aksomati Bar Broken Scepter Bar
Boltor D Aksomati Prime BarVV Broken War VBar
Boltor Prime DV Akstiletto Bar Cadus D
Braton Vandal V Akstiletto Prime BarV Cassowar VD
Bubonico Bar Akvasto Prime VV Caustacyst V
Burston V Akzani Bar Centaur V
Burston Prime V Angstrum D Ceramic Dagger V
Cedo VV Arca Scisco VV Cerata VD
Cernos V Athodai V Ceti Lacera Bar
Cernos Prime VV Atomos D Cronus V
Corinth VV Azima BarV Dakra Prime VBar
Corinth Prime VVBar Balefire Charger VV Dark Split-Sword (Dual Swords) V
Daikyu V Ballistica D Dark Split-Sword (Heavy Blade) V
Dread VV Ballistica Prime BarVV Desert Wind VVD
Exergis D Bolto D Destreza V
Ferrox VD Brakk BarV Destreza Prime VV
Grinlok V Castanas VV Dex Dakra Bar
Harpak V Catabolyst V Diwata VVBar
Hema V Cycron BarBar Dragon Nikana VD
Hind V Despair VV Dual Cleavers V
Javlok VV Dex Furis Bar Dual Heat Swords Bar
Karak V Dex Pixia VVBar Dual Ichor D
Karak Wraith V Dual Cestra V Dual Kamas Prime V
Kohm D Dual Toxocyst VBar Dual Zoren D
Kuva Bramma V Embolist Bar Endura V
Kuva Chakkhurr VV Euphona Prime VVV Ether Daggers D
Kuva Hind V Furis Bar Ether Reaper V
Kuva Karak V Fusilai V Exalted Blade VVBar
Kuva Kohm D Gammacor D Fang D
Kuva Quartakk VV Hikou VV Fang Prime D
Latron V Hikou Prime VV Fragor Prime V
Latron Prime VBar Hystrix V Galatine Bar
Latron Wraith V Kohmak D Galatine Prime VV
Lenz BarBar Kulstar D Garuda's Talons VBar
MK1-Paris Bar Kunai VV Gazal Machete V
MK1-Strun Bar Kuva Brakk BarV Glaive VBar
Miter Bar Kuva Twin Stubbas V Glaive Prime VBar
Mutalist Cernos Bar Lato Prime VBar Gram Prime VV
Mutalist Quanta D Lato Vandal V Guandao DV
Nagantaka V Lex V Guandao Prime DVV
Opticor V Lex Prime V Gunsen V
Opticor Vandal V MK1-Furis Bar Halikar VBar
Panthera Bar MK1-Kunai VV Halikar Wraith VBarV
Panthera Prime VBar Magnus V Heat Dagger Bar
Paracyst D Marelok V Heat Sword Bar
Paris Bar Pandero Prime V Hirudo V
Paris Prime BarV Pox VV Iron Staff VBarBar
Phage Bar Prisma Angstrum D Ironbride D
Phantasma BarV Prisma Twin Gremlins V Jat Kittag VBar
Prisma Grinlok V Pyrana Prime VV Jat Kusar VV
Proboscis Cernos BarBar Rakta Ballistica DV Jaw Sword V
Quanta D Regulators VBarBar Kama VV
Quanta Vandal V Sancti Castanas VVD Karyst Bar
Quartakk VV Secura Dual Cestra VBar Karyst Prime VBar
Quellor VV Sicarus V Kaszas D
Rakta Cernos VVBar Sicarus Prime V Kesheg V
Rubico Prime VV Sonicor D Kestrel VBar
Sancti Tigris DBarV Spira VV Knux D
Scourge BarV Spira Prime VV Kogake Prime VVV
Secura Penta BarDV Staticor Bar Kreska V
Shedu VV Stug D Kronen Prime VBar
Simulor DBar Synoid Gammacor DBar Kuva Shildeg V
Snipetron V Talons VV Lacera Bar
Snipetron Vandal V Telos Akbolto DBar Lesion V
Soma VV Twin Grakatas Bar MK1-Bo D
Soma Prime VV Twin Gremlins V Machete Wraith VV
Sporothrix D Twin Kohmak D Mios V
Stahlta V Twin Rogga BarV Nami Skyla Prime VVD
Stradavar VV Twin Vipers Bar Nami Solo V
Stradavar Prime VVV Twin Vipers Wraith Bar Nikana VD
Strun Bar Vasto V Nikana Prime VD
Strun Wraith Bar Vasto Prime VV Ninkondi Prime VV
Supra Vandal VV Vaykor Marelok VD Okina V
Sybaris Prime BarBarV Velox VV Onorix V
Synoid Simulor VDBar Viper V Orvius BarV
Telos Boltor DV Viper Wraith Bar Pangolin Prime VV
Tenora Prime VV Zakti BarBar Pangolin Sword V
Tiberon V Zakti Prime BarBarV Pathocyst VD
Tiberon Prime VBarBar Zymos VBar Prisma Dual Cleavers V
Tigris Prime VBar Prisma Veritux D
Vaykor Hek DV Pulmonars VV
Vectis V Pupacyst V
Vectis Prime VBar Rakta Dark Dagger V
Veldt Bar Rathbone V
Vulkar Wraith V Redeemer Prime VV
Zarr V Ripkas V
Zenith BarV Sancti Magistar V
Zhuge V Sarpa D
Zhuge Prime VVV Scindo Prime V
Scoliac V
Secura Lecta D
Serro V
Sheev Bar
Sibear D
Silva & Aegis Prime VDD
Skana Prime VBar
Skiajati UU
Tekko V
Tekko Prime VV
Telos Boltace Bar
Tipedo D
Tipedo Prime DV
Tonbo V
Twin Basolk V
Valkyr Talons VBarBar
Vaykor Sydon V
Venka Prime BarV
Veritux D
Vitrica VV
Volnus V
War Bar
Zenistar V

data from Module:Weapons/data

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is apparent to those who know the Orokin Script that some Polarities are in fact the same symbols as some numbers and vowels, either rotated or flipped:
    • Madurai (Madurai) is the numeral 4, or an upside-down 2.
    • Vazarin (Vazarin) is the numeral 5 flipped vertically or an upside-down 3.
    • Naramon (Naramon) is similar to the symbol for 1, rotated 90° counter-clockwise.
    • Zenurik (Zenurik) is the vowel "I" (as in the word "Pit") rotated 90° counter-clockwise.
    • Penjaga (Penjaga) forms the number 10.
      • Penjaga is Indonesian/Malay for "guardian" or "protector", and mods in this category are reserved for Companions.
      • This can also be interpreted as I/O, for the fact that this polarity is only present on mods that influence companion behavior.
    • Unairu (Unairu) does not have a perfect connection to the Orokin Script, though Unairu is perhaps similar to the shape of the vowel "AYE" (as in the word "Price").
  • ProteaIcon272.pngProtea is the only Warframe with an innate universal aura polarity.
  • According to Devstream 55, the names of the polarities correspond to old Tenno schools. These names are also used for the clusters depicted in the Star Chart 3.0 prototype also featured in the same Devstream.
  • Up until Update: The Silver Grove, there was also a Koneksi (Koneksi) polarity that was reserved for Mod TT 20px.pngFusion Cores, which have since been replaced by Endo.
    • In line with the naming schemes used by the other polarities, Koneksi does not have a perfect connection to Orokin Script, but it does bear similarities to the vowel "OH" (as in the word "Goat").
    • Similar to Penjaga, Koneksi is also Indonesian/Malay in origin, in this case translating to "connection", reflecting how Fusion Cores were the only mods that bore this Polarity.
  • As of Hotfix 30.0.1, There are...
    • 402 Madurai Madurai mods.
    • 310 Naramon Naramon mods.
    • 154 Vazarin Vazarin mods.
    • 8 Unairu Unairu mods.
    • 173 Zenurik Zenurik mods.
    • 79 Penjaga Penjaga mods.
    • 5 Umbra Umbra mods.
    • 61 mods with no polarity.
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