Most equipment slots accept any type of Mod. However, some slots are “polarized.” Each type of Polarity has a unique symbol. Polarities include:

A mod's polarity type is noted in the top right corner of its card, next to the drain cost. When a mod is placed into a matching polarity slot, the cost of installing the mod will be reduced by 50%, rounding up to the nearest whole number. In contrast, placing a mod in a slot with a different polarity will increase its cost by 25%. Again, this cost is rounded to the closest integer.

For Aura and Stance mods, polarities increase or decrease the amount of bonus mod capacity that the mod instead provides: matching polarities will double it, or increase the bonus mod points by 100%; while non-matching polarities reduce it by 20%.  

A certain polarity layout will make certain mod builds more efficient. Naturally, Warframes and weapons will start with varying polarity layouts (or none at all), that differ from the natural polarity slots of other pieces of equipment. These starting layouts will make it easier to use the weapon and have the most effect the first time the equipment is ranked up. Later, however, polarities may be added or changed by the use of Forma.


Main article: Polarization

Players may use Forma, a rare item obtainable from Void Fissure missions or the Market, to add or change a polarity on a piece of equipment that has attained rank 30. This increases the weapon or frame's overall strength by increasing the possible mod combinations that may be placed on it. Using Forma to add/change a polarity slot will reset the equipment's rank to zero, requiring the equipment to be leveled up again. Additionally, polarization allows players to rearrange polarity slots as they see fit, including polarities that were built into the equipment to begin with. As of Update 15.1, the aura slot's polarity cannot be swapped with another slot's.

Currently, there appears to be no cap on the number of times a weapon may be 'polarized' or what polarizations are possible (on a weapon with eight blank slots, you could polarize it eight times with the same polarity if you so wish) though good judgment on how you wish to build a weapon undoubtedly means variety will serve most if not all Tenno well.

Innately Polarized WeaponsEdit

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Primary Weapons Secondary Weapons Melee Weapons
AcceltraNaramon Pol AfurisNaramon Pol AgkuzaVazarin Pol
Arca PlasmorMadurai PolMadurai Pol AkariusNaramon PolNaramon Pol AmphisNaramon Pol
ArgonakMadurai PolNaramon Pol AkboltoVazarin Pol AnkuMadurai Pol
Artemis BowMadurai PolMadurai PolNaramon Pol Akbolto PrimeNaramon PolMadurai PolMadurai PolMadurai Pol Ankyros PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol
AstillaMadurai PolNaramon Pol AkbroncoMadurai Pol Arca TitronMadurai PolNaramon Pol
AtticaMadurai Pol Akbronco PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol BoVazarin Pol
BasmuMadurai Pol AkjagaraNaramon Pol Bo PrimeVazarin PolMadurai Pol
BazaMadurai Pol Akjagara PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol Broken ScepterNaramon Pol
Baza PrimeMadurai Pol AksomatiNaramon Pol Broken WarMadurai PolNaramon Pol
BoltorVazarin Pol Aksomati PrimeNaramon Pol CadusVazarin Pol
Boltor PrimeVazarin PolMadurai Pol AkstilettoNaramon Pol CassowarMadurai PolVazarin Pol
Braton VandalMadurai Pol Akstiletto PrimeNaramon PolMadurai Pol CaustacystMadurai Pol
BurstonMadurai Pol Akvasto PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol CentaurMadurai Pol
Burston PrimeMadurai Pol AkzaniNaramon Pol Ceramic DaggerMadurai Pol
CernosMadurai Pol AngstrumVazarin Pol CerataMadurai PolVazarin Pol
Cernos PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol Arca SciscoMadurai PolMadurai Pol Ceti LaceraNaramon Pol
CorinthMadurai PolMadurai Pol AthodaiMadurai Pol CronusMadurai Pol
Corinth PrimeMadurai PolMadurai PolNaramon Pol AtomosVazarin Pol Dakra PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol
DaikyuMadurai Pol AzimaNaramon PolMadurai Pol Dark Split-Sword (Dual Swords)Madurai Pol
DreadMadurai PolMadurai Pol Balefire ChargerMadurai PolMadurai Pol Dark Split-Sword (Heavy Blade)Madurai Pol
ExergisVazarin Pol BallisticaVazarin Pol Desert WindMadurai PolMadurai PolVazarin Pol
FerroxMadurai PolVazarin Pol Ballistica PrimeNaramon PolMadurai PolMadurai Pol DestrezaMadurai Pol
GrinlokMadurai Pol BoltoVazarin Pol Destreza PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol
HarpakMadurai Pol BrakkNaramon PolMadurai Pol Dex DakraNaramon Pol
HemaMadurai Pol CastanasMadurai PolMadurai Pol DiwataMadurai PolMadurai PolNaramon Pol
HindMadurai Pol CycronNaramon PolNaramon Pol Dragon NikanaMadurai PolVazarin Pol
JavlokMadurai PolMadurai Pol DespairMadurai PolMadurai Pol Dual CleaversMadurai Pol
KarakMadurai Pol Dex FurisNaramon Pol Dual Heat SwordsNaramon Pol
Karak WraithMadurai Pol Dex PixiaMadurai PolMadurai PolNaramon Pol Dual IchorVazarin Pol
KohmVazarin Pol Dual CestraMadurai Pol Dual Kamas PrimeMadurai Pol
Kuva BrammaMadurai Pol Dual ToxocystMadurai PolNaramon Pol Dual ZorenVazarin Pol
Kuva ChakkhurrMadurai PolMadurai Pol EmbolistNaramon Pol EnduraMadurai Pol
Kuva HindMadurai Pol Euphona PrimeMadurai PolMadurai PolMadurai Pol Ether DaggersVazarin Pol
Kuva KarakMadurai Pol FurisNaramon Pol Ether ReaperMadurai Pol
Kuva KohmVazarin Pol FusilaiMadurai Pol Exalted BladeMadurai PolMadurai PolNaramon Pol
Kuva QuartakkMadurai PolMadurai Pol GammacorVazarin Pol FangVazarin Pol
LatronMadurai Pol HikouMadurai PolMadurai Pol Fang PrimeVazarin Pol
Latron PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol Hikou PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol Fragor PrimeMadurai Pol
Latron WraithMadurai Pol HystrixMadurai Pol GalatineNaramon Pol
LenzNaramon PolNaramon Pol KohmakVazarin Pol Galatine PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol
MK1-ParisNaramon Pol KulstarVazarin Pol Garuda's TalonsMadurai PolNaramon Pol
MK1-StrunNaramon Pol KunaiMadurai PolMadurai Pol Gazal MacheteMadurai Pol
MiterNaramon Pol Kuva BrakkNaramon PolMadurai Pol GlaiveMadurai PolNaramon Pol
Mutalist CernosNaramon Pol Lato PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol Glaive PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol
Mutalist QuantaVazarin Pol Lato VandalMadurai Pol Gram PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol
NagantakaMadurai Pol LexMadurai Pol GuandaoVazarin PolMadurai Pol
OpticorMadurai Pol Lex PrimeMadurai Pol GunsenMadurai Pol
Opticor VandalMadurai Pol MK1-FurisNaramon Pol HalikarMadurai PolNaramon Pol
PantheraNaramon Pol MK1-KunaiMadurai PolMadurai Pol Heat DaggerNaramon Pol
Panthera PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol MagnusMadurai Pol Heat SwordNaramon Pol
ParacystVazarin Pol MarelokMadurai Pol HirudoMadurai Pol
ParisNaramon Pol PoxMadurai PolMadurai Pol Iron StaffMadurai PolNaramon PolNaramon Pol
Paris PrimeNaramon PolMadurai Pol Prisma AngstrumVazarin Pol Jat KittagMadurai PolNaramon Pol
PhageNaramon Pol Prisma Twin GremlinsMadurai Pol Jat KusarMadurai PolMadurai Pol
PhantasmaNaramon PolMadurai Pol Pyrana PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol Jaw SwordMadurai Pol
Prisma GrinlokMadurai Pol Rakta BallisticaVazarin PolMadurai Pol KamaMadurai PolMadurai Pol
QuantaVazarin Pol RegulatorsMadurai PolNaramon PolNaramon Pol KarystNaramon Pol
Quanta VandalMadurai Pol Regulators PrimeMadurai PolNaramon PolNaramon Pol Karyst PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol
QuartakkMadurai PolMadurai Pol Sancti CastanasMadurai PolMadurai PolVazarin Pol KaszasVazarin Pol
QuellorMadurai PolMadurai Pol Secura Dual CestraMadurai PolNaramon Pol KeshegMadurai Pol
Rakta CernosMadurai PolMadurai PolNaramon Pol SicarusMadurai Pol KestrelMadurai PolNaramon Pol
Rubico PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol Sicarus PrimeMadurai Pol KnuxVazarin Pol
Sancti TigrisVazarin PolNaramon PolMadurai Pol SonicorVazarin Pol Kogake PrimeMadurai PolMadurai PolMadurai Pol
ScourgeNaramon PolMadurai Pol SpiraMadurai PolMadurai Pol KreskaMadurai Pol
Secura PentaNaramon PolVazarin PolMadurai Pol Spira PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol Kronen PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol
SheduMadurai PolMadurai Pol StaticorNaramon Pol Kuva ShildegMadurai Pol
SimulorVazarin PolNaramon Pol StugVazarin Pol LaceraNaramon Pol
SnipetronMadurai Pol Synoid GammacorVazarin PolNaramon Pol LesionMadurai Pol
Snipetron VandalMadurai Pol TalonsMadurai PolMadurai Pol MK1-BoVazarin Pol
SomaMadurai PolMadurai Pol Telos AkboltoVazarin PolNaramon Pol Machete WraithMadurai PolMadurai Pol
Soma PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol Twin GrakatasNaramon Pol MiosMadurai Pol
StradavarMadurai PolMadurai Pol Twin GremlinsMadurai Pol Nami Skyla PrimeMadurai PolMadurai PolVazarin Pol
Stradavar PrimeMadurai PolMadurai PolMadurai Pol Twin KohmakVazarin Pol Nami SoloMadurai Pol
StrunNaramon Pol Twin RoggaNaramon PolMadurai Pol NikanaMadurai PolVazarin Pol
Strun WraithNaramon Pol Twin VipersNaramon Pol Nikana PrimeMadurai PolVazarin Pol
Supra VandalMadurai PolMadurai Pol Twin Vipers WraithNaramon Pol Ninkondi PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol
Sybaris PrimeNaramon PolNaramon PolMadurai Pol VastoMadurai Pol OkinaMadurai Pol
Synoid SimulorMadurai PolVazarin PolNaramon Pol Vasto PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol OnorixMadurai Pol
Telos BoltorVazarin PolMadurai Pol Vaykor MarelokMadurai PolVazarin Pol OrviusNaramon PolMadurai Pol
TiberonMadurai Pol VeloxMadurai PolMadurai Pol Pangolin PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol
Tiberon PrimeMadurai PolNaramon PolNaramon Pol ViperMadurai Pol Pangolin SwordMadurai Pol
Tigris PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol Viper WraithNaramon Pol PathocystMadurai PolVazarin Pol
Vaykor HekVazarin PolMadurai Pol ZaktiNaramon PolNaramon Pol Prisma Dual CleaversMadurai Pol
VectisMadurai Pol ZymosMadurai PolNaramon Pol Prisma VerituxVazarin Pol
Vectis PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol PupacystMadurai Pol
VeldtNaramon Pol Rakta Dark DaggerMadurai Pol
Vulkar WraithMadurai Pol RathboneMadurai Pol
ZarrMadurai Pol Redeemer PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol
ZenithNaramon PolMadurai Pol RipkasMadurai Pol
ZhugeMadurai Pol Sancti MagistarMadurai Pol
Zhuge PrimeMadurai PolMadurai PolMadurai Pol SarpaVazarin Pol
Scindo PrimeMadurai Pol
ScoliacMadurai Pol
Secura LectaVazarin Pol
SerroMadurai Pol
SheevNaramon Pol
SibearVazarin Pol
Silva & Aegis PrimeMadurai PolVazarin PolVazarin Pol
Skana PrimeMadurai PolNaramon Pol
SkiajatiUmbra PolUmbra Pol
TekkoMadurai Pol
Tekko PrimeMadurai PolMadurai Pol
Telos BoltaceNaramon Pol
TipedoVazarin Pol
Tipedo PrimeVazarin PolMadurai Pol
TonboMadurai Pol
Twin BasolkMadurai Pol
Exalted Blade (Umbra)Umbra PolUmbra Pol
Valkyr TalonsMadurai PolNaramon PolNaramon Pol
Vaykor SydonMadurai Pol
Venka PrimeNaramon PolMadurai Pol
VerituxVazarin Pol
VolnusMadurai Pol
WarNaramon Pol
ZenistarMadurai Pol

data from Module:Weapons/data


  • It is apparent to those who know the Orokin Script that some Polarities are in fact the same symbols as some numbers and vowels, either rotated or flipped:
    • Madurai (Madurai Pol) is the numeral 4, or an upside-down 2.
    • Vazarin (Vazarin Pol) is the numeral 5 flipped vertically or an upside-down 3.
    • Naramon (Naramon Pol) is similar to the symbol for 1, rotated 90° counter-clockwise.
    • Zenurik (Zenurik Pol) is the vowel "I" (as in the word "Pit") rotated 90° counter-clockwise.
    • Penjaga (Penjaga Pol) forms the number 10.
      • Penjaga is Indonesian/Malay for "guardian" or "protector", and mods in this category are reserved for Companions.
      • This can also be interpreted as I/O, for the fact that this polarity is only present on mods that influence companion behavior.
    • Unairu (Unairu Pol) does not have a perfect connection to the Orokin Script, though Unairu is perhaps similar to the shape of the vowel "AYE" (as in the word "Price").
  • ProteaIcon272 Protea is the only Warframe with an innate universal aura polarity.
  • According to Devstream 55, the names of the polarities correspond to old Tenno schools. These names are also used for the clusters depicted in the Star Chart 3.0 prototype also featured in the same Devstream.
  • Up until Update: The Silver Grove, there was also a Koneksi (Koneksi Pol) polarity that was reserved for Mod TT 20pxFusion Cores, which have since been replaced by Endo.
    • In line with the naming schemes used by the other polarities, Koneksi does not have a perfect connection to Orokin Script, but it does bear similarities to the vowel "OH" (as in the word "Goat").
    • Similar to Penjaga, Koneksi is also Indonesian/Malay in origin, in this case translating to "connection", reflecting how Fusion Cores were the only mods that bore this Polarity.
  • As of Update 29.2, There are...
    • 363 Madurai Pol Madurai mods.
    • 266 Naramon Pol Naramon mods.
    • 136 Vazarin Pol Vazarin mods.
    • 8 Unairu Pol Unairu mods.
    • 172 Zenurik Pol Zenurik mods.
    • 76 Penjaga Pol Penjaga mods.
    • 5 Umbra Pol Umbra mods.
    • 32 mods with no polarity.
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