Warframe's premium currency.
—In-game description
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Platinum Store

Platinum Platinum64  is the in-game currency which can be bought with real world currency or by trading with other players. When bought with real world currency - it comes in packs of various quantities and they can be purchased on the Official Warframe Website (requires login).

It can be used to make purchases from the Market, rush crafting in the Foundry and to rename player's character, Clan, and Companions. It can also be used to pay other fellow players when trading with them for Prime parts, Mods and other tradeable items.

Additionally, for short periods of time, players can upgrade their account with Prime Access packages. Not only does this support the developers, but also rewards the player with hefty platinum bonuses at a much discounted price as opposed to buying platinum for cash from the market.

The game uses an optional payment system: a majority of weaponry and warframes can be earned in game (everything other than Founder-exclusive items and event, retired, or prime items). However, with Platinum, the grind to obtain weapon and warframe blueprints and their resources is circumvented by buying non-prime versions from the Market, and Prime versions from other players. A player can purchase a small selection of Weapons from the Market for Credits Credits, although most weapons and Warframes are only offered via the schematic to be purchased, which can be used for crafting in the Foundry.

There are a few items that can only be obtained exclusively through Platinum: Color Palettes, various cosmetic items (including renaming), and to a large extent slots (a small and limited number of slots may be earned via Nightwave). Slots allow a player to keep multiple different weapons and warframes in order to create different loadouts. If a player has filled all of their weapon/warframe slots and would like to acquire another weapon/warframe - they will have to buy a new slot or sell one of their weapons/warframes for credits to free up a slot.



  • Purchase with real world currency.
  • Purchase any tier of Prime Access or Prime Vault, or any Exclusive Bundles that gives Platinum.
  • Participating and winning 1st/2nd/3rd place in Warframe contests.
  • Exchange from other players via trading.
  • Giveaways on live Devstreams on Twitch.
  • Giveaways by some Youtubers and/or streamers.
  • Promotions run by Digital Extremes (such as Twitch Prime promotions).


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cur. Platinum64  4300 Platinum64  2100 Platinum64  1000 Platinum64  370 Platinum64  170 Platinum64  75
USD $199.99 $99.99 $49.99 $19.99 $9.99 $4.99
CAD CA$206.49 CA$103.49 CA$51.99 CA$21.99 CA$10.49 CA$5.49
EUR €179.99 €89.99 €44.99 €17.77 €8.99 €4.49
GBP £129.99 £65.99 £32.99 £13.99 £6.99 £3.99
JPY ¥19699 ¥9899 ¥4999 ¥1999 ¥999 ¥499
BRL R$399.99 R$197.99 R$98.99 R$39.99 R$18.99 R$9.99
TRY 2579₺ 1289₺ 649₺ 259₺ 129₺ 69₺
IDR Rp1,200,000 Rp600,000 Rp300,000 Rp120,000 Rp60,000 Rp30,000
RUB ₽6198.99 ₽3098.99 ₽1548 ₽662 ₽308.99 ₽153.99
COB Col$286000 Col$143000 Col$72000 Col$29000 Col$14000 Col$7000
KRW ₩204000 ₩102000 ₩51000 ₩20000 ₩10000 ₩5000
MXN $1779.99 $889.99 $439.99 $179.99 $89.99 $39.99
  • On average across all bundles, one platinum is equal to:
    • 5.4 American cents(¢) or 0.054 dollars (USD)
    • 5.7 Canadian cents(¢) or 0.057 dollars (CAD)
    • 5.7 European cents(c) or 0.057 euros (EUR)
    • 4.8 British pence(p) or 0.048 pounds (GBP)
    • 5.4 Japanese yen (JPY)
    • 11 Brazilian centavo or 0.11 real (BRL)
    • 70 Turkish kuruş(kr) or 0.70 Lira (TRY)
    • 320 Indonesian rupiah (IDR)
    • 1.7 Russian rouble (RUB)
    • 77 Colombian pesos (COB)
    • 54.4 Korean won (KRW)
    • 47 Mexican centavos(¢) or 0.47 Mexican pesos (MXN)

Personal (Non-Tradeable) Platinum

“It's taking longer than I calculated.”
This page is actively being worked on and may not be completely correct. Please assist in making this page accurate. See WARFRAME Wiki:Research on ways to perform research on this game. Click here to add more info.
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  • Platinum can be traded (excluding Personal Platinum, e.g. Player's starting Platinum or Platinum earned from giveaways) with other Players for any tradeable items or traded directly, with Credit taxes. This is a very popular means of gathering Platinum among the community. See the Trading page for more information.
  • Hovering over and clicking the Platinum64 Platinum icon in the currency bar on PC will take you to the platinum store.
  • When purchased using the Steam wallet or through the Steam client, the amount purchased will contribute toward finding a Warframe related Trading Card.
    • The amount fulfilled on the Trading Card drop meter is affected by discounts and will only progress the meter with the final price, which includes discounts, rather than the base price.
  • Excluding the starting Platinum that all Players receive upon signup, there is no way of earning platinum in the game via the normal gameplay. The player must either purchase it with real-world currency, trade certain game items with other Players for said Platinum, or if the Player is extremely lucky, obtain a fair amount of Platinum by watching Devstreams or participating in contests.
  • When buying items with Platinum in the Market, the game will deduct from "Personal Platinum" (starter Platinum or from giveaways) first before using bought/traded Platinum.



  • Initially discounted Platinum was available via the Founders program that ended November 1, 2013.

Patch History

Hotfix 36.0.4 (2024-06-26)

  • Fixed being unable to search for Platinum Packs in the in-game Market.

Update 35.1 (2024-02-20)

  • Fixed the warning pop-up informing players that they cannot trade Platinum with Nintendo Switch accounts (as intended with the Platform specifications for Cross Platform Trading & Gifting) stating that the trade has failed instead of specifying why.
    • This would occur specifically when adding Platinum to the Trade window after another item or after attempting to add it a second time.

Hotfix 35.0.8 (2024-01-11)

  • Fixed a script error after dismissing the “Not Enough Platinum” pop-up.

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)

  • Updated the Platinum purchase screens to be more streamlined.

Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)

  • Fixed selecting the Platinum icon from the pause menu causing the Platinum purchase window UI to stick and overlap everywhere else.

Update 33.0 (2023-04-26)

  • Updated the on-hover Platinum icon descriptions to be more informative on what each currency is used for.

Update 32.3 (2023-02-15)

  • Platinum UI Improvements:
    • Added “Personal Platinum” amount to the on-hover description for Platinum in the UI.
      • “Personal Platinum” can be won through official Warframe giveaways and cannot be used for trading or gifting.
      • The error message when attempting to gift using “Personal Platinum” will now indicate that you must purchase additional regular Platinum.
      • The on-hover Platinum description now indicates interacting with the icon will open the Platinum store.

Update 32.1 (2022-11-02)

  • Updated the “Insufficient Platinum” message to include how much Platinum is needed to purchase an item.

Hotfix 32.0.3 (2022-09-14)

  • Fixed Platinum prices being obfuscated by a gray box in open landscape Vendor’s Offerings.

Update 31.6 (2022-06-09)

  • Fixed being able to open the page to purchase Platinum by clicking Platinum amount mid-mission. Players will still be able to open the purchase Platinum page by clicking the icon while in the Orbiter.

Hotfix 31.5.8 (2022-05-11)