PlasmaGrenade BansheeSonicBoom Plasma Grenade Cluster
The Jackal launches a volley of Plasma Grenades directly ahead, inflicting massive damage to its enemies.
Strength:Moderate (Damage)
20 (Grenade Count)
Duration:2 Seconds (Fuse)
Range:10 Meters

  • After the clusters stick onto a surface, it will explode in two seconds and deals Blast b Blast damage within 10 meters.
    • Damage scales with level.
  • As with regular Plasma Grenades, the projectiles can latch or stick onto a player, which will guarantee heavy damage.
    • Plasma Grenades cannot be removed via Rolling.

Tips & Tricks
  • Has a very distinctive activation sound.
  • Has a delay before exploding.
  • Has a fairly small area of effect.

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