Plasma Grenades are explosive devices deployed by enemies. They can force a player from hiding, momentarily stop shields from recharging, or simply cause disorientation.

Enemies equipped with plasma grenades consist primarily of Crewmen, Lancers, and Troopers, and variants thereof.


  • After sticking onto a surface, it will explode in 2 seconds and deals Blast b Blast damage within 10 meters. Damage scales with enemy level.
  • Enemies will show that they are about to throw a grenade while hiding behind cover by periodically peeking around the corner.
  • Grenades can be heard by a loud, analogue-like beeping which will rapidly grow in pace as time grows closer to the grenades detonation.
  • If shot, either while airborne or stuck, the grenade will not deal any damage to Warframes or friendly units. However, it will damage enemies.


  • Despite the Grineer grenades (left side of image) and Corpus grenades (right side of image) having different designs, they function exactly the same.
  • Plasma grenades seems to be a close family counterpart to DEPenta Penta's explosive.

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  • Introduced.

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