For the similarly-named Arcane Enhancement, see Arcane Phantasm.
Irradiate enemies with a continuous stream of deadly plasma. Charging secondary fire releases a glob of plasma that erupts with homing bomblets on impact.

The Phantasma is RevenantIcon272 Revenant's signature shotgun that fires deadly focused beams of Radiation b Radiation that also deals Impact b Impact damage. Its Alternate Fire manually charges, and launches a large plasma bomb that explodes into 5 additional homing projectiles, dealing more damage the longer the alt-fire is charged. It also possesses a higher magazine size when used by Revenant.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 180 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:Credits6425,000


This weapon deals primarily Radiation b Radiation damage.



  • Innate Radiation b Radiation damage – less effective against Shielded, Infested, and Fossilized.
  • No Puncture b Puncture or Slash b Slash damage – less effective against armor and health.
  • Lowest critical chance of all shotguns.
  • Low critical multiplier.
  • Primary fire:
    • Damage ramps up from 15% to 100% over 0.6 seconds when firing. After firing stops for 0.8 seconds, the damage decays back to 15% over 2 seconds.
    • Before 100% status chance, the listed status chance is the base chance per shot that at least one beam will proc a status; the actual base status chance per shot is ~8.83%.
    • Innate Punch Through does not apply to surfaces, requiring Punch Through mods.
    • Limited range of 20 meters.
    • Poor ammo economy.
  • Alt-fire:
    • Projectile has travel time with heavy arcing.
    • Explosion inflicts self-damage.
  • Low magazine size; requires frequent reloading.


  • When wielded by RevenantIcon272 Revenant, the Phantasma's magazine size is increased by 4 rounds, for a total of 15 rounds.
  • The listed damage is the total of all the beams' damage value. The actual damage per beam is 10 Radiation b Radiation, and 5 Impact b Impact.
  • Multiple beams hitting the target at the same time will combine into a single damage tick, similar to the InfestedLongGunTwo Phage.
    • Like other Continuous Weapons, adding multishot will not increase the chance for status procs per ammo used. However, the multishot applies normally to secondary-fire.
  • The alt-fire charge attack discharges a ball of plasma that explodes in a 5-meter radius on contact with an enemy or object.
    • Upon explosion, 5 bomblets will be scattered into the air and begin homing in on nearby targets.
    • Plasma ball and each bomblet deal 15 Impact b Impact damage upon impact and 73 Radiation b Radiation damage in the explosion, with a smaller radius on bomblets.
  • Charging consumes ammo, up to a full magazine on full charge.
    • Damage dealt by the plasma bomb is directly proportional to the amount of ammo consumed during the charge.
  • The plasma bomb deals self-damage, however, the bomblets spawned from it will only seek enemies and will not hurt the player.
  • The charge rate is not affected by fire rate mods.
    • Charge rate consumes a set 11 ammo per second. Modding to increase magazine capacity will allow a longer total charge, and thus more damage.
    • In the event the appropriate Reactant Buff grants the Phantasma infinite ammo, the charge will only consume up to the Phantasma's maximum magazine size.


  • Phantasma (φάντασμα) is Ancient Greek for "ghost" or "apparition", and is the basis of the words "phantom" and "phantasm".
    • Phantasma can also be seen as a portmanteau of "phantom" and "plasma".
  • The Phantasma is the fourth Sentient weapon that players can wield (following StalkerTwoGreatSword War, StalkerTwoSword Broken War, and Amps). It is also the first Sentient weapon to be a primary weapon, and the first one to be themed specifically around the Eidolons rather than normal Sentients.
    • The Phantasma is also the first weapon to require Sentient Cores to craft.
  • The Phantasma is the first weapon to have an Alternate Fire that grants the user an option to tap, or press and hold for as long as desired (or until the entire magazine is consumed).


Patch History

Update 24.6
  • Having a ‘signature’ weapon now actually benefits you!
    • Phantasma: Has 15 magazine when wielded by Revenant.

Update 23.10

  • Phantasma’s Alt Fire homing projectile amount is no longer based on charge time. Alt Fire now releases 5 total homing projectiles.
  • Phantasma’s Alt Fire damage per projectile now scales based on charge time.

Update 23.8

  • Fixed inability to equip Sinister Reach on the Phantasma.

Update 23.6

  • Phantasma alt-fire will now seek targets in all directions, instead of behind the projectile.

Update 23.5

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 23.6.2

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