PenanceModx256 Penance130xWhite

Sacrifice shields to boost reload, and fire rate while converting damage inflicted on enemies into health for Harrow and nearby allies.

Introduced in Update 21.0 (2017-06-29)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:50% (initial heal)
5% (lifesteal on hit)
20% / 25% / 30% / 35% (fire rate bonus)
40% / 50% / 60% / 70% (reload speed bonus)
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:4 s (base time)
1.25 / 1.33 / 1.43 / 1.54 s (bonus per 100 shields)
AbilityRangeBuff Range:N/A

Misc: 50 m (affinity range)
120 s (max duration)


  • Harrow expends EnergyOrb50 energy to flagellate himself twice with his thurible, sacrificing all of his shields and Overshields to gain AbilityStrengthBuff20% / 25% / 30% / 35% Fire Rate and AbilityStrengthBuff40% / 50% / 60% / 70% Reload Speed while restoring his Health by AbilityStrengthBuff50% of the amount of shields and overshields sacrificed. While active, AbilityStrengthBuff5% of any damage dealt by Harrow to enemies converts into health for Harrow and allies within his Affinity Range. Penance has a base duration of AbilityDurationBuff4 seconds, plus extra duration of AbilityDurationBuff1.25 / 1.33 / 1.43 / 1.54 seconds for every 100 Shield and Overshields points drained, up to a maximum of 120 seconds.
    • Affinity Range is not affected by AbilityRangeBuff Ability Range but is affected by Fosfor and FocusLensVazarin b Vazarin's FocusMendingUnity Mending Unity.
    • The amount of shields to be drained is determined on activation. Shield points from Condemn130xWhite Condemn will not be drained if gained during Penance's casting animation.
    • Each time Harrow flagellates himself, 50% of the total shield points are subtracted.
  • Can be recast while active to stack extra duration to the remaining time.
  • Allies affected by the lifesteal include all Warframes, Companions, Eidolon Lures, summoned allied units such as Specters, allied Invasion units, Hostages, Kavor Defectors, Sortie and Arbitrations Defense Operatives, and Defense Objects.
    • On Defense Objects, Penance restores up to 50 health per second.
  • While active, stylized art appears beneath the aiming reticle; when a player is healed by Penance, colored text denoting the amount of health healed from damage dealt briefly replaces the art for several seconds. Both visuals are affected by Harrow's Warframe energy color.
  • Harrow's wounds on his back from flagellation emit piercing light in his chosen Warframe energy color.
  • Casting Penance stops all of Harrow's movement and actions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Mod for a higher shield pool to gain more extra duration for Penance by default.
  • Harrow can opt to choose to build Penance over Ability Strength for quick bursts of fire rate and lifesteal, or Ability Duration for sustained fire rate and reduced need to deplete Shields to recast. While the former is useful in quick missions and Assassination runs, the latter can be useful in endless missions such as Survival, considering the added protection afforded by a Duration-based Covenant130xWhite Covenant.
  • Use Condemn130xWhite Condemn to quickly replenish shields and Overshields to fuel Penance' extra duration.
  • Build up your shield and Overshield pool again after casting Penance, then recast Penance to stack extra duration onto your remaining time to keep the ability active much longer.
  • Mod TT 20px Guardian, Mod TT 20px Protect, Mod TT 20px Brief Respite & ArcaneBarrier Arcane Barrier are useful for this ability as they are capable of restoring Harrow's shields.
  • Cast Covenant130xWhite Covenant before or after using Penance to protect yourself from damage when you are at your most vulnerable state.
  • The fire rate bonus also affects melee weapons.
  • Can reduce recharge delay for Cycron Cycron or a Kitgun equipped with PaxCharge Pax Charge, however, it does not affect recharge rate.


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