Peculiar Growth is a Peculiar Warframe Exilus mod that causes hit parts of an enemy body to inflate for a short time. 

It can be obtained as a drop from the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught in rotation C (zone 8, 16, 24, etc.).


Rank Cost Duration
0 2 1s
1 3 2s
2 4 3s
3 5 4s
4 6 5s
5 7 6s


  • This mod is purely a cosmetic and does not affect damage or status effects in any way.
    • Although purely cosmetic, it technically affects the hitbox size as well, which sometimes may land headshots easier, or harder because of the head hitbox being blocked by another hitbox of an enemy body part.
  • The effect also works on other Warframes if the player has been affected by a Radiation b Radiation proc.
  • The effect is only applied on non-critical hits.
  • As with Riven Mods, only one Peculiar mod can be equipped on a Warframe at a time.


  • This mod was first showcased on Devstream 110.
  • This mod allows all ranged weapons to achieve a similar growth mechanic innately available to the KuvaNukor (Kuva) GrineerMicrowaveGun Nukor.


Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 27.3.15
  • Fixed a script crash that could occur when killing an enemy while having the Peculiar Growth Mod equipped.

Hotfix 22.20.4

  • You can now trade the Peculiar Growth Mod!

Update 22.20

  • Introduced as a reward in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
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