PeacemakerModx256 Peacemaker130xWhite

With intense focus, Mesa draws her Regulator pistols, shooting down her foes in rapid succession.

Introduced in Update 15.5 (2014-11-27)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:1.00x / 1.15x / 1.33x / 1.50x (damage multiplier)
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:N/A
AbilityRangeBuff Range:N/A

Misc: 50 (damage)
50 m (maximum shooting distance)
15° (minimum FoV)


  • Mesa stands her ground, holsters her current weapon, and draws her Regulators Regulators pistols as her secondary Exalted Weapon. While Peacemaker is active, a focus ring appears in the form of a blurred reticle which can be aimed at enemies. Holding the fire button will cause Mesa to auto-target random enemies inside the focus ring up to 50 meters away. Each gunshot will reduce the size of the focus ring until its field of vision is reduced to 15°.
    • In order to achieve target acquisition with Peacemaker, enemies have to be within range and positioned inside the focus ring, and the player's camera must have line of sight with the enemy.
    • The formula used to calculate the field of view angle with mods is non-linear and currently unknown.
  • Mesa's Regulator pistols inflict 50 damage per shot, with a damage multiplier of AbilityStrengthBuff1.00x / 1.15x / 1.33x / 1.50x.
  • As Peacemaker is fired, it receives an additional damage bonus which increases up to a maximum of 150%.
    • Damage bonus is applied multiplicatively.
    • The damage bonus increases linearly with every burst, with the maximum amount being reached at the 20th burst.
    • The damage bonus resets to its initial value if Peacemaker expires or is deactivated.
  • The damage formula is given by the following:
50 * (1 + 150% * 8 / 20) * (1 + 1.5 * (2 + 2 * Mod TT 20px 30%) + Mod TT 20px 220%) * (1 + Mod TT 20px 90%) = 1,079.2 damage.


Main article: Regulators

The Regulators are MesaIcon272 Mesa and MesaPrimeIcon272 Mesa Prime's signature Exalted Weapon, summoned by activating the ability Peacemaker130xWhite Peacemaker. Unlike other ranged weapons, the rapid-firing Regulators will automatically target and shoot at enemies within a large aiming circle directed by the player, removing the need for precise aim.

  • This weapon deals primarily DmgImpactSmall64 Impact damage.
  • Innate two Naramon Pol and one Madurai Pol polarities.


  • Very high critical chance and critical multiplier.
  • Very high fire rate.
  • Innate damage bonus that stacks with damage mods.
  • Damage and fire rate ramp up per shots fired.
    • See Peacemaker130xWhite Peacemaker for more details regarding damage bonus and bonuses per shots fired.
  • Pinpoint accuracy.
  • Has infinite ammunition and does not need to reload.



Main article: Mesa's Waltz

Mesa's Waltz is a Warframe Augment/Exilus Mod usable in both PvE and Conclave that allows MesaIcon272 Mesa to move at a reduced speed while channeling Peacemaker130xWhite Peacemaker.

Mesa's Waltz

Tips & Tricks

  • Casting ShatterShield130xWhite Shatter Shield before activating Peacemaker is recommended, due to Mesa becoming vulnerable to attacks while Peacemaker is active.
  • While you cannot initiate movement while channeling Peacemaker, it can be cast while falling or immediately after initiating a bullet-jump, thus allowing you to start shooting before you actually arrive at your intended location. Channeling Peacemaker also makes you immune to the stagger effect you would normally receive upon hitting the ground after a long fall.
    • You can also be moved around by certain entities/enemies, including the Domestik Drone.
  • LimboIcon272 Limbo makes a great complement to Mesa when using this ability, as using Banish130xWhite Banish on Mesa allows her to become immune to enemy damage while also allowing her to damage enemies outside of the Rift Plane with her Peacemaker. If Cataclysm130xWhite Cataclysm is cast anywhere with enemies inside Mesa may take damage if they fire at her, even she is not inside the Cataclysm130xWhite Cataclysm but still under the effect of Banish130xWhite Banish.
    • While in the Rift Plane you should deactivate Peacemaker whenever possible to regain energy, especially in a group with multiple Mod TT 20px Energy Siphon Mods.
  • Similar to most Warframe abilities, Peacemaker targets the enemy's torso to inflict damage. It is particularly effective against Corrupted Vor as all Regulator pistol shots will always hit Vor's energy core, the only body part where he is vulnerable to damage.
  • Since Mesa stays immobile with Peacemaker active, it's highly suggested to bring a Sentinel with Mod TT 20px Vacuum equipped to pick up Energy Orbs and prolong the duration Peacemaker stays active.
  • Because of the red hue that affects the scenery around you, using a red energy color can make it more difficult to see the focus ring, which uses the energy color.
  • Slotting CrimsonArchonShard Crimson Archon Shards for Secondary Critical Chance instead of Ability Strength benefits Peacemaker's overall damage output better due to the higher chance of her Regulators triggering the base 3x critical multiplier rather than the capped additive bonus afforded by increased Ability Strength.
    • Prioritizing Secondary Critical Chance for the Regulators does have the cost of the Shards not augmenting Mesa's other abilities that would otherwise benefit from Ability Strength.


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  • Shots ignore both friendly and hostile snowglobes (Mesa can hit targets on the opposite side of a snowglobe whilst standing outside of it) and certain obstacles (such as Defense cryopods).
  • Occasionally the draw animation for the Regulator pistols may not occur.
  • Peacemaker's fire rate is severely hindered when the user's FPS is lower than 30, with lesser FPS resulting in lesser fire rate.
  • Peacemaker can be utilized by Specters and still allow them to move to a certain degree of minimal slowdown.