Pax Charge is an Arcane Enhancement for a Kitgun that changes the magazine type to a rechargeable battery, like that of the Cycron Cycron.


Rank Recharge Delay
0 12.5%
1 25%
2 37.5%
3 50%


Can be bought from Rude Zuud for ReputationBlackx6410,000. Unlike most other arcanes, Pax arcanes come fully built from the vendor.


  • Similar to Arch-guns and the Cycron Cycron, base recharge delay is equal to the reload time displayed on the weapon.
  • Despite being described as able to reduce the recharge delay by +50%, at max rank, it only reduces the recharge delay by 33.3%, or better described as increases the reload speed by 50% the way normal reload mods function. See Reload Speed for the details.
    • Reduced reload time (effective recharge delay) can actually be seen in the Arsenal upon equipping Pax Charge.
    • For example, with a Kitgun that have a reload time of 2.1 seconds:
      • Unranked Pax Charge will result in a recharge delay of ~1.87 seconds (reduced by 11.1%).
      • Rank 3 Pax Charge will result in a recharge delay of 1.4 seconds (reduced by 33.3%, may be fixed with recent patch).
  • Recharge rate for chambers will not be affected by mods(new numbers are unknow for now):
  • Prevents the weapon from receiving benefit from reload-triggered mods such as Pressurized Magazine.


  • Pax Charge is useful for prolonged missions due to never requiring actual ammunition, however this also means you are limited to essentially your original magazine size of ammo before having to recharge.
    • Carrier sentinel, equipped with Ammo Case, is an alternative to keep ammo reserves up in missions, although this requires picking up of ammo and the sentinel to be alive.
    • Pistol Ammo Mutation (Primed) or Pistol Scavenger can be used as alternative as well, at a cost of a mod slot and capacity in a Kitgun or an aura slot in a Warframe, respectively.
  • Pax Charge can be used in conjunction with Synth Charge to reload only the last shot in the magazine, however it will often reload multiple shots before the player is able to fire them with semi-auto kitguns.
  • A Kitgun equipped with Pax Charge always requires longer time to fully recharge a magazine than the actual normal reload.
    • With rank 3 Pax Charge:
      • Rattleguts pairing with Deepbreath needs ~4.33 seconds in total to fully recharge the magazine of 64 ammo, while normal reload only take 1.7 seconds.
      • Tombfinger pairing with Zip needs 1.5 seconds for the magazine of 9 ammo, while normal reload take 0.9 seconds.
    • It is probably safe to say that a Kitgun with shorter reload time and smaller magazine take less penalty and get more benefit. This is especially true for a Kitgun with higher damage per ammo.


  • Inscription on Pax Charge is Solari Language, reading "CHUHD" forming the sound "Charge".

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