Weapon PassivesEdit

Ack & BruntEdit

Blocking with elemental damage with the RegorAxeShield Ack & Brunt collects stacks.

  • Each stack adds ~17.5% elemental damage to the total damage.
  • Up to 4 stacks can be collected.

Arca Scisco – Target AnalysisEdit

Shots that hit an enemy give CrpScopePistol Arca Scisco a flat 4% critical and status chance bonus, stacking up to 20% with additional shots.

  • The buff lasts for 2 seconds, after which one stack disappears.
  • Buff duration can be refreshed by shooting enemies.

Arca TitronEdit

Kills done with the CrpHammer Arca Titron will collect a charge, which increases slam attack damage by 100%.

  • Up to 10 charges can be collected.
  • Charges dissipate after 20 seconds.

Ballistica PrimeEdit

Charged shot kills by the PrimeBallistica Ballistica Prime within 50 meters will create a ghost of the killed enemy that lasts for 7 seconds. This ghost can be scanned.

Broken ScepterEdit

The GrnQueenSceptre Broken Scepter can drain corpses to make them release Orbs.

  • Draining organic enemies will give Health Orbs.
  • Draining mechanical enemies will give Energy Orbs.
  • The Broken Scepter has two small orbs that orbit around it, which act as an indicator of how many times the player can use the Scepter's draining ability consecutively.
    • One orb is consumed when performing a drain.
    • If both orbs are consumed, the player will be unable to drain enemy corpses until the orbs regenerate.


Performing heavy attacks with the EmbolistScythe Caustacyst releases a toxic stream which leaves behind a temporary trail on the ground.

  • The stream travels up to 20 meters.
  • Corrosive b Corrosive damage is dealt to enemies who are hit by the stream or walk on the trail.
  • Enemies hit by the stream are opened up to finishers.

Cernos PrimeEdit

Extra damage on headshots with CernosPrime Cernos Prime.

Dual Toxocyst – FrenzyEdit

Landing headshots with the InfVomitGun Dual Toxocyst activates the Frenzy buff for 3 seconds:

  • A 150% fire rate bonus.
  • A 100% Toxin b Toxin additive damage bonus.
  • Reduction in recoil.
  • No ammo consumption while firing.

Gazal MacheteEdit

The DjinnMachete Gazal Machete gains bonus Corrosive b Corrosive damage for a short period of time for every consecutive cast of Djinn's Mod TT 20pxFatal Attraction.


Enemies hit by a thrown GrnBoomerang Halikar have a chance to be disarmed.


Enemies killed by the CephHammer Heliocor are scanned as long as players have a Codex Scanner.


Headshots with the InfestedBurstRifle Hema restores health to the player, equal to 10% of the damage dealt.

  • Reloading the Hema drains 3% of the player's max health.

Hirudo – InvigoratedEdit

The InfestedKogake Hirudo grants a 5% lifesteal and max health buff on critical hits.

  • The 5% max health bonus can stack up to 5 times.

Knell – Death KnellEdit

Upon headshots, the PriestPistol Knell grants critical damage and status chance bonuses and unlimited ammo for 3 seconds.

  • A 1.5x, 2x or 2.5x critical damage bonus is granted depending on the amount of stacks.
  • The 20% status chance bonus is fixed and is not affected by the amount of stacks.

Kogake PrimeEdit

Movement speed is increased by 5% with the MirageKogakePrime Kogake Prime equipped.

Kuva ChakkhurrEdit

KuvaChakkhurr Kuva Chakkhurr deals +50% bonus damage on headshots.


The Lenz Lenz has innate Arrow Mutation, converting Ammo Packs other than Sniper/Bow Ammo Packs into ammunition. Unlike mods that grant this effect, however, the Lenz will only gain 1 round regardless of what Ammo Pack it converts.


Upon inflicting a status proc, the InfTipedo Lesion gains a 15% increase in attack speed and an additive 100% Toxin b Toxin damage bonus for 6 seconds.


The PaladinMace Magistar has an innate 10% chance to proc the Blast b Blast effect.


Innate additive +10% Toxin b Toxin damage on the MireInfestedSword Mire. Slam attacks with the Mire deal pure Toxin b Toxin damage.


Throwing the TeshinGlaive Orvius at an enemy while blocking will make the weapon home in, fly above the target enemy's head, and then suspend the enemy in mid-air. The effect lasts for 5 seconds before exploding, dealing damage to all enemies within its radius.

  • The Orvius will deal damage on the suspended enemy approximately once per second with a 100% status chance.


Attacking or throwing the Pathocyst Pathocyst releases Maggots that damage nearby enemies.

Pyrana PrimeEdit

Getting 3 kills within 2 seconds with the PyranaPrime Pyrana Prime will summon a second Pyrana Prime for 5 seconds, doubling the weapon's fire rate and magazine size.

  • Pyrana Prime's passive still applies while dual-wielding.
  • Killing 3 enemies in quick succession while having 2 Pyranas will not refresh the duration of the ethereal Pyrana.
  • Upon activating the ethereal Pyrana, the number of rounds in its modded magazine size are added to the magazine (e.g. if modded magazine size is 14, 14 rounds are added when ethereal Pyrana is conjured). When the ethereal Pyrana disappears, the magazine is reduced to the modded magazine size (e.g. if the magazine clip size is 14, any number of rounds in the current magazine will be reduced to 14, unless the number of rounds is below 14 as it will remain the same).

Rakta Dark DaggerEdit

When holding the RVDarkDagger Rakta Dark Dagger, the range in which enemies can spot the user is reduced by 33%. Damaging enemies who are suffering from a Radiation b Radiation proc restores shields by 5%.

  • The amount of shields restored depends on the amount of damage dealt and can provide overshields.

Sancti MagistarEdit

  • Melee heavy attacks with the NLMagistar Sancti Magistar emits a healing pulse that heals the user and all friendlies in a 15 meter radius.
    • The amount healed depends on the amount of damage dealt.
    • Healing pulse range is affected by melee range mods.
    • Damage dealt by status effects to the user is reduced by 50%.
  • The NLMagistar Sancti Magistar has an innate 10% chance to proc the Blast b Blast effect.

Secura LectaEdit

Enemies killed by the PSLecta Secura Lecta drop additional credits.


Heavy melee attacks grant the IceHammer Sibear a 50% status chance bonus for 4 seconds.

Sigma & OctantisEdit

Aerial attacks throw the shield of the SundialSwordAndBoard Sigma & Octantis.

  • The shield is thrown 25-30 meters away.
  • Enemies hit by the shield are opened up to finishers.

Silva & AegisEdit

Blocking with the TennoSwordShield Silva & Aegis (Prime) grants an additive 15% bonus to critical and status chance to the next attack.

  • Up to 4 stacks can be collected.


Finisher attacks with the Skiajati Skiajati turn the user invisible for 5 seconds.

  • Attacking or using an ability will break the invisibility, similar to the cloak provided by Shade and its Mod TT 20pxGhost precept.
  • The invisibility period is not affected by mods.
  • Performing a finisher while under the invisibility effect of the Skiajati will refresh the cloak's duration.
  • Invisibility is not affected by Nullifier bubbles.

Synoid HeliocorEdit

Heavy attack kills with CSHeliocor Synoid Heliocor create a specter of the slain enemy that lasts 30 seconds.

  • A specter is created only if the player has full Codex scans of the enemy.
  • Enemies killed by the Synoid Heliocor are scanned as long as players have a Codex Scanner.

Telos BoltaceEdit

Slide attacks with the AHBoltace Telos Boltace create a vortex with a radius of 14 meters, which pulls in and staggers enemies.

  • Performing a second slide attack will disperse the vortex and ragdoll enemies with a radial blast.
  • Users gain a 20% boost to Bullet Jump velocity, Wall Latch and Aim Glide duration.

Vaykor SydonEdit

Continuously blocking 15 hits will make the SMSydon Vaykor Sydon release a RadialBlind130xDark Radial Blind in a 15 meter radius.

  • Enemies hit by the Radial Blind are blinded for 5 seconds.
  • Blind range is affected by melee range mods.
  • Users have +50% chance to resist knockbacks or knockdowns.

Venka PrimeEdit

The VenkaPrime Venka Prime has an innate melee combo counter of 0.75 instead of the usual 0.5.

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