Passives are special traits possessed by Warframes and weapons and that provide them unique abilities or bonuses without requiring energy. Some Passives are always active while others may only activate upon a condition being satisfied. Passives are unique to each Warframe and weapon.


Warframe Passives[]



DmgSlashSmall64 Slash procs inflicted by AshIcon272 Ash's weapons and abilities deal 25% more damage and last 50% longer.

  • Bonus is also independent of faction damage bonuses, stacking multiplicatively with them.
    • For example, when using AshIcon272 Ash, a weapon that deals 100 damage with Mod TT 20px Bane of Grineer will have a DmgSlashSmall64 Slash proc that deals (100 * (1 + Mod TT 20px 0.3)) * 0.35 * (1 + Mod TT 20px 0.3) * (1 + AshIcon272 0.25) = 73.94 damage per tick.
  • Bleed duration bonus stacks additively with status duration mods such as Mod TT 20px Lingering Torment.



Wielding explosive power and incredible stamina, AtlasIcon272 Atlas strengthens his insurmountable durability through battle. Atlas possesses various passive mechanics highlighted in the tabs below:

Strong as the mountain, Atlas is immune to Knockdown b Knockdown while in contact with the ground.

  • Knockdown immunity does not apply while in the air.
  • Does not apply to pushback effects.
  • Does not prevent the recoiling effect from firing powerful Archguns such as Corvas Corvas, Velocitus Velocitus, and Larkspur Larkspur in non-Archwing missions.

Rubble is a pickup item unique to Atlas that drops from petrified enemies and Rumblers130xWhite Rumblers on death. Rubble restores Health to Atlas if he is injured; if Atlas is at full health, Rubble instead grants additional Armor that decays over time.


A piece of Rubble

  • Each petrified enemy and each Rumbler will drop 1 piece of Rubble that restores 50 health or provides 50 armor. Rubble will remain on the ground for 30 seconds before crumbling away if left untouched.
    • Enemies petrified by Mod TT 20px Path of Statues' rock trail, Petrify's flash, and the summoning of Rumblers are eligible to drop Rubble.
    • Petrified enemies killed by Landslide130xWhite Landslide grant 75 health or armor from their dropped Rubble.
    • Rumblers that sustain damage to their health will grant less health points or bonus armor from their dropped Rubble.
    • Rubble will not grant armor if at least 1 health point is missing from Atlas' maximum health pool. Excess health points gained will not overflow into bonus armor points.
  • Rubble armor is displayed in a circular gauge on the HUD above the ability icons.
    • The current number of bonus armor is shown below the gauge and will visibly subtract as bonus armor decays or add as Atlas picks up new Rubble.
    • Armor bonus is capped at 1,500 points.
    • Bonus armor decays at a rate of 5 armor points per second.
    • Upon picking up Rubble to gain bonus armor, bonus armor decay is paused for 2 seconds. Picking up Rubble to restore health points will not pause armor decay.
    • Bonus armor will not be lost if the player falls out of bounds, but will be lost in the event of a host migration.
    • The stone icon in the center of the gauge will enlarge or shrink depending on the amount of bonus armor stored. At 0 bonus armor, it remains a pebble; at 1,500 bonus armor, it becomes a large boulder.
    • Rock formations will appear on Atlas' body as he accumulates bonus armor.
  • Rubble pickup can be Mod TT 20px vacuumed by Sentinels or the Warframe's innate vacuum radius, or Mod TT 20px fetched by Companions.
  • Rubble pickups resemble a piece of stone encased in a translucent layer of reflective rock-shaped metal, which is tinted in Atlas' chosen Warframe energy color.
  • Rubble pickups spawned when a petrified enemy or Rumbler dies while airborne will fall to the ground.

Main article: Rubble Heap

Rubble Heap is a Warframe Augment Mod for AtlasIcon272 Atlas' passive that makes Landslide130xWhite Landslide cost no energy, increases its damage, and increases its speed when his Rubble count is above a threshold of 1400.

Rank Damage & speed multiplier Cost
0 1.25x 6
1 1.5x 7
2 1.75x 8
3 2x 9



All of BansheeIcon272 Banshee's equipped weapons, including Gunblades such as Redeemer Redeemer, and weapons equipped on Sentinels should they be present, are treated as silent.



BaruukIcon272 Baruuk's tolerance for violence wanes as his hand is forced by his foes. Restraint is a resource unique to Baruuk that provides up to 50% Damage Reduction when the meter is completely depleted.

  • Restraint meter is displayed in the lower-right on the HUD, above the ability icons.
  • Restraint meter starts fully filled, and is depleted using Baruuk's abilities:
    • Each attack evaded through Elude130xWhite Elude erodes 1.2% from the meter.
    • Each enemy affected by Lull130xWhite Lull erodes 0.8% from the meter.
    • Each enemy disarmed by DesolateHands130xWhite Desolate Hands erodes 1.6% from the meter.
  • Baruuk's fourth ability SereneStorm130xWhite Serene Storm utilizes Restraint instead of Energy to cast and maintain. Using this ability refills Restraint meter by 4% on activation and by 0.8% per second until the ability is deactivated.
    • Restraint can still erode from using Baruuk's other abilities during this ability.



Versatile and resilient, CalibanIcon Caliban and allies within his Affinity Range gain Adaptive Armor that builds damage resistance against the highest damage type received from enemy attacks, stacking 5% per hit up to a cap of 50%. If Caliban or his allies do not receive damage for 5 seconds, their Adaptive Armor loses 2% per second until fully removed.

  • Passive bonus value is displayed as a Buff icon beside Caliban's hitpoint indicators.
  • Passive values are not affected by Mods.
  • Damage over time from procs (such as DmgSlashSmall64 Slash or DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin for example) will not contribute nor maintain damage resistance.
  • Damage reduction effects such as those of Mod TT 20px Adaptation do not stack with Adaptive Armor. The damage reduction provided to Caliban (or his allies) equipped with Adaptation will be the higher of the two values.
  • Unlike Mod TT 20px Adaptation, his passive only triggers off actual damage taken. Damage taken while invulnerable, or damage that is blocked, will neither contribute nor maintain damage resistance.



ChromaIcon272 Chroma possesses an extra midair jump and bullet jump. Wings matching Chroma's energy colors will form during these maneuvers.

Chroma can alter his abilities to match any basic (uncombined) elemental attribute of the player's choice. Customizing Chroma's primary emission color determines what abilities he starts with. Color choices are grouped into four categories with each category corresponding to a given element:

  • red, magenta, brown, orange and bright yellow hues being DmgFireSmall64 Heat
  • blue and purple hues being DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity
  • green, lime, teal and dark yellow hues being DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin;
  • white, grey, black, and some faded colors being DmgColdSmall64 Cold.

Note that players do not need to purchase color palettes to unlock the full potential of this trait.

While customizing his emission color, Chroma's active element is displayed in the form of an icon (DmgFireSmall64 Heat, DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity, DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin, DmgColdSmall64 Cold). This imgur album can serve as a reference for future color palette purchases.

Customizing the secondary emission and the energy colors will have no effect on Chroma's chosen element.

Abilities can be cycled mid-mission using SpectralScream130xWhite Spectral Scream.



Bask in her glamorous glow that rivals life-nurturing sunlight. CitrineIcon272 Citrine emits a healing aura within a radius of 50 meters, granting the Geoluminesence buff to herself and allies that continuously recover a base 5 Health points per second. Whenever she picks up a regular Health Orb, Dispensary130xWhite Dispensary produced Empowered variant, or TransmutationProbe130xWhite Transmutation Probe converted Universal Orb, regeneration rate is permanently increased by 0.1 points, up to a maximum heal rate of 25 points per second after collecting 200 Health Orbs.

  • Until her passive reach max stacks, Citrine innately can always collect Health Orbs to increase her passive healing even when unharmed.
  • Allies gain or lose Geoluminesence whenever they enter or exit Citrine's Passive radius.
  • Passive heal rate is indicated by a diamond-shaped UI indicator above the ability icons. The accumulated passive value occupies the upper red triangle, while PreservingShell130xWhite Preserving Shell's real-time damage reduction and remaining duration countdown curve occupy the lower orange triangle, only appearing when the ability is active.
  • Geoluminesence is displayed both in Citrine's UI indicator and as a Buff icon beside her and her squadmates' hitpoints indicators.



Her sullen soul, cursed and hollowed. Her hellish wrath, depthless. DagathIcon272 Dagath feeds from the souls of the deceased, granting her a 35% chance to activate Abundant Abyss when picking up Health Orbs or Energy Orbs to increase their effective yield by 300%. The passive has no cooldown and can activate on each orb collected.

  • Picking up a Health Orb yields 50 health points and an Energy Orb yields 25 energy points. Abundant Abyss boosts the total amount gained to 200 health points and 100 energy points.
    • Does not affect Mod TT 20px Equilibrium conversion.
    • Effects are applied after AmberArchonShard Amber Archon Shard (TauforgedAmberArchonShard Tauforged) calculations. For example, with two normal shards slotted for Energy Orb effectiveness (+100%) to increase energy pickups to 50 points, Abundant Abyss activating will increase energy pickup to 200 points.
  • When her passive activates, swirling Void and mist particle effects surround Dagath for a moment.



Vast as deep shadow, this arcane wellspring of forbidden knowledge. Unbound by DanteIcon272 Dante, fluttering free its radiant pages, their eyes soon agleam with boundless curiosity.

Enemies slain by Noctua130xWhite Noctua's primary fire, alt-fire, and page fragments are scanned into the Codex upon death, with each enemy death recording 1 scan entry. Enemy types with completed Codex research become permanently debuffed with Chronicler's Mark, which grants Dante's equipped weapons, including the Noctua Noctua itself, and FinalVerse130xWhite Final Verse's Wordwarden Noctua copies an extra 50% Status Chance versus these foes.



Reveling in the heat of combat, EmberIcon272 Ember gains 5% extra AbilityStrengthBuff Ability Strength for every enemy burning with an active DmgFireSmall64 Heat status effect within a 50 meters radius.

Buff values appear above Immolation130xWhite Immolation's heat gauge.



When EquinoxIcon272 Equinox collects Health Orbs or Energy Orbs, 10% of the restored amount is converted into additional Energy and Health respectively.

  • EquinoxIcon272 Equinox's passive stacks additively with Mod TT 20px Equilibrium, for a total conversion of 120%.
  • Unlike Mod TT 20px Equilibrium, does not enable the pickup of orbs while their respective resource pool is full, even for the purpose of conversion.
    • This is likely an oversight, not an intentional design decision.
  • The effect of ArcanePulse Arcane Pulse does not apply to health from converted energy orbs.
  • The effects of ArcaneEnergize Arcane Energize and FocusEnergyPulse Energy Pulse do not apply to energy from converted health orbs.

Equinox can shift between two forms to alter her abilities: the offensive-focused Day-Form or the defensive/supportive-focused Night-Form. Customizing Equinox's primary emission color determines what form she starts with:

  • Bright hues change default form to Day-Form;
  • Dark hues change default form to Night-Form.

Note that players do not need to purchase color palettes to unlock the full potential of this trait.

While customizing her emission color, Equinox's active form is displayed in the form of an icon. Upon changing colors, her combined form in Arsenal preview will also change her stance animation to reflect the chosen form's personality.

Customizing the secondary emission and the energy colors will have no effect.

Forms and abilities can be cycled mid-mission using Metamorphosis130xWhite Metamorphosis.



ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur has improved mastery in the Tenno art of the blade, receiving +10% Attack Speed and +10% damage bonuses for melee attacks while wielding the following weapons:

Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Excalibur Umbra exhibits sentience, allowing him to remain active in combat even when a player uses Operator form, acting similarly to a Specter.

  • Umbra can receive damage and healing in his specter form. Health and shields lost in his specter form will not be restored upon returning to Umbra unless all of Umbra's health is depleted.
  • Once all of Umbra's health is depleted, he will stop moving or attacking.
    • The player does not die or lose a revive, however, if Umbra's health is depleted.
  • Umbra can use any equipped weapon and most abilities, which will take into account any mods installed.
  • When enemies come within 3 meters of Umbra, he will automatically switch to the equipped melee weapon.
    • If no melee weapon is equipped, Umbra will not attack enemies who approach him, but will still cast abilities.
  • Umbra's weapons will still expend ammo reserves normally. Umbra is capable of looting ammo pickups, and will actively search for them should his ammo reserves be depleted.
    • Depleting all ammo reserves displays a red ammunition icon above Umbra's head.
    • Squad Ammo Restores will replenish ammo but only if the player is in range, even if Umbra himself is in range.
  • If Umbra falls down a bottomless pit while in Specter mode, he will not be teleported back and will remain missing until players return to Warframe mode.

Umbra's passive can be disabled with Mod TT 20px Warrior's Rest.

Radial Blind is also replaced with Radial Howl:

RadialHowlModx256 RadialHowl130xWhite
Radial Howl

Let out a ferocious howl that stuns nearby enemies and causes Sentients to shed any built up resistances.

Introduced in Update 23.0 (2018-06-15)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:N/A
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:7 / 10 / 12 / 15 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:8 / 12 / 15 / 25 m



FrostIcon272 Frost's abilities have their DmgColdSmall64 Cold status effect duration increased by 100%. Frost gains Fortifying Freeze whenever enemies within 15 meters of him are afflicted by a DmgColdSmall64 Cold status effect, increasing his Armor by 50 per enemy.

Main article: Biting Frost

Biting Frost is a Warframe Augment Mod for FrostIcon272 Frost's passive, gaining increased Critical Chance and Critical Damage on enemies frozen by 10 DmgColdSmall64 Cold status effects.

Rank Crit Chance Crit Damage Cost
0 +130% +130% 6
1 +150% +150% 7
2 +175% +175% 8
3 +200% +200% 9



When casting an ability, GaraIcon272 Gara's glass body has 15% chance to RadialBlind130xDark Blind enemies within 12 meters for 10 seconds, exposing them to Melee Finisher attacks. Blind chance increases by 20% until the blind triggers.

  • Can affect Eximus units while Overguard is active.
  • Can affect enemies inside a nullifier bubble.
  • Enemies must be within line of sight of Gara to be blinded, but do not have to face toward Gara.
  • Can refresh blind duration on currently blinded enemies when the passive procs again.
  • Affects enemies crystallized by MassVitrify130xWhite Mass Vitrify.
  • Melee finisher damage benefits from the damage multipliers of SplinterStorm130xWhite Splinter Storm and Mass Vitrify.



The more GarudaIcon272 Garuda kills the more vicious her attacks become; Garuda gains up to 100% additional damage bonus for her abilities and weapons for each kill or assisted kill.

  • Damage bonus increases by 5% per kill.
  • After not killing for 5 seconds, the damage bonus decays by 1% per 2 seconds.
    • If Garuda is inside an ability-nullifying field, such as those of the Nullifier Crewman, the decay will begin after 1 second between kills at a rate of 2% per 1 second.
  • In Landscapes, killing enemies while in Archwing also raises the damage bonus. However, kills on K-Drive do not.
    • The buff does not work while on Archwing or K-Drive, however, only when Garuda dismounts and resumes fighting on foot (needs verification).
  • Kills made by Garuda while manning a Railjack turret, whether via direct fire or with abilities such as Mod TT 20px Seeker Volley, also contribute to raising the damage bonus.
  • Damage bonus is displayed above the ability bars as a red Garuda's iconic symbol.
  • Damage bonus is calculated independent of other damage sources.
  • Damage appears to stack multiplicatively, even with other multiplicative sources such as Roar130xWhite Roar and faction damage mods.
  • Every 5% of the gauge filled causes crimson red blood to splatter onto Garuda's body, helmet, and claws.

When no melee weapon is selected in the Arsenal loadout, GarudaTalons Garuda Talons (GarudaPrimeTalons Prime) become available in the Arsenal screen as an exclusive melee weapon that can be modified separately and equipped for combat during missions.

Unlike most Warframes, when Garuda ranks up she receives a special set of rank bonuses which are indicated at the top-left of the Warframe Upgrade screen:

  • +13% / +25% / +38% / +50% / +63% / +75% / +88% / +100% / +113% / +125% Energy capacity at ranks 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 27 / 30 respectively.
Garuda receives a total of +125% Energy capacity at Rank 30 instead of the usual +50% with all other Warframes.



To achieve supersonic speed, GaussIcon272 Gauss draws upon both his Energy reserves and his state-of-the-art electrokinetic battery to fuel his abilities. Gauss has access to 80% of the battery in his default state; activating Redline130xWhite Redline grants access to 100% of the battery. The battery, displayed as a gauge meter above his ability icons, acts as a secondary resource that charges or drains depending on the ability he uses:


  • +0.66% battery per meter as Gauss moves.
  • +?% battery per second while reviving an ally in Bleedout.
  • -3% battery if Gauss falls out of bounds.
  • -15% battery per second if Gauss stands in a Nullifier Crewman bubble.

MachRush130xWhite Mach Rush

  • +10% battery on cast.
  • +1% battery per enemy hit.

KineticPlating130xWhite Kinetic Plating

  • -1% battery per second while active.
  • -0.1% battery per hit received.
  • +0.25% battery per melee hit to enemies.

ThermalSunder130xWhite Thermal Sunder

  • +10% battery on casting DmgColdSmall64 Cold.
  • -10% battery on casting DmgFireSmall64 Heat.

Redline130xWhite Redline

  • -2% battery per second while below 100% on the counter.
  • After Redline expires, the battery drains to the amount displayed on Redline counter (e.g. if the counter is at 20%, the battery will decrease to 20%).

The amount of battery stored amplifies Gauss's abilities:

  • Gauss passively gains bonus Shield recharge rate and shield recharge delay reduction for every point of battery stored in his gauge, up to a maximum of 120% for recharge rate and 80% for recharge delay when the battery is full.
  • Affects the damage reduction of KineticPlating130xWhite Kinetic Plating.
  • Affects the damage and status duration of ThermalSunder130xWhite Thermal Sunder.
  • Affects the fire rate, attack speed, reload speed, and casting speed bonuses, as well as the Redline counter and projectiles fired when above 80% battery, of Redline130xWhite Redline.
    • Additionally procs special effects of Thermal Sunder when above 80% battery and while Redline is active.



Devouring his prey whole, GrendelIcon272 Grendel slowly digests the enemies he swallows via Feast130xWhite Feast. Each enemy still alive in Grendel's belly passively grants him 250 Armor, to a maximum of 1,250 bonus armor at the 5 enemy cap.

  • Passive bonus value is displayed above Grendel's ability icons.
  • Mod TT 20px Gourmand provides an additional 150 armor bonus per enemy at max rank to Grendel's passive, increasing the armor bonus to 400 per enemy and the total armor bonus to 2,000 at enemy cap.
  • Armor bonus is added after armor mods such as Mod TT 20px Steel Fiber. For example, Grendel with a rank 10 Steel Fiber and one enemy alive in his belly will have Total armor = (350 × (1 + 1.1)) + 250 = 985
  • Armor bonus adds or subtracts depending on the number of enemies currently residing in Grendel's stomach.



GyreIcon272 Gyre's abilities gain a flat 10% Critical Chance per active DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity status proc affecting an individual enemy to deal 2.0x Critical Damage against that enemy.

  • Bonus stacks additively with CathodeGrace130xWhite Cathode Grace, increasing the overall ability critical chance at lower DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity status stack counts.
  • Passive and Cathode Grace combined provide up to a maximum of 300% ability critical chance.
    • From the passive alone, a minimum of 30 DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity procs will reach the capped ability critical chance.
  • Gyre's abilities can reach orange and red critical multipliers to inflict 3.0x and 4.0x ability critical damage.
    • From the passive alone, orange crits start at 11 stacks (110% crit chance) and red crits at 21 stacks (210% crit chance) respectively.
  • Helminth-subsumed abilities and Railjack turret abilities such as Mod TT 20px Seeker Volley do not benefit from Gyre's passive.



HarrowIcon272 Harrow possesses 200% Overshields capacity, granting him a maximum of 2,400 Overshields, and spawns into missions with 100% Energy filled, identical to how the mod Mod TT 20px Preparation works.



HildrynIcon272 Hildryn utilizes her advanced Shielding systems to power all of her abilities. Although she has no Energy capacity, her shields boast additional passive benefits and defensive capabilities:

  • Hildryn's Shield Gating is more advanced than other Warframes, bolstering her defenses:
    • Overshields protect Hildryn's Health pool from damage types that normally bypass shields to directly affect health, such as DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin damage and Mod TT 20px Combat Discipline's health loss per kill.
    • Hildryn's Shield Gating grace period is 3.5 seconds when fully charged.
      • This passive is shared with ally Warframes and Companions when linked via Haven130xWhite Haven. Reset is dependent on the allies' own shield bar being fully replenished once protected by invulnerability.
      • This passive also works in Archwing combat.
  • All of Hildryn's abilities drain her Overshield and Shield points, as she lacks any energy capacity.
    • Ability Efficiency mods and abilities affect the shield costs of her abilities instead of energy costs.
    • Mods which convert energy spent on abilities to shields (such as Mod TT 20px Brief Respite or the Augur Mod Set) do not replenish shields.
  • Energy Orb pickups restore 25 shield points and instantly reset shield recharge delay.
    • Because Hildryn can still pick up energy orbs to restore shield, mods or arcanes that benefit from picking up energy, such as Mod TT 20px Equilibrium, Mod TT 20px Energy Conversion, and ArcaneEnergize Arcane Energize, still function.
      • However, ArcaneEnergize Arcane Energize has no effect on her, even though it can still trigger.
    • Increasing the effectiveness of Energy Orbs with an AmberArchonShard Amber Archon Shard also works with Hildryn, increasing the amount of shields gained per orb.
    • Can only pick up Energy Orbs when Hildryn's shield pool is not at or above maximum.
    • Shield points from Energy Orbs cannot create Overshields.

Unlike most Warframes, when Hildryn ranks up she receives a special set of rank bonuses which are indicated at the middle-left of the Warframe Upgrade screen:

  • +10 Health every three ranks, starting at rank 1.
  • +25 Shield every three ranks, starting at rank 2 and at rank 3.

At rank 30, this results in a total of:

  • +100 Health
  • +500 Shield



Enemies damaged by HydroidIcon272 Hydroid are permanently more vulnerable to DmgCorrosiveSmall64 Corrosive Status, with initial status reducing armor by 50% rather than 26%, allowing Corrosive Status to reach 100% armor reduction at full stacks. As long as Hydroid has damaged the enemy, the Corrosive Status Effects can be applied from any source, not just from Hydroid's weapons or abilities, and will receive the benefit.

Affected enemies are marked with a translucent water-dripping DmgCorrosiveSmall64 Corrosive symbol over their head, and a splashing sound is played when a new enemy is affected. The symbol color is affected by Hydroid's chosen Warframe energy color.

Bosses are immune to the increased armor reduction from Hydroid's passive, except in the Simulacrum.



Resurrect the undying king of the desert with the death of his foes. On fatal injury and entering Bleedout, InarosIcon272 Inaros entombs himself into a Sarcophagus and incarnates as a sand version of himself, able to revive himself by melee attacking (default E ) enemies and siphoning their life force. Alternatively, allies may manually revive Inaros by interacting with his Sarcophagus.

  • The revive meter that appears on the reticle is filled by ?% for every melee hit.
    • Attacks from Swarm Kavats spawned by ScarabSwarm130xWhite Scarab Swarm also contribute to the revive meter.
  • The sand incarnation will only use Blank Unarmed attacks and cannot use other weapons.
  • The sand incarnation does not restrict Maneuvers.
  • Mod TT 20px Undying Will and Renewal130xWhite Renewal will still function normally on Inaros' Sarcophagus.
  • FocusLensUnairu b Unairu's FocusLastGasp Last Gasp will not prompt on Inaros' Sarcophagus.
  • Sarcophagus does not prevent Inaros from dying in Arbitrations; he will still enter the Sarcophagus animation before immediately dying.

Killing enemies with melee Finishers restores 20% of Inaros' maximum Health.

Unlike most Warframes, when Inaros ranks up he receives a special set of rank bonuses which are indicated at the middle-left of the Warframe Upgrade screen:

  • +10 Health every three ranks, starting at rank 1 and at rank 2.
  • +5 Energy Capacity every three ranks, starting at rank 3.

At rank 30, this results in a total of:

  • +200 Health
  • +50 Energy Capacity



IvaraIcon272 Ivara's innate enemy Radar has a larger radius, detecting enemies and displaying their position on the minimap within 50 meters rather than the usual 30 meters.

This effect stacks with (Mod TT 20px Primed) Mod TT 20px Animal Instinct, Mod TT 20px Enemy Radar, Mod TT 20px Enemy SenseMod TT 20px Stealth Drift, and Mod TT 20px Vigilante Pursuit, increasing her detection range to 191 meters, or more with squad members equipped with the aura Mod TT 20px Enemy Radar and/or Mod TT 20px Coaction Drift.



For more information on Khora's Kavat, please refer to the tabs below and visit the Venari130xWhite Venari ability article.

Khora's ferocious Kavat, Venari, fights alongside her with steadfast zeal. Venari is an exclusive Companion for the KhoraIcon272 Khora Warframe, integrated as her signature passive ability. Venari will spawn beside Khora when the player first enters a mission, as a permanent companion that lasts until killed.

While Venari is alive, Khora passively gains a AbilityStrengthBuff15% movement speed boost. If Venari is killed, she will respawn beside Khora after 45 seconds, or instantly if summoned via the third ability for an energy cost. Both passive features are tied to Khora's Venari130xWhite Venari ability allowing her to be modified.

Additionally, Venari is an independent AI-controlled entity from Khora that possesses unique interactions:

  • Venari automatically becomes available for customization in the Arsenal by default, when Khora is equipped as the player's current Warframe.
  • Venari behaves similar to other Kavats. She will follow Khora and seek out nearby enemies to attack them with her bite and claws, occasionally performing wall attacks. Additionally, she can perform special effects based on her current battle posture.
    • Unlike Kavats or other companions, Venari can attack enemies banished by LimboIcon272 Limbo to the Rift Plane.
    • Venari does not perform parkour maneuvers unlike other Kavats and Kubrows.
    • Venari will teleport to Khora or her marked target if she is too far away.
    • Venari's position on the minimap is tracked via a blue Venari icon.
  • When killed, Venari will disappear and wait to respawn instead of entering Bleedout.
  • Venari's UI is displayed above Khora's ability icons on the HUD. Her UI consists of her ability icon, her name, the battle posture cycle selection wheel, the currently selected posture, and her Shield and Health bars.
    • Upon switching battle posture, the name of the selected posture will briefly appear beside Venari's icon on her UI.
    • While Venari is dead, her shield and health bars are hidden from view, as her respawn timer is displayed on the Venari130xWhite Venari ability icon.
  • Venari is not affected by OberonIcon272 Oberon's passive and Master'sSummons130xWhite Master's Summons.
  • Ability Synergy: Venari deals 200% damage to enemies affected by Ensnare130xWhite Ensnare.
  • Replacing Khora's third ability via Helminth will only remove the ability to mark targets for Venari, change her posture, and resummon her. Venari will still be present and boost Khora's movement speed while alive, due to being part of her passive.
    • Mod TT 20px Venari Bodyguard will still be unable to equipped despite its passive-style effects.
  • Additionally to Khora, Venari as well as her Prime counterpart also grant 6,000 mastery points, similar to other companions.
    • Venari and Venari Prime are however not listed on a player's profile.
  • On KhoraPrimeIcon272 Khora Prime, she is accompanied by Venari Prime, acting as a direct upgrade over Venari:
    • Higher Armor (450 vs. 350)
    • Higher Health (350/1,050 vs. 300/900)
    • Higher Damage (55 vs. 40)

In the Arsenal, the player can modify Venari via the Upgrade tab using Mods and Forma. Whether Khora was crafted or purchased, Venari always comes with a preinstalled Orokin Reactor for doubled mod capacity.

  • Venari and Khora both accumulate Affinity and level up in ranks separately.
  • Khora can equip a Companion and Venari simultaneously, due to Venari occupying her own loadout slot rather than the companion slot.
  • Can equip Kavat and Companion eligible mods, but cannot use unique Precept mods from other Kavat variants.
    • Is able to equip Hunter Set Mods, but they do not activate the set bonus nor display the set bonus on the mod descriptions.
  • Venari requires individual Forma for Polarization of her mod slots.
  • Venari is uniquely affected by the following mods:
    • Although Venari has no innate Shield points, she is able to gain a shield bar by equipping Mod TT 20px Link Redirection.
    • (Mod TT 20px Primed) Mod TT 20px Animal Instinct radars stack with other radar mods, including Animal Instinct equipped on Khora's Companion.
    • Mod TT 20px Fetch equipped on Venari will not have its effect stacked with Mod TT 20px Vacuum equipped on a robotic Companion, or another Fetch equipped on an animal Companion.
    • Venari's high base Armor and Health make Mod TT 20px Metal Fiber and Mod TT 20px Enhanced Vitality more effective on her than other Companions, surpassing Mod TT 20px Link Fiber and Mod TT 20px Link Vitality in effectiveness if Khora herself doesn't invest in the linked stats.
    • Venari regains health passively when Mod TT 20px Rejuvenation or Mod TT 20px Medi-Pet Kit are equipped.
    • Venari gains health when Khora uses her melee weapon, if it is equipped with Mod TT 20px Life Strike and Mod TT 20px Healing Return. Health is gained when an enemy is hit and the mod requirements are met.
    • Venari cannot benefit from Mod TT 20px Energy Conversion due to the Ability Strength bonus being consumed by the marking and reviving features of the Venari130xWhite Venari ability.
    • Mod TT 20px Maul increases both Venari's normal attack damage and her Attack posture Snare damage.

Venari is customizable by accessing the Arsenal. When Khora is equipped, Venari's dedicated loadout section becomes available with Appearance tab for modification.

  • Can be colored with Kavat Gene-Masking Kit palettes.
  • Cannot equip alternative Kavat skins and armor sets.
  • Venari's eye color and regalia color will match Khora's chosen energy color.
  • Venari uses a custom model based on the Feral Kavat. Alongside other similar features, Venari is larger in size compared to other Kavats, has metallic lining spread throughout her body, and a single tail with an interchangeable tip, which transforms depending on her current battle posture.



Perpetual solitude birthed both pastime and profession, for the knife whisperer KullervoIcon272 Kullervo became deadly proficient. All melee weapons equipped by Kullervo gain +75% Heavy Attack Efficiency and +100% Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed, in addition to a stylized Melee Combo Counter permanently displayed above his ability icons.

Kullervo's melee combo counter is passively increased by the following abilities:

  • RecompenseIcon Recompense successful hits on enemies add 1 melee combo per dagger, excluding missed daggers striking Kullervo himself.
  • Melee weapon attacks and ability dagger hits spread by CollectiveCurseIcon Collective Curse add 1 melee combo per hit.
  • StormofUkkoIcon Storm of Ukko's direct damage adds 1 melee combo per tick.

Melee combo count, gain, and reduction are affected by various equipped melee Mods. It is not reduced or removed by entering an ability nullification zone or by Kullervo falling out of bounds.

If Kullervo does not have a melee weapon equipped, he will not be able to build melee combo and his unique counter UI will simply display a 1x multiplier.

Unlike most Warframes, when Kullervo ranks up he receives a special set of rank bonuses which are indicated at the middle-left of the Warframe Upgrade screen:

  • +20 Health every three ranks, starting at rank 1.
  • +10 Armor every three ranks, starting at rank 2.
  • +5 Energy Capacity every three ranks, starting at rank 3.

At rank 30, this results in a total of:

  • +200 Health
  • +100 Armor
  • +50 Energy Capacity



Valence Block

Purifying himself from all ailments, LavosIcon272 Lavos cleanses all active negative Status Effects and gains status immunity for 10 seconds upon collecting an Energy or Universal Orb. Picking up an Energy or Universal Orb has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

  • Buff duration is renewed to full upon collecting a new orb.
  • Valence Block buff icon and timer are shown beside Lavos' shield and health indicators.
  • While activated, three serpent-like energy particle effects encircle Lavos' body.
  • If Lavos is injured with missing health, Universal Orbs are collectible to heal him with no cooldown period in between.
  • When Lavos' Companion is equipped with Mod TT 20px Synth Fiber, all nearby Health and Universal Orbs will be collected, bypassing Lavos' innate orb pickup cooldown entirely.

Special Casting

Stats and Modding[]

LavosIcon272 Lavos has no energy capacity and his abilities do not use any resource to activate. Instead, each of his abilities are free to cast with a cooldown in between uses. The EnergyOrb Ability Efficiency stat will instead affect the cooldown reduction effect from TransmutationProbe130xWhite Transmutation Probe and Mod TT 20px Swift Bite.

  • Mods which convert energy spent on abilities to shields, such as Mod TT 20px Brief Respite or the Augur Mod Set, do not replenish shields.
  • Because Lavos can still pick up energy orbs, mods or arcanes that benefit from picking up energy, such as Mod TT 20px Equilibrium, Mod TT 20px Energy Conversion, and ArcaneEnergize Arcane Energize, still function.
  • Subsumed abilities injected into Lavos via the Helminth system will cost 0 energy, but instead incur a 10 second cooldown after cast and disable the elemental imbuement hold-function (see below) associated with the ability button.
    • On non-recastable abilities (e.g. Roar130xWhite Roar), the cooldown begins after the ability's duration expires, unless modded with an augment that allows it to be recastable (e.g. Mod TT 20px Piercing Roar).
    • On channeled abilities (e.g. Gloom130xWhite Gloom), they instead have a AbilityDurationBuff12 second base duration.

The AbilityDurationBuff Ability Duration stat will also affect the Status Duration stat uniquely innate to Lavos, which extends or shortens the duration of all status effects created by Lavos using his weapons and abilities.

Elemental Imbuement[]

Experiment and unleash volatile mixtures of the deadly elements. Hold down one of the four ability buttons (default 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ) to imbue a Primary Elemental damage type (DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin, DmgColdSmall64 Cold, DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity, and DmgFireSmall64 Heat respectively) into the mixing vial displayed above Lavos' ability icons. Imbuement has no cost nor cooldown between uses.

  • Elemental imbuement is available by default to Lavos at Warframe Rank 0 without requiring his abilities to be fully unlocked.
  • Primary Elements are shown in the four smaller diamond-shaped icons below the mixing vial. When an ability button is held down, its diamond icon is briefly highlighted until the element is mixed in.
  • Combine with a different element to produce a Secondary Elemental damage type: DmgBlastSmall64 Blast (2 +4 ), DmgCorrosiveSmall64 Corrosive (1 +3 ), DmgGasSmall64 Gas (1 +4 ), DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic (2 +3 ), DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation (3 +4 ), and DmgViralSmall64 Viral (1 +2 ).
    • Inputs can be in any order, or the hotkeys can be held down together to instantly produce a Secondary Elemental damage type.
  • The Imbued Primary or Secondary Element is shown in the vial with a colorcoded emblem and plays a unique sound effect upon mixing.
  • With an element in the mixing vial, Lavos' next ability cast drains the vial to add the Primary or Secondary Elemental damage type, onto the chosen ability dealing an extra instance of damage and status proc.
    • The same Primary Elemental damage type can be imbued onto an ability that already inflicts that damage type (e.g. OphidianBite130xWhite Ophidian Bite imbued with DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin, VialRush130xWhite Vial Rush imbued with DmgColdSmall64 Cold, etc) to double the damage and status proc.
    • Imbued Primary Elemental damage types do not merge with the ability's innate damage type.
    • Non-damaging status effects inflicted by all of Lavos' abilities (DmgColdSmall64 Cold, DmgBlastSmall64 Blast, DmgCorrosiveSmall64 Corrosive, DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic, DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation, and DmgViralSmall64 Viral) will proc 3 stacks in a single application of elemental status.
    • Lavos' mixing vial is only cleared of its elemental contents upon imbuing an ability.
    • Elements can be imbued even if Lavos cannot use the ability.
  • Imbuement is only available from Lavos' original abilities, therefore a subsumed ability replacement from the Helminth system will disable the associated element on the ability button.
    • Imbuement also cannot be applied onto subsumed abilities.

Rank Bonuses

Unlike most Warframes, when Lavos ranks up he receives a special set of rank bonuses which are indicated at the top-left of the Warframe Upgrade screen:

  • +20 Health every three ranks, starting at rank 1.
  • +10 Shield every three ranks, starting at rank 2.
  • +10 Armor every three ranks, starting at rank 3.

At rank 30, this results in a total of:

  • +200 Health
  • +100 Shield
  • +100 Armor

Main article: Valence Formation

Valence Formation is a Warframe Augment Mod for LavosIcon272 Lavos that allows weapons to gain the corresponding element of an ability whenever it is cast, with a guaranteed status effect.

Rank Elemental Damage AbilityDurationBuffDuration Cost
0 50% 20s 6
1 100% 20s 7
2 150% 20s 8
3 200% 20s 9



Main article: Rift Plane

LimboIcon272 Limbo has access to the Rift plane (Rift for short), an alternate dimension to the normal environment, or material plane. By performing a Roll (default Shift ), a Sidespring (A  or D  + Shift ), or a Backspring (RMB  + S  + Shift ), Limbo slides into and out of the Rift at will. This is better known as Rift Walk. Several of Limbo's abilities impose the Rift upon the world around him, affecting himself, the environment, enemies, and even allies.

  • When sliding into the Rift, Limbo leaves a portal in his wake that lasts 5 seconds. Ally players can touch the portal to enter the Rift for 15 seconds, after which they will return to the material plane. Enemies can also (accidently) enter the rift, if they walk into the portal (also accidently) so you can force enemies into the rift with no abilities at all just by getting close to them and Shift  near them.
    • Allies can perform the aforementioned trigger maneuvers to return to the material plane sooner.
    • Limbo can use the portal himself to enter the Rift with no time limit, as if rift walking, and can remain indefinitely in either dimension.
      • Limbo's Companion will walk the same dimensional plane as its owner.
    • Limbo and allies can independently travel across planes by walking through the edge of Cataclysm130xWhite Cataclysm.
    • Coming into contact with a Nullifier bubble will forcefully bring Limbo back to the material plane.
  • Each enemy inside the Rift when killed by Limbo grants him 10 energy, regardless of the plane Limbo is in.



LokiIcon272 Loki's Wall Latch duration is increased to a maximum of 60 seconds, ten times longer than any other Warframe.



MagIcon272 Mag automatically Mod TT 20px Vacuums Pickups that are within 8 meters towards her.

  • The passive does not stack with mods like Mod TT 20px Vacuum or Mod TT 20px Fetch, making it useless if these mods are used, since they override her passive due to providing more range.



MesaIcon272 Mesa has improved proficiency with secondary weapons, and gains a health bonus at the expense of not having a melee weapon equipped:



MirageIcon272 Mirage has an increased proficiency when performing several Maneuvers:

  • Sliding lasts 85% longer
  • +50% faster Maneuver speed



A master of death, NekrosIcon272 Nekros and his Companions regenerates 5 Health when an enemy dies within 10 meters of him.



NezhaIcon272 Nezha slides 60% faster and goes 35% farther. These effects stack with Mod TT 20px Cunning Drift, Mod TT 20px Maglev and Mod TT 20px Streamlined Form.

Nezha's passive can be disabled with Mod TT 20px Controlled Slide.



The Infestation dwelling within NidusIcon272 Nidus mutates rapidly when used against his foes, fueling his abilities and yielding various symbiotic benefits. Nidus possesses various passive mechanics highlighted in the tabs below:


Mutation gauge at 100 stacks.

Mutation Stacks are a resource unique to Nidus, indicated by the Mutation counter and gauge displayed in the lower-right on the HUD, above the ability icons.

  • The gauge is divided into 5 sections which represent the number of hits dealt to enemies via Nidus' abilities, while the counter at the center of the gauge keeps track of the number of Mutation stacks up to a maximum of 100.
    • When generating Mutation, the sections light up clockwise. Once all 5 sections have lit up, the gauge completes a cycle and the sections become unlit again, while the counter increases by 1 Mutation stack. The following abilities generate 1/5th of a Mutation stack:
      • Each enemy hit with Virulence130xWhite Virulence.
      • Each enemy hit by Ravenous130xWhite Ravenous' maggot explosion.
      • Each enemy killed from any source while held by Larva130xWhite Larva at a 50% chance.
      • Abilities are not required to deal damage to enemies, only ability contact is needed to increase Mutation stacks.
      • When gaining or losing large numbers of stacks, the gauge only changes one at a time, making it difficult to estimate the actual count.
        • This can be bypassed by briefly switching to the Operator, as this will instantly refresh to the current amount of stacks.
    • Mutation stacks are stored until used by the player. Stacks will not disappear in the event of a host migration.
    • Ability-nullifying enemies such as Nullifier Crewman will drain 1 Mutation stack every 2 seconds, ramping up the drain rate the longer Nidus remains in their radius.
    • Each Mutation stack causes the gauge to gradually appear more infested, and upon reaching maximum stacks the counter is hidden and the gauge is overlapped by Virulence's ability icon colored in red and black.
  • The amount of Mutation stacks stored benefits Nidus' abilities:
    • Increases the damage of Virulence and Ravenous' maggot explosion.
    • ParasiticLink130xWhite Parasitic Link costs 1 stack to activate instead of using energy.
    • Ravenous costs 3 stacks to activate instead of using energy.
  • Nidus' appearance changes as more stacks are collected:
    • With the base skin:
      • At 3 stacks, tendrils will protrude from his neck and upper spine, while the carapace around his ribs will open.
      • At 5 and 7 stacks respectively, the carapace around his thighs and arms will open to reveal more infested flesh and tendrils beneath.
      • At 10 stacks, certain sections of his currently-equipped helmet will open up.
        • With the base helmet, the sides of his head extend outward to form a pair of horns, also exposing many more tendrils.
        • With the Nidus Prion Helmet, the "mouth" and the ligature open up, revealing Void-like energy underneath.
        • With the Nidus Myxini Helmet, the helmet opens up down the middle to reveal a monstrous mouth-like face.
    • With the Nidus Phryke Skin:
      • At 3 stacks, he gains protective armor on his thighs, and his shoulder pads are covered in a cage-like armor with a protruding spike on the top.
      • At 5 stacks, a large curved blade appears on each of the shoulder pad spikes.
      • At 7 stacks, his forearms are lined with a curved blade that extends two large spikes.
      • At 10 stacks, his face becomes covered with a crown-like visor.
    • With NidusPrimeIcon272 Nidus Prime:
      • At 3 stacks, black tendrils form on the left side of his face, as well as his entire left arm.
      • At 5 stacks, the tendrils extend to cover his chest and back.
      • At 7 stacks, the right side of his fleshy body becomes covered in a black mass as the golden metallic spikes on his right arm protrude outward, while tendrils form on his lower body.
      • At 10 stacks, the tendrils extend to cover his entire face and thighs.
    • When stacks fall below the required triggers, Nidus' appearance will revert to the appropriate stage.

If Nidus suffers fatal damage with at least 15 stacks of Mutation, Nidus will consume the 15 stacks to avoid bleedout while receiving 5 seconds of invulnerability and restoring 50% of his health.

  • A UI banner displaying "Undying" and an invulnerability timer will appear at the top-center of the screen while this passive is activated. The required amount of Mutation stacks will be visibly subtracted from the counter and gauge.
  • If Nidus has fewer than 15 Mutation stacks, all stacks will be consumed without benefit.
  • If Nidus has 15 or more stacks while Mod TT 20px Quick Thinking is equipped, Undying will be given a higher priority, triggering before any energy is drained by Quick Thinking.

Main article: Abundant Mutation

Abundant Mutation is a Warframe Augment Mod for NidusIcon272 Nidus' passive that increases the amount of max stacks that he can carry but adds a cooldown of 30 seconds to his Undying passive.

Rank Additional max stacks Cost
0 +50 6
1 +100 7
2 +150 8
3 +200 9

Unlike most Warframes, when Nidus ranks up he receives a special set of rank bonuses which are indicated at the middle-left of the Warframe Upgrade screen:

At rank 30, this results in a total of:

  • +100 Health
  • +100 Armor
  • +15% Ability Strength
  • +50 Energy capacity
  • +15 Health/s regeneration
Note that these bonuses are gained only by leveling up. Gaining Mutation stacks will not increase said bonuses.



Whenever NovaIcon272 Nova receives a Knockdown b Knockdown, she emits a neutron burst which knocks down and damages enemies in a 6 meter radius and 250 DmgBlastSmall64 Blast damage.

  • Self-Stagger knockdown will also trigger this passive.



Enemies have 20% reduced Accuracy when targeting NyxIcon272 Nyx (except while Absorb130xWhite Absorb is active).



Creatures of nature rejuvenate in OberonIcon272 Oberon's presence, causing all Companions to receive +25% Health, Shield and Armor links. Oberon's own Companion also receives 1 instant revive per mission.



OctaviaIcon272 Octavia creates musical masterpieces from the Mandachord affixed to her arms that empowers her abilities. She possesses various passive mechanics highlighted in the tabs below:

For an in-depth guide to the Mandachord by the developers, please visit Update 20.0 (2017-03-24) patch notes and scroll to the Mandachord section.

The Mandachord is a step sequencer that allows the player to compose unique songs and conduct them in full symphony through Octavia's abilities.

  • To access the Mandachord menu, open the Arsenal in your ship, equip Octavia, click on the Warframe's Appearance tab, and select Mandachord at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Once inside the Mandachord menu, the player's view will switch to first-person and look downward at the expanded Mandachord on Octavia's left arm.
  • The Mandachord menu comprises of all customization options related to Octavia's abilities.
    • Each ability is affected by a section of the Mandachord: Percussion (Mallet130xWhite Mallet), Bass (Resonator130xWhite Resonator), and Melody (MetronomeIcon Metronome).
    • Instruments enable selection of different soundpacks for each section (see Octavia's media for available purchases). The Adau soundpack is available by default, sporting drums for Percussion, violin for Bass, and choir voices for Melody.
    • Volume Mixer allows volume adjustments for each section. Volume settings will apply during Mandachord customization and to the appropriate abilities during gameplay.
    • Track Isolation enables toggling on or off each section for better audio clarity while composing a song.
    • Loop allows selection of bars 1 through 4 to continuously loop for note changes comparison while composing a song. Additionally, a bar's notes can be copied to another bar, or completely cleared from the selected bar.
    • Composition enables saving new songs, reloading the current song, and loading custom and instrument songs from your playlist.
    • The Mandachord may be paused at any time by clicking the Pause button at the bottom-right corner. Click again to resume.

When casting an ability, Octavia grants herself and allies within 15 meters the Inspiration buff, generating 1 energy per second for 30 seconds.

  • Octavia recasting any ability will also refresh the active Inspiration buff's duration.
  • Inspiration buff icon is displayed with a duration timer next to the shield and health indicator at the top-right of the HUD.



Every 4th ability casted by ProteaIcon272 Protea gains an additive 100% AbilityStrengthBuff Ability Strength bonus. The power recorder displayed on the HUD above her ability icons is charged by 1 power bar per ability cast. Once fully charged with 3 power bars, the leftmost slot glows intensely and the bonus ready message is shown above.

  • After the bonus is applied, the power recorder empties to reset the cycle.
  • Abilities can be cast in any combination to empower a desired ability with the passive bonus.
  • Passive bonus grants improvements to the following aspects of each ability:
  • Stored power bars are not affected by ability nullifying effects.
  • The power recorder is affected by Protea's Appearance colors.



All primary, secondary, selective melee weapons (Glaives and Gunblades), and CrucibleBlast130xWhite Crucible Blast wielded by QorvexIcon272 Qorvex gain Core Exposure, granting them a +3 Punch Through bonus.



When RevenantIcon272 Revenant's Shield is fully depleted, he emits a radial pulse over 7.5 meters inflicting 100 DmgBlastSmall64 Blast damage with maximum 75% Damage Falloff.

Additionally, harnessing the essence of Eidolons, RevenantIcon272 Revenant is immune to the DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic night waters of the Plains of Eidolon.



If RhinoIcon272 Rhino falls far enough to incur a Hard Landing (even if he avoids the animation, such as by sliding), the ground impact will discharge a shockwave that deals DmgImpactSmall64 Impact damage and Knockdown b Knockdown in a 6 meter area of effect. This stacks with Mod TT 20px Heavy Impact. There is a max 90% Damage Falloff at the edge of the shockwave's radius.



Status Effects inflicted by SarynIcon272 Saryn's weapons and abilities last 25% longer.



Intertwined forever in life and death, SevagothIcon272 Sevagoth and his Shadow exhibit numerous unique properties and interactions, highlighted in the tabs below:


Sevagoth's Tombstone

Death and rebirth unending. On fatal injury and entering Bleedout, SevagothIcon272 Sevagoth's body petrifies into a broken tombstone as his Shadow manifests itself. Control the Shadow to collect the souls of 5 enemies by casting Consume130xWhite Consume via the ability, quick melee, or fire weapon buttons with a targeted enemy on the aiming reticle (default 2 , E  and LMB  respectively), reviving Sevagoth upon a full harvest. Alternatively, allies may manually revive Sevagoth by interacting with his tombstone.

  • While the passive is activated, a soul counter appears above Sevagoth's ability icons indicating the number of remaining enemies required to revive Sevagoth, as well as a bleedout gauge that counts down toward his death. If ExaltedShadow130xWhite Exalted Shadow is unlocked, the Death Well is replaced by the soul counter until Sevagoth revives.
  • Sevagoth's Shadow summoned by the passive is still vulnerable to damage and status effects. It utilizes its equipped Mods and Arcanes, but cannot cast its other abilities. Beware, should the Shadow die, Sevagoth will also truly die, but only in Solo mode. In Co-op, his Shadow simply vanishes, and his tombstone will remain for the rest of his bleedout timer, still available to be revived by his allies.
  • Consume130xWhite Consume is altered to cost 0 Energy to cast and inflicts armor and shield-bypassing damage equal to the target's total hitpoints, instantly killing non-boss enemies.
  • Although ShadowClaws Shadow Claws cannot be used to directly attack, Sevagoth's Shadow can still block incoming frontal damage (default hold RMB ) to prolong its durability until the soul harvest is complete.
    • However, the claws may still perform a heavy melee attack or slam (default MMB ). Enemies killed via this method do not count toward reviving Sevagoth.
  • The player can still reach extraction while bleeding out and controlling Sevagoth's Shadow.
  • Mod TT 20px Undying Will and Renewal130xWhite Renewal will still function normally on Sevagoth's Tombstone.
    • Undying Will has no effect when equipped on the Shadow.
  • FocusLensUnairu b Unairu's FocusLastGasp Last Gasp will not prompt on Sevagoth's Tombstone.
  • Tombstone does not prevent Sevagoth from dying in Arbitrations; he will still enter the Tombstone animation before immediately dying.


  • When Sevagoth is the player's equipped Warframe, Sevagoth's Shadow is available for customization with its own Upgrade, Appearance, and Abilities tabs in the Arsenal loadout screen after reaching Warframe Rank 10.
  • While controlling Sevagoth's Shadow via the passive ability and ExaltedShadow130xWhite Exalted Shadow, the player's HUD fades into a monochrome tint with vaporous visual effects animating along the edges. The Shadow itself visually resides at the eyes of twin storms of darkness that follow from above and below, while a dark fog shrouds the environment in the distance.
    • Due to the Shadow's bulk, the player's camera angle is set to a different attach point than Warframes.
  • The Shadow can perform all Warframe Maneuvers as well as interactions such as Hacking, picking up collectibles such as Ayatan Treasures and Granum Crowns, and reviving allies from Bleedout.
    • The Shadow uses custom double jump and dodge animations, where it spins and twirls in a full rotation as it moves toward the input direction.
    • However, the Shadow cannot pick up carriables such as Mobile Defense datamasses or Excavation power cells, and cannot interact with Sevagoth's Tombstone to revive himself.
  • The Shadow cannot use Gear items or perform Emotes.
  • Upon receiving fatal damage, the Shadow does not enter Bleedout, instead reverting the player's control back to Sevagoth's body with no incurred penalty.
  • While within an ability nullification sphere from enemies such as Nullifier Crewman or Isolator Bursa, Sevagoth's Shadow receives damage to its Health pool as 15% of its maximum health pool every half second.
  • Replacing Exalted Shadow via Helminth will remove access to all of the Shadow's abilities. However, Sevagoth's Tombstone passive will still function normally.
  • The Shadow's abilities can not be replaced by Helminth.
  • Sevagoth's Arbitration strength bonus does not apply to Shadow's abilities.

For the exalted weapon article, see Shadow Claws.
  • When Sevagoth is the player's equipped Warframe, ShadowClaws Shadow Claws is available for customization with its own Upgrade tab in the Arsenal loadout screen after reaching Warframe Rank 10.
  • Shadow Claws are accessed via ExaltedShadow130xWhite Exalted Shadow and comes with its own unique melee stance, Mod TT 20px Ravenous Wraith.
    • The stance's rank for Shadow Claws corresponds to the ability rank of Exalted Shadow on Sevagoth.
  • Shadow Claws' colors automatically match the Appearance loadout of Sevagoth's Shadow.

  • Sevagoth's Shadow utilizes separate Upgrade loadouts from the Sevagoth Warframe, allowing the player to slot in a different Aura, Arcane Enhancements, and Mods for customization according to the Shadow's own attributes.
  • The Shadow can receive Forma, Aura Forma, Umbral Forma, and Exilus Warframe Adapter.
  • The Shadow comes with a pre-installed Orokin Reactor.
  • The Shadow's abilities, Embrace130xWhite Embrace, Consume130xWhite Consume, and DeathsHarvest130xWhite Death's Harvest drain Energy from the Shadow's own energy pool to cast.
  • The equipped Aura on the Shadow is only active during ExaltedShadow130xWhite Exalted Shadow and while Sevagoth is bleeding out in his tombstone. This seems to deactivate the Aura equipped on Sevagoth (only one aura seems to be active at a time).

  • Appearance
  • Sevagoth's Shadow's Appearance tab within the Arsenal allows for separate color and attachments customization.
    • Appearance menu consists of helmet, skin, attachments, and color options.
    • Attachments only contain the Ephemera selection.
    • The Shadow's energy colors automatically match the selected colors on Sevagoth's Appearance loadout.
  • Sevagoth's Shadow's appearance resembles the Sevagoth Warframe with some notable differences.
    • The flesh-like collar around Sevagoth's neck is enlarged, causing the lining of spikes to protrude more prominently.
    • The inner pieces of the shawl normally dangling freely are enlarged and warped into malleable arms ending in razor-sharp claws. The wires wrapped around his arms become unfurled and hang freely in front.
    • Elongated spikes protrude from its spine, while the spinal cord act as a tail.
    • Sevagoth's upper and lower limbs as well as his main body are missing, replaced by flowing shadows and ghostly vapor that emanate from the Shadow.

  • Edit


    StyanaxIcon272 Styanax's weapon Critical Chance bonus increases by 1% per 40 Shield points, based on his current total including Overshields. Passive bonus is doubled on Speargun primary Weapons, such as Styanax's signature Afentis Afentis, Scourge Scourge (ScourgePrime Prime), Ferrox Ferrox (TenetFerrox Tenet), and Javlok Javlok.

    • Passive bonus value is displayed as a Buff icon called Hoplite beside Styanax's hitpoint indicators.
    • Critical chance bonus percentage changes in real time to reflect Styanax's shield pool.
    • Critical chance bonus stacks additively with Mods.
    • While Styanax has a Speargun equipped, the Hoplite buff will display the increased critical value, even when holding another weapon.



    Frolicking and fluttering about, TitaniaIcon272 Titania passively possesses +25% Bullet Jump and Rolling distance. Casting her abilities rejuvenates Titania and her allies within 15 meters, granting them the Upsurge buff which regenerates 4 Health points per second for 20 seconds.

    • Upsurge is granted at the start of Titania's cast animations.
      • The duration of the heal is refreshed on successive ability casts.
    • Upsurge buff icon is displayed with a duration timer next to the shield and health indicators, at the top-right of the HUD.
      • An icon also appears next to each allied player affected by Upsurge.
    • Affected allies includes all Warframes, Companions, Eidolon Lures, summoned allied units such as Specters, allied Invasion units, Hostages, Kavor Defectors, Sortie and Arbitrations Defense Operatives, and Defense Objects.



    Talented in rapid restoration and emergency triage, TrinityIcon272 Trinity commences revival of fallen allies in bleedout 25% faster and from 50% further away.



    ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr is nimble, able to recover from Knockdown b Knockdown 50% faster and is immune to Hard Landings, landing with no touchdown delay.

    • Valkyr's immunity to hard landings prevents her from triggering Mod TT 20px Heavy Impact.



    An inventor by nature, the process of creation necessitates demolition and deconstruction. VaubanIcon272 Vauban inflicts 25% extra damage with his weapons and abilities against enemies that are incapacitated by an attached TeslaNervos130xWhite Tesla Nervos, entangled by Minelayer130xWhite Minelayer's Tether Coil, lifted by Bastille130xWhite Bastille's prison, or pulled by Bastille's vortex gravity.

    • Damage bonus stacks with Minelayer130xWhite Minelayer's Overdriver buff for weapon damage only.
    • Knockdown b Knockdown, RollingDroneAvatar Stagger, or Status Effects from DmgFireSmall64 Heat panic or DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity arcs do not count as incapacitation.
    • Damage bonus applies multiplicatively to total damage, according to this formula: Damage × (1 + 0.25)
    • Damage bonus applies a second time on status damage, if the damaging status effect is applied while an enemy is incapacitated.
      • For example, with a weapon that inflicts 100 damage per shot, that procs DmgSlashSmall64 Slash, Vauban's passive will increase the damage per tick from the slash to: 0.35 × 100 × (1 + 0.25) × (1 + 0.25) = 54.6875.
      • The damage bonus is multiplicative to faction bonus damage and to Minelayer130xWhite Minelayer's Overdriver buff. For example, with a Vauban modded with maxed Mod TT 20px Intensify, and a weapon that inflicts 100 damage per shot, modded with maxed Mod TT 20px Serration, maxed Mod TT 20px Bane of Corrupted, that procs a slash status, on an incapacitated corrupted enemy, Vauban's passive will increase the damage per tick from the slash to: 0.35 × 100 × (1 + 1.65) × (1 + 0.3) × (1 + 0.3) × (1 + 0.25 × (1 + 0.3)) × (1 + 0.25) × (1 + 0.25) = 324.5163.
      • If a damaging status effect is applied before the enemy hit is incapacitated, the damage bonus will apply only once. Similarly, the damage bonus for damaging status effects on an enemy is lost should the enemy no longer be incapacitated.



    Like a blood moon striding across the starlit night, VorunaIcon272 Voruna never hunts alone. Safeguarded by her four loyal wolves, she may freely invoke their protective passives anytime during a mission.

    Hold down the ability button (default 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ) to invoke 1 passive into the UI indicator above the ability icons. Wolf passives persist indefinitely until switched, undergoing a cooldown (Ulfrun's Descent), or revoked by holding down the ability key again; while a passive is selected, the corresponding wolf skull on Voruna's body glows with energy, as a flying wolf skull orbits around her.

    • ShroudofDynarIcon Shroud of Dynar increases Parkour velocity by 55%.
    • FangsofRakshIcon Fangs of Raksh grants complete resistance to new Status Effects.
    • Lycath'sHuntIcon Lycath's Hunt imbues Voruna's melee weapon with an additive 100% Heavy Attack Efficiency.
      • Since heavy attack efficiency is hard-capped to 90%, the extra 10% is only visible and viable when equipped with a Riven Mod that penalizes it.
    • Ulfrun'sDescentIcon Ulfrun's Descent has Ulfrun die in Voruna's place when she receives lethal damage, preventing bleedout, rendering her invulnerable for 3 seconds and restoring 100% of her shields and health. Ulfrun's passive undergoes a 60 second cooldown after his sacrifice or when swapped out.
    • Passives are only available from Voruna's original abilities. Therefore, a subsumed ability replacement from the Helminth system will disable the associated passive.
    • Passives are not disabled nor revoked when Voruna enters an ability-nullifying field such as from Nullifier Crewmen, or if she falls into an out-of-bounds zone.



    Traveling along the ground between VoltIcon272 Volt's attacks (by walking, running, or sliding) will build up static energy, adding bonus DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity damage toward Volt's next weapon attack or ability cast. For every 1 meter traveled, 10 points of DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity damage are added, accumulating to a maximum of 1000 bonus damage.



    WispIcon272 Wisp weaves between dimensions whilst she is airborne, gaining a cloak that renders her and her Companions completely invisible to enemies indefinitely until she lands or fires a weapon. Wisp's cloak will reactivate briefly after the player stops firing provided they are still airborne.

    • The cloak does not wear off immediately after landing, allowing Wisp to constantly remain invisible.
    • Silenced weapons will still remove her invisibility.
    • Invisibility is not affected by Melee weapon strikes, allowing Wisp to freely use them without making her visible.
    • Unlike other invisible abilities, Wisp does not turn transparent. Instead she visually glows and emits energy particles that are affected by her chosen Energy color.



    WukongIcon272 Wukong has learned five techniques to avoid death whenever he takes fatal damage. Wukong will be randomly allowed 3 of these techniques per mission, each will make Wukong avoid entering bleedout upon taking fatal damage, Invulnerable for 2 seconds, restore 50% health, and provide a unique buff:

    • Primal Forces: 300% elemental damage for 60 seconds.
    • Heavenly Cloak: Invisibility for 30 seconds.
      • Invisibility does not reveal Wukong when he attacks.
    • Cosmic Armour: Invulnerable for 30 seconds.
    • Monkey Luck: Enemies killed yield extra loot drops for 60 seconds.
    • Sly Alchemy: Orbs are 4x more effective for 60 seconds.
    • When the passive activates, the three randomly selected buffs are briefly displayed as buff icons at the top center part of the HUD. Passive buff icons and timers are displayed beside the shield and health bars.
    • These passive buffs cannot be dispelled even if Wukong's abilities becomes disabled, such as falling out of bounds or crossing a Nullifier bubble.



    Shifting their pieces unpredictably, XakuIcon272 Xaku has a 25% Dodge chance to harmlessly phase through incoming enemy weapon attacks, while protected by a 25% Damage Reduction against area of effect damage. Passive dodge chance and area damage reduction both raise to 75% while TheVastUntime130xWhite The Vast Untime is activated.

    • Enemy attacks affected by the dodge passive include hitscan, bullets, projectiles, and melee attacks. Explosions that occur near Xaku are not dodged, instead Xaku will receive damage reduction against them.
    • Evasion (such as from Mod TT 20px Agility Drift) and Xaku's dodge chances are separate mechanics that do not stack.



    Everflowing with the seas, whenever YareliIcon272 Yareli moves for at least 1.5 seconds, she gains the Critical Flow buff that increases Critical Chance on her secondary Weapon by 200%. Critical Flow lasts until Yareli stops moving for 1 second.

    • Critical Flow additively stacks with other pistol critical chance mods such as Mod TT 20px Pistol Gambit to increase the secondary weapon's base critical chance stat.
    • The condition of movement to activate and sustain Critical Flow involves the player's input of the movement keys (default WASD ), falling from heights, or certain Maneuvers such as Bullet Jumping, Aim Gliding, and Wall Latching. Object-induced movement such as riding an elevator do not trigger Yareli's passive.
    • Merulina130xWhite Merulina's innate K-Drive drifting momentum helps activate and maintain Yareli's passive.



    Striking from the skies above, ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr is significantly lighter in comparison to other Warframes, dramatically altering her airborne physics. Specifically, she descends slower and has improved aerodynamics which can be used to control her midair movement with greater ease and agility. While airborne, Zephyr's equipped weapons gain a 150% Critical Chance bonus that additively stacks to the bonuses of critical chance Mods.

    Zephyr's reduced gravity portion of her passive can be disabled with Mod TT 20px Anchored Glide.