Particle Ram is a battle Avionic that can be equipped in the second Avionic Grid slot. It creates a large shield-like projection that damages all enemies that come into contact with it, but only when the Railjack is moving forwards. The shields can also be launched by pressing 2  at no additional cost.


Rank Launch Duration Damage Drain
0 2s 500 4
1 2.5s 550 5
2 3s 600 6
3 3.5s 750 7
4 4s 900 8
5 4.5s 1100 8
6 5s 1300 8
7 6s 1500 8


  • The ram is persistent and does not take energy to maintain. Only the initial summon costs Flux Energy as of Hotfix 27.0.2.
  • Requires forward velocity to deal damage.
    • Deals 150% damage during a Vector Maneuever.
    • Deals 200% damage when launched.
  • Inherits the Railjack's "Engines" color.
  • Does Radiation b Radiation damage and accounts towards the Reactor Nightwave challenge.


  • Because of the ram's large hitbox, it can be used as an impromptu means of gathering spaceborne resources by destroying containers and deposits as the Railjack flies along.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.4
  • Requires forward velocity to be active
  • Increased speed of projectile when its launched
  • Increased length of projectile so targets stay within the damage field as long as they did before with slower projectile
  • 50% more Damage during a Vector Maneuver
  • 100% more damage when launching the Particle Ram
  • Now accepts Energy color

Update 27.0

  • Introduced.
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