The Sentient slayer. An offering from Ballas.

Take this... the idea of it... it is the only way your war can end.


The Paracesis is Ballas' signature weapon, introduced in Update 23.10. Also known as "The Sentient Slayer", the weapon can gain additional max ranks after polarization capping at rank 40, with the additional ranks applying a bonus damage to Sentients and removing their damage resistances.

Due to its unique nature as The Sentient Slayer, this weapon cannot be sold once crafted.

Manufacturing Requirements
Galatine o
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 30
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:N/A


The weapon blueprint is given to the player at the end of the Chimera Prologue quest.


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.




  • Like the StalkerTwoSword Broken War, Paracesis is able to perform the basic combo attack of a stance mod, with the mod in question being Mod TT 20pxTempo Royale
  • The weapon's max rank caps at 40 after 5 polarizations (max rank increases by 2 per Forma added).
    • Additional polarizations can be added when the weapon reaches its new max rank at that polarization level.
    • Each additional rank also gives Mastery Rank Experience, giving 4,000 points in total.
    • Mod capacity scales with the additional ranks, and can reach a total of 90 at rank 40 with an Orokin Catalyst installed and a matching stance mod.
      • Without an Orokin Catalyst, the max is 50. Combined with the five polarized mod slots required to reach that point, an Orokin Catalyst might not be required to finish modding the Paracesis.
      • After polarizing a weapon, any additional mod capacity above 30 (60 with an Orokin Catalyst) will not take effect until the weapon's rank reaches 31 and above.
    • Paracesis' stealth damage bonus does not increase past the usual maximum of 7, reached at rank 30.
    • Each rank above 30 adds a bonus damage to Sentients.
    • At rank 40, all attacks except the slam attack gain VoidTearIcon b Void properties against Sentients, including removing damage resistances from Battalysts, Conculysts, and Shadow Stalker, and resetting Profit-Taker Orb's shield weakness. However, it does not actually do VoidTearIcon b Void damage.
Weapon Rank Sentient Damage Bonus
31 +7%
32 +13%
33 +20%
34 +27%
35 +33%
36 +40%
37 +47%
38 +53%
39 +60%
40 +60%


  • Paracesis is the first weapon:
  • Paracesis appears to be a corruption of Paracelsus, the famed 16th-century Swiss alchemist. Some portraits of Paracelsus depict him holding a sword by the pommel which, depending on the source, was said to contain either the mythical Philosopher's Stone or the Azoth, a rumored substance that could cure any illness or dissolve any material.
    • Additionally, Paracelsus was the first person to describe the creation of a Homunculus, a small, fully formed human being, via artificial means. This could allude to Ballas' creation of the Warframes and, albeit indirectly, the Sentients.
    • Paracesis may also be a corruption of Paracentesis, a medical procedure where the abdomen is punctured with a hollow needle in order to sample or drain bodily fluids. If this is the case, then it would metaphorically allude to the function of the sword as a curative instrument against a "cyst" or "infection" (the Sentients).
    • Paracelsus is known as the father of toxicology, with one of his most famous tenets being that the dose makes the poison, referring to how otherwise harmless chemicals may become deadly in certain doses. Combined with Ballas's rant referring to the Lotus as a venomous viper, it may be a statement on the Lotus changing from a benevolent force to malevolent now that she's taken a more personal role.
  • In Devstream 123, [DE]Steve advised not to sell the Paracesis (despite not being possible to), implying that it may be used in the upcoming cinematic quest, The New War.


  • When a player is not the host, if a host migration occurs, Paracesis will revert to rank 30, losing mod capacity and mod fuctionality over the threshold alongside the anti-sentient passives and stance mod.[citation needed]


  • The Paracesis in the Codex
  • Renders of the Paracesis at various angles, with a (currently unused) scabbard to the left.
  • Paracesis Color Scheme

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 23.10.4
  • Fixed the Paracesis having incorrect Mod capacity at Rank 30, which resulted in certain Mods not functioning correctly. This also fixes not being prompted that an equipped Mod that you are Ranking up via Endo exceeds the max Mod capacity and to uninstall.
  • Fixed ability to Forma the Paracesis for the second time when it is not at its ‘max Rank’.

Update 23.10

  • Introduced.
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