Battle like airborne gladiators in small courtyards, or face your opponents head-on in a thin path.

Outpost is a map for Team AnnihilationAnnihilation, and Cephalon Capture type Conclave missions. High up top the mountains of a Corpus Outpost, this map features a narrow hallway in the center and open areas on the sides, all granting intense combat among other Tenno. This map is available on The Index in Neptune.

Mini MapEdit

Detailed Map of Outpost.

Outpost Detailed

Red Dots:Health Orbs

Blue Dots: Energy Orbs

Yellow Squares: Ammo Boxes

Moon/Sun Icons: Team Spawns/Objectives



  • In normal Conclave matches, there are breakable grates and broken doors that connect from the middle to Sun's/Moon's side. In The Index, however, the grates are gone and there are no broken doors. This may be due to pathfinding for the AI.
  • In The Index, the Sun & Moon banners are changed to different banners for the Tenno and Anyo Corp.

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