Outpost is a map for Team AnnihilationAnnihilation, and Cephalon Capture type Conclave missions. High up top the mountains of a Corpus Outpost, this map features a narrow hallway in the center and open areas on the sides, all granting intense combat among other Tenno. This map is available on The Index in Neptune.

Mini MapEdit


Sun & Moon Logos = Cephalon Capture Stations/Index Transaction Stations



  • In normal Conclave matches, there are breakable grates and broken doors that connect from the middle to Sun's/Moon's side. In The Index, however, the grates are gone and there are no broken doors. This may be due to pathfinding for the AI.
  • In The Index, the Sun & Moon banners are changed to different banners for the Tenno and Anyo Corp.

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