Example of the vertical Ostron script and its letters.

The Ostron Language is used by the denizens of Cetus. The written form can be found all over signs and banners found around Cetus, while the spoken language can be heard from the people you will encounter there.

What is interesting to note is that while the written language translates to English, the Ostrons have verbal words that do not translate the same way, each with their own meanings, some of which are denoted below in the known translations section.


Complete Ostron Cipher HD

A cipher for reading the Ostron language as seen in Cetus.

The alphabet of the Ostron language is remarkably similar to the Orokin alphabet, where each character represents phonetic sounds used to make up words.

Known translationsEdit

Word Translation/Meaning
Ai yo "oh my"
Balb a wheat-like plant used for flour
Blau blue
Bomba a tea-like plant, used to make Chimurr
Cetus "landless, cladeless, windswept dust motes"
Charc Possibly "electric", "shock" or "charged"
Chimurr a tea made out of Bomba leaves
Chut "silence" (implorative)
Cuthol a kind of fish
Dah-dap "thank you"
Daku a liquor made from Suma Doni excrements
Doh-ga "hurry" (implorative)
Glappid a kind of fish
Goopolla a species of fish
Harpu Chimurr tea with Vobi butter added
Ito-da termite droppings
Juta a reed plant, used as drinking straws
Karifamil "family, prosperity"
Karkina a kind of aquatic crustacean
Khanung a warning
Khut-Khut a kind of fish
Kruna metta "please" (implorative)
Kubuchi a cheap liquor made from fermented Sorghum (Baijiu may be a real life analog)
Lok heb "hail"
Norg a kind of fish
Oraggu orange
Oro-kin-ka shrines to the spirits of the Orokin, sign of peace and luck
Peca a nut plant
Rahd red
Seram a kind of aquatic beetle
Sharrac a kind of fish
Sho-lah "farewell"
Shunta a children's game
Sorghum a kind of (real life) plant used for fermentation to turn into Kubuchi
Suma Doni a lowlands marsupial
Surah "friend"
Swazdo-lah a common greeting
Tralok a kind of fish
Utz "very" (descriptor appendix)
Verru green
Vobi a milk-giving animal, hunted by Kubrows
Yingbindunyai "great bond"
Yogwun a kind of fish
Yollau yellow
Yoong-bat water urns placed in front of houses for wandering monks, considered to be an affront to drink from by anyone else
Woonacht Night and Day


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