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For mission type, see Orphix (Mission).
These massive Sentients emit pulses that disable machinery, and deploy lesser Sentients that help to boost the pulse field. They have recently learned to disable Warframes.

Orphix is a Sentient dropship that was introduced during Operation: Orphix Venom. They are responsible for transporting and deploying Sentient troops such as Aerolysts, Summulysts, Choralysts, Ortholysts, Symbilysts, Conculysts, Battalysts, and Brachiolysts on planets.


Similar to the Condrix, its larger counterpart, Orphixes are stationary enemies whose only means of attack is to spawn Sentient troops by opening its center blue cavity. Upon spawning and after losing 50% of its health, it will close its center blue cavity until all Orphix Resonators (disabled in the New war) are destroyed. Orphixes emit a field that disables players' Warframes, forcing them into Operator mode whenever players get within the field. Player controlled Necramechs are unaffected by these Sentient pulses.

Damage Resistance[]

Orphix possess DR that scales depending on your weapon's DPS excluding Critical Hits. DPS is calculated by:

Critical Hits are applied after DR is calculated. Additionally, the average DPS is calculated using Health Modifiers and is quantized.



Patch History[]

Update 29.6 (2020-12-18)

  • Introduced.