The Orokin Towers, also known as the Orokin Void, is the primary Tileset of the Void in the Star Chart.

The Orokin Towers space-faring vessel that were created by the IconOrokinOn Orokin. They are located inside the Void; a paradoxical dimension that exists outside the realms of normal space.

Ferrite, Rubedo, Argon Crystals and Control Modules can drop from all enemies and containers in the Orokin Void. Corrupted Vor also has a chance of dropping an Orokin Cell or an Argon Crystal.


Orokin Towers are abandoned space vessel of IconOrokinOn Orokin origin.

Neural Sentry

The defenses within an Orokin Tower are controlled by a Neural Sentry. The Neural Sentry appears to be able to seize control of invaders to create legions of Corrupted troopers - whilst these forces behave similarly to their regular counterparts, they defend the tower until death. Perhaps more notably, it also seems to be able to modify (and even improve) technological devices, as evidenced by the introduction of the Fusion MOA (and Corrupted MOA, by proxy) during the Fusion Moa Event, along with various other modifications to the Corrupted and their equipment.

Lore & History

Warframe: Operator Report

Orokin Tower 2

Another type of Orokin Tower

According to the reports written by an unknown individual inside the hidden laboratories of Necralisk, the Orokin Towers were originally intended to be used as sanctuaries during the Old War. Since the Void in toxic to the SentientFactionIcon Sentients, the towers were hidden away in the Void to protect the IconOrokinOn Orokin from their assaults.

The towers could be accessed through multiple Void Gates that were hidden on various planets, such as Earth and Europa.[1] Due to an unknown cataclysmic event, some towers were forced out of the Void, and set adrift through the void of space. These abandoned vessels would later become the Infestation w Infested Orokin Derelicts.[2]


2013-05-24 00004

An Orokin Death Orb trap

Aside from deploying Corrupted units, Orokin Towers also employ large amounts of traps that, at first glance, would appear as normal scenery in the room.

Pressure Plates

Orokin pressure pad

An example of a pressure plate.

Traps are mostly triggered by Pressure Plates hidden in the floor when a player steps over them. However, some Pressure Plates can reveal hidden treasures as well, like containers which have a high chance of dropping Mods, so stepping on them might not always be a bad idea.

Some pressure plates cannot be activated even though Storage Containers can be seen through walls using the Codex Scanner or on the minimap with Mod TT 20px Thief's Wit.

There are two types of pressure plates; square 'flush' plates (as shown in the example image) and raised circular plates. The latter type often have a glowing lotus-like design which can appear red, orange, green, or blue. The pattern is usually orange, but certain rooms may use pressure-plate based sequence puzzles to unlock access to the treasure, with failures causing the pattern to turn red and activation of traps or turrets instead.

Pressure Plates cannot be activated by the Corrupted.

Laser Plates

Orokin laser trap mobile

Scrolling laser discs.

One variety of Orokin traps are the Laser Plates, wall-mounted laser emitters that can be either stationary or moving along fixed rails. Once triggered, Laser Discs will fire a sustained laser straight ahead that does massive DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation damage, capable of cutting through 1000+ total shields and health in little over a second. The lasers can also inflict the Confusion effect on victims who survive contact. However, the sustained lasers are usually pretty easy to spot, and the Discs can be destroyed with a few shots. Lasers can also harm and kill enemies, who are not intelligent enough to avoid them.

Some Laser Plates cycle on and off once activated and will glow briefly before emitting a beam. Others will emit their beam constantly once activated. Either way, inactive Laser Plates can be destroyed pre-emptively if one wishes to be certain to avoid any mishaps. Note that the Laser Plates mounted on Death Orbs (see below) are invulnerable until the Orb is active, and so cannot be disabled in this fashion.

The beams from Laser Plates can often be avoided using the Slide maneuver, though Sentinels will often hover at the same height as the beam and may be destroyed. Given their (usual) height, the horizontal beams are also fairly easy to jump over in most cases.

Some Laser Plates are instead mounted to the ceiling and point directly downwards, but this variant is usually only found within certain parkour rooms.

Death Orbs

Orokin inactive trap

An inactive Death Orb.


A Death Orb missing some plates.

Orokin laser trap spinning

A Spinning Lasers Death Orb.

Orokin thumper

A Thumper Death Orb.

"Death Orbs", or "Box Traps", are slightly more sophisticated and dangerous traps, resembling a large orb with a few discs on its surfaces. Once triggered, Death Orbs can come in two varieties.

The Spinning Lasers variety consists of 1 to 4 horizontal laser plates on the orb's sides and a raised disc on top. The number of lasers activated is influenced by the level of the Void mission, T3 having often 3 - 4 active lasers and the specific plates that activate is randomly decided. The Orb will slowly rotate as long as its Rotation Plate is intact, thus firing its lasers in all directions. Unlike Laser Discs, the Spinning Lasers trap's weakness lies in its "joints", which connect the discs to the orb. Destroying the top Rotation Plate will stop the spinning while destroying the Laser Plate will disable each individual laser. A destroyed plate will reveal the internals of the Death Orb, which can be shot to destroy the entire Orb.

The beams emitted by the Laser Plates deal DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation damage, can cause the DmgRadiationSmall64 Confusion proc, and can also harm the Corrupted. Since they can often kill with only a moment or two of contact Tenno can create barriers that can kill or weaken incoming enemies by destroying the rotation plate whilst the lasers are in a favorable position. This can be useful during Survival missions.

The "Thumper" variety features a single Shockwave Plate on top, which will slowly rise and then slam back down, creating a visible knock-down shockwave each time to disrupt the player, similar to a Shockwave MOA. Like the Spinning Lasers trap, it can be destroyed by shooting its joint until the top cap blows off. Thumpers have no effect on the Corrupted.

When using a Prime Warframe, moving close to the location of an Death Orb will restore a pulse of 250 Energy to nearby allies, even if that Death Orb is inactive, destroyed, or non-present. This effect can only occur once per orb.

Whilst Orbs take damage whilst inactive (damage numbers will appear from hits), their health bars do not decrease, even by using weapons with Punch-Through, similar to deactivated Corpus Turrets. Also note that the explosion from a destroyed Death Orb will not cause damage to, or knockdown, the Corrupted.

Cryo Floor

Orokin freeze trap

One of the Cryo Floors

A slightly less lethal trap that consists of floor panels which create an icy mist. Anything directly in contact with these tiles will effectively be subjected to a continuous DmgColdSmall64 Cold Proc until leaving the tile; movement speeds, shield regeneration, and fire rate will be greatly reduced, whilst reloading weapons, reviving teammates, and using abilities will take significantly longer. Bleedout time also significantly increases if a Tenno is downed on such floors (possibly a bug as the timer counts down slower rather than being extended). The duration of any negative Status Effect will be doubled (the drain timer will slow to half-speed) while on this tile; the duration of positive status effects will not be changed.

In many instances, these tiles can be passed via dive kicking or jumping to avoid the slowdown effects. It should also be noted that the Corrupted pathfinding AI often leads them to walk directly over these tiles rather than around them.

There is also a wall-mounted version that is exclusive to the parkour/treasure rooms.

Collapsible Cover

Orokin cover

An example a pillar cover.


An example of a half pillar cover.

Collapsible covers are strewn around the map in abundance. These structures will rise from the ground when someone gets near, for both Corrupted and Tenno, providing a spot of cover to shoot from. Comes in both square or circular varieties. Note: if you are standing on top of it when it deploys, it will launch you into the air. Similarly, they can also launch loot and ragdolls into the air, which may rarely cause items to disappear.

Explosive Canisters


Comparison between Safe (Right) and Explosive (Left)

Certain Orokin Containers, either due to age, volatile contents, or intentional boobytrapping, will violently explode when breached by any means. Fortunately, these containers can be identified by their red lights and the telltale smoke plumes rising off of them. They may be safely shot and destroyed from a distance, as the explosion has a fairly small area of effect.

These containers never drop loot no matter how they are destroyed, much like the Corpus and Grineer Explosive Barrels.

These containers used to be much smaller than the normal variety which also aided in identifying them, but this bug has been fixed in recent patches.

Orokin Turrets


Orokin Turrets.

A slightly less lethal trap, Orokin Turrets are randomly placed around the Void, mostly inactive. They can be activated by various means, mainly by Pressure Plates, or when a locker or canister is opened. When active, they fire a burst of lasers, similar to a Fusion MOA's Drone, but far weaker. They possess a small amount of shields and low health, making them easy to destroy.

Treasure Rooms

2013-05-24 00012

One of the obstacle rooms found in Orokin Void.

Many of the containers within the Orokin Towers provide large sums of credits, but they also have a small chance to contain Mods that can quickly despawn. There are many locations that are "off the beaten path" that test the parkour skills of Tenno in small races to hidden treasure rooms. One, in particular, has an entrance with a gold-rimmed button at a dead end, which will open up a timed obstacle course with lasers that have mods in its final room. There is even a slight chance there can be more than one hidden treasure room in one void mission. Typically, the path to such obstacle course rooms can be located by observing corridors and unlocked doorways that proceed in a direction other than the mission objective. Teamwork and patience is the best way to find these hidden troves. There are also usually an abundance of affinity orbs. Note that some mods, Mod TT 20px Rage for instance, only drop from containers in missions with a base level of 20 or higher.

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Planet Mission Name Type Faction Level Mastery EXP
Void Taranis Defense Corrupted 10 - 15 0
Void Teshub Exterminate Corrupted 10 - 15 0
Void Hepit Capture Corrupted 10 - 15 0
Void Tiwaz Mobile Defense Corrupted 20 - 25 0
Void Ani Survival Corrupted 20 - 25 0
Void Stribog Sabotage Corrupted 20 - 25 0
Void Ukko Capture Corrupted 30 - 35 0
Void Oxomoco Exterminate Corrupted 30 - 35 0
Void Belenus Defense Corrupted 30 - 35 0
Void Mot Survival Corrupted 40 - 45 0
Void Aten Mobile Defense Corrupted 40 - 45 0
Void Marduk Sabotage Corrupted 40 - 45 0
Void Mithra Interception Corrupted 40 - 45 0
There are a total of 13 Missions on the Orokin Tower Tile Set

Conclave Maps

There is currently 1 map for Conclave from this tileset.


  • Prior to Update: Specters of the Rail 0.0 (2016-07-08), Void missions were accessed by Void Keys and dropped Prime parts after completion. This system has been replaced by the Void Relic system, which grants Prime parts by closing Void Fissures, and the Void missions themselves are now accessible from the star chart.
  • While not necessarily a 'glitch', Death Orbs are scannable when active, and have a Codex entry, however, in the Codex itself, they appear as Laser Plates, half in the floor, with a column protruding from its back end.


  • In circular elevators in the void (Containing a circular blue ornament at the top), you can perform a sequence of inputs to clip out of bounds. You must activate the elevator at the bottom of the shaft, then, when near the top, bullet jump directly up and aim glide. Then, strafe out of bounds, while keeping your aim glide active.


Patch History

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

  • Fixed an invisible ledge that players could get stuck on in an Orokin Challenge Room.
  • Fixed a map hole in the Orokin Tower tileset.

Update 35.6 (2024-05-15)

  • Fixed several map holes in the Orokin Tower tileset.

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)

  • Fixed various navigation issues in the Orokin Void tileset.

Update 35.0 (2023-12-13)

  • Fixed a case of a neighboring tile causing clipping in the Orokin Tower tileset.

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)

  • Fixed being able to see through the map from a staircase in the Orokin Tower tileset.

Hotfix 33.0.7 (2023-05-09)

  • Fixed hole in Orokin Tower tileset map allowing players to go out of bounds.

Update 32.2 (2022-11-30)

  • Fixed an object from another room poking through the ceiling in the Orokin Void tileset.
  • Fixed the width of some doors on Orokin based tilesets which fixed a lot of issues where NPCs could get caught on the sides.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Reworked Orokin Death Orb visual FX.

Update 31.1 (2022-02-09)

  • Fixed some funky looking water in the Orokin tilesets.

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • Fixed wonky spawn points for certain loot containers in the Orokin Tower tileset. Rifling for couch change is not the way of the Tenno.

Hotfix 27.3.14 (2020-04-15)

  • Fixed a script error if the Orokin laser trap had one of its caps destroyed before it started extending.

Update 9.3 (2013-07-26)

  • Orokin Loot Runs: Adjusted timings on the loot run doors to provide appropriate challenge.

Update 9.0 (2013-07-13)

  • Orokin Void Map expansion (with Mobile Defense, Defense, and Capture!)

Update 8.0 (2013-05-23)

  • Introduced.

  1. see Void Sabotage
  2. Orokin Derelicts - Cephalon Fragments