An Orokin Power Core is an Orokin artifact used as the Defense objective on Grineer Asteroid maps. 

The Reactor is located in the center of a single large tile with Grineer computers and cargo nearby. There are three short access platforms over the shaft in which the Reactor sits, allowing melee enemies to get within range to attack it. On a lore standpoint, it's as of yet unclear why or how the Grineer has this piece of ancient Orokin tech. 


Cascade Bomb General Miscellaneous
CBOrokinCore Alpha
Introduced Undetermined
Tileset Once Awake Codex Scans 1
Weapon N/A Other Drops None
Statistics Mod Drops None
Shield 500
Impact b++ Cold b++ Magnetic b+++ Puncture b- Radiation b-
Ferrite Armor 25
Toxin b+ Puncture b++ Corrosive b+++ Slash b- Blast b-
Object 2000

The Cascade Bomb is a defense objective that appears in the Once Awake quest that must be defended for 10 waves of Infested attacks. It is an Orokin Power Core surrounded by Infested biomass with one of the three access platforms blocked off by the biomass. The actual bomb is explained by the Lotus as having been planted on the power core, although the Codex shows the power core itself under the Cascade Bomb entry. Objectives with an identical appearance, although without the Cascade Bomb name, can be found on Infested Defense missions that occur on the Grineer Asteroid tileset.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 17.10
  • Reduced the required Codex scans for the Cascade Bomb to one.
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