The Orokin Overload Weekend event is a special weekend occasion that took place from November 13 through 15, 2015, featuring special Alert missions and other ingame limited-time bonuses.


Double Resources, Special Alerts, 50% off Weapons and more

It's time for an Overload!

Double Resources, Special Alerts and Rewards, and 50% off select Weapons await with Orokin Overload Weekend!

Reactors have become unstable and are appearing across the Solar System. Gear up, grab your Kubrow and collect as many Orokin Reactors as possible!

The following Weapons are available for 50% off making it easier for you to take down the enemy and unleash powerful microwaves and lasers:

Orokin Overload is a Double Resource bonus event, so you'll earn double Crafting Resources all weekend long!


Alert 1
Clustril (Phobos): Orokin Overload - 10000cr - Orokin Reactor

Alert 2
Monolith (Phobos): Orokin Overload - 10000cr - Orokin Reactor

Alert 3
Shklovsky (Phobos): Orokin Overload - 10000cr - Orokin Reactor


  • All Grineer enemies have a chance of dealing Radiation procs.

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